Contemporary Issues Driving in Travel and Tourism


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In today's highly competitive environment, one of the fastest-growing sectors is travel and tourism. These days, the majority of people are highly involved with leisure activities and due to this, they usually visit different tourist places. Different individuals visit to several places for different purposes such as business trips, spending their holidays, education, etc. These are some of the most common reasons why most of the tourism businesses are framing various strategies. With the help of these strategies, they are planning to make a better experience for tourists. In this regard, the present study gives a brief description of the tourism environment for selected countries i.e. India as well as current developing issues such as terrorism and security, health and safety concerns, negative social and cultural impacts, etc.

In addition to this, the next section provides appropriate information about the travel and tourism organization as well as its respond to the emerging trends and changing needs of consumers. For the same, Thomson Holidays are being taken into consideration which is a UK-based travel operator.

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Task 1

1.1 Issues Currently Driving Change in the Travel and Tourism Sector

Tourism is considered one of the fastest growing industries as a high number of people within different countries are involved in different tourism activities. For the same, tourism organizations are adopting various strategies through which they can easily attract more customers to their country. For this particular section, India has been selected as a destination. It is a country that is known for its lavish treatment of all visitors. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations due to its cultural heritage and festivals held abiding attractions of visitors.

However, there is a huge growth of tourism in India such as Domestic tourism in India is as old as Indian society. The country witnessed more than 562 million domestic and 5 million foreign tourist arrivals. India is also ranked at 11th position in the Asia Pacific region as well as the best country brand for value of money. While maintaining this position, they are facing several issues regarding security, globalization, changing needs and demands of consumers, taxation, marketing, promotion, etc. Following are the two current issues faced by them at the time of attracting a huge base of visitors to their country such as...


It has been founded as a major problem for the growth of tourism for a number of years. The sentiments of foreign tourists are highly affected due to the political unrest and terrorist attacks in different parts of the country. In the year of 2002, a terrorist attack took place in Gandhinagar due to which there was a huge decrement in the number of tourists in the country. It has raised the concern of safety for visitors. However, they are driving change for regaining the trust of people. Security at tourist spots, airports as well as hotels has been beefed up to regain the confidence level of tourists.

Further, changes are taking place from the side of government as well. They are taking a proactive approach in addressing these issues and identifying their potential impact on the industry. Another major common issue faced by India nowadays is that it is a high-taxed industry. It is the major reason which is making this country more expensive as a tourist destination. It is highly affecting the growth of India with respect to increasing tourism. For this reason, inbound tourism is one which is the most affected. There are varied taxes which are covering right from the tour operators, transporters, and airline industries to hotels. It includes various taxes such as service tax, luxury tax, tax on aviation, etc. It highly affects and hampers the overall growth of tourists. However, the government of the country is planning to take several initiatives through which they can reduce these tax rates.

Further, the above two issues are the current issues that are driving changes in the number of visitors of India. These are the major issues due to which industry is hampering the growth of tourists in the country.

1.2 Different Issues Using Appropriate Methods and Resources

From the past several studies, it has been found that India is rewarded with the tag of “Incredible India”. The above-given section has presented two major issues that have affected the total growth of tourists in India. In addition to this, there are various issues that might arise due to its rich culture and heritage. Due to the increasing violence in India, terrorism is regarded as one of the biggest issues.

Terrorism Issues

Moreover, customer's needs and demands are changing day by day and it is becoming quite crucial for the government of the country to take several initiatives. Terrorism and violence are becoming the first and foremost issues for tourists everywhere in India. They are increased due to the lack of monitoring activities of security agencies in the nation. Further, the People of the country lack roles and responsibilities regarding. So many terrorists conducted many serial blasts in major cities of India like Mumbai, Jaipur, and Delhi. For example, a Terrorist group attacked on Oberai Hotel and the central railway station of Mumbai in 2008. Many national and international citizens were assassinated in the attack. So, terrorist issues also affect the frequency of visitors in India.

Health and Safety Issues

Health and safety reasons are the most severe issues in the country. Many citizens and foreigners are injured and die in the nation every year. It creates problems for visitors who are coming to visit new tourist destinations in India. For example, Swine flu is a viral disease that produced many complexities for national and foreign tourists regarding health and safety in the major cities of India. Due to the Swine flu disease, many people were infected and died in the nation. As per the data, the Union Health Ministry of India calculated 322 deaths in Gujarat state in 2015. In addition to this, 321 deaths occurred due to infection of Swine flu in the Rajasthan state which increased so much health and security issues in India.

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Task 2

2.1 Discussing Current Trends Influencing Change in the Travel & Tourism

There are many changes occurring in the trends that create so much impact on the travel and tourism sector of India. Indian government tries to develop heritage and cultural tourism, adventures and hotels for effective improvement in the nation.

Heritage and Cultural Tourism

Indian government emphasizes improving its heritage and cultural sector. They renovate ancient temples, forts, and museums to improve the travel and tourism industry in India. For example, they repair and maintain forts like Fort of Aamer, Jaigarh, and other heritage places in a regular time intervals to attract many national and international visitors at heritage locations. This trend also increases the income and profit of the tourism sector in India.

Improvement in Hospitality Sector

The Indian government is trying to develop hospitality sector at tourist places in India. Better hospitality services play an effective role in increasing the number of visitors at various tourist locations of India. For example, Indian traveling authorities also develop many hotels and resorts at various tourist locations like Jaipur, Shimla, and Mumbai to increase the frequency of visitors in India. These current trends provide an effective opportunity to earn better income and revenue from all types of tourists in India.

Adventure Tourism

This is a current trend that lures many visitors in India. Tourism authorities have developed many adventure places for better enjoyment and pleasure for national and foreign visitors in India. For example, they also encourage tourists for many adventures like Panji jumping and rafting. These efforts also enhance the number of local and international visitors in comparison to previous years.

Task 3

3.1 Determining How Travel and Tourism Businesses Could Respond to Change

Mainly, Thompson Air Travel organization can effectively respond to change the requirements of tourists. Management of firms can use PESTLE analysis to give better responses to the changing needs of visitors.

Political and Legal Factors

The management of Thompson can analyse political and legal factors like taxes, tariffs, employee health care policies as well as proper safety regulations in the nation. These factors contribute an effective role for organisation to make proper strategies regarding improvement in the travel and tourism sector which can increase its business in the United Kingdom.

Economic Factors

Thompson can also measure the economic environment of the UK. This aspect covers the level of economic stability, inflation and Gross domestic product rates, currency fluctuation level, etc. which help the organization for responding effectively to the changing needs of its visitors. These also aid in improving current policies to earn better income from national and international visitors in the UK.

Social Factors

Management of Thompson can determine the requirement of visitors, their lifestyle, and trends regarding tourism. These factors contribute an effective role for the organization to develop better policies for responding effectively towards the altering requirements of tourists in the travel and tourism sector of the UK.

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Technological Factor

Thompson organization can monitor the technological aspects like network coverage, internet and communication facilities at tourist places, etc. With the help of technological factors, corporations can make their travel and tourism strategies in a better way which provides huge help to manage their operations and increase their sales of air tickets in the nation.

Environment Factors

Management of Thomson can measure the climate aspects like loss of plantation which can harm the environment of the nation. This process can help in developing effective strategies as per the demand of visitors as well as the government of the UK. This way, the firm can respond appropriately changing requirements of visitors.

3.2 Developing Strategies on How Organisations Could Respond to Change

The management of Thompson can develop many strategies as per the changes in the travel and tourism industry. Some of them are described in the below paragraph.


Organisation can effectively promote their airline services as per the needs of visitors helping to increase their business in the travel and tourism sector. For example, Thompson can use online media like Facebook, YouTube as well as Twitter to advertise its air services which can contribute effectively to giving proper responses to the travellers. Thus, Thompson can increase its travel and tourism services in an appropriate manner in the United Kingdom.

Tour packages

Management of the firm can design proper tour packages as per the current trend of visitors which can help in responding to them in a better way within the travel and tourism industry. For example, trends related to adventure and heritage have increased in comparison to previous years in the nation. So, the management of Thompson can design its tour and travel package for tourists as per the current situation in the nation.


Organisation can conduct campaigns for travel and tourism destinations. The firm can provide better knowledge to visitors regarding tourist places in the nation. For example, Thompson can design campaigns based on current trends and the needs of visitors. It can provide knowledge about adventure and heritage places of the UK which can help to increase its business in an appropriate manner. This way, corporations can respond in a better way to the changing needs of visitors in the United Kingdom.

3.3 Justifying strategies for How Thompson Firm

As per Cohen, and Cohen, generally, suggested strategies are appropriate for the management of Thompson in the United Kingdom. Such strategies can contribute an effective role for a corporation to increase its business by enhancing the percentage of its market share in the travel and tourism sector. According to Mowforth and Munt, many visitors utilize Facebook, Twitter as well as Youtube all over the world. So, these advertisement tactics can effectively create better awareness regarding air services of Thompson. With the help of such strategies, the firm can earn better revenue and income from its tourists in the United Kingdom.

As per Reisinger, organisation focuses on including the factors such as adventure, heritage, and green tourism while providing services to its customers. So, by developing proper tour packages, management of Thomson can increase the level of its tourism services in the nation. As per Sharpley and Telfer, Thompson contributes an effective role in the travel and tourism sector to increase the number of tourists as well as visitors by providing better services to them in the UK.

According to Hannam, Butler, and Paris, Campaigns can help create effective awareness in the minds of tourists regarding tourist places in the United Kingdom. This process can interact with various visitors to visit different types of adventure and heritage places so that organization can achieve better income by selling air tickets and packages in the market.

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Task 4

4.1 Examining How Effective Were the Responses and Analyse the Impacts on the Performance of the Thompson Organisation

Visitors showed positive responses to the services of firms in the nation. Travellers got better knowledge regarding the travel and tourism destinations of the UK. Due to this reason, the performance of organisation had been increased as compared to past years in the travel and tourism sector. Management of organisation sold a good number of air tickets due to the usage of effective advertisement strategies in front of its consumers in the nation.

In addition to this, the corporation got an optimistic response from visitors to the nation. Many consumers added tour packages for visiting adventure and heritage places in the United Kingdom. Due to this reason, the management of Thompson gained effective market share in the travel and tourism sector. Further, organisation collected a good amount of profit revenue from visitors.

Management of organisation found positive response from its travellers in the travel and tourism sector. Many types of visitors got effective knowledge regarding the adventure, heritage, and green tourism places in the nation. In addition to this, Thompson also increased its performance and efficiency in the travel and tourism sector. Organisation also enhanced its profit percentage by effectively selling airline tickets to passengers in the UK.

4.2 Analysing the Consequences of Organisation Failing to Respond to the Changing Needs

Generally, if organisation can give a positive response to the changing needs of visitors in the travel and tourism sector, then it can get many benefits. Otherwise, enterprises can face many problems in the market. The following are the problems represented in the below paragraph.

As per Timothy, consequences can be higher if the organisation fails to give an appropriate response to the changing needs of tourists in the market. Advertisement strategies of organisation can also create a negative impact in the minds of visitors which may reduce its market image in the United Kingdom. Sales of airline tickets can be reduced in comparison of previous years.

According to Kennell and Chaperon, if organisation cannot fulfill the expectations of visitors by providing appropriate tour packages, then it can create conflicts between the management of Thompson and tourists which can directly produce a negative impact on its travel and tourism services in the nation. As per Sharpley and Stone, organization can also face legal obligations due to mismanagement in travel and tourism operations.

As per Kaminski, Benson, and Arnold, if the management of Thomson is unable to give a better respond to the changing needs of visitors, then it can reduce its market share in the travel and tourism sector of the UK which will lead the company to a loss in the market. On the other hand, organisation can also feel complexities to manage its general operations at the workplace. This way, Thompson can disappoint its visitors in the travel and tourism sector.

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From the report, it is found that security and taxation issues of India can affect the travel and tourism operations. Further, terrorists as well as health and safety issues can create a negative impact on the tourism sector. Adventure, heritage, and improvement in the hospitality sector contribute an effective role for the Indian government to increase the frequency of visitors in the nation. In addition to this, political and legal factors may help Thompson to respond effectively to the changing needs of consumers in the United Kingdom. However, it can be concluded that effective responses to organisational strategies create a positive impact on business in the nation.


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