7 Dissertation Writing Mistakes No One Ever Told You About| Find Fixes Too

18 Jul 2019 3964
Dissertation writing mistakes

Common Dissertation Writing Mistakes and Their Fixes Here

Oh, the dissertation writing task is here and you have searched all over the internet how to write a perfect dissertation. Yes, the net is flooding with “how-to” tips on dissertation writing, Great.! You have a perfect guide to writing a dissertation introduction, body and the conclusion. Not just this you also have read everything about editing and proofreading your dissertation.  

Woah...Do you think you're all equipped? Well the reality check, you are not. You also need to know the mistakes that are to be avoided while writing your dissertation. Yes, the mistakes that may kill your dissertation and ruin up your work. The experts here have listed 7 dissertation writing mistakes no one ever told you about and their fixes to help you through.In case you find it difficult to write your dissertation you can always look for online dissertation help.

So, with all your weapons sharpened, just warm-up with this write-up and then get started to write your dissertation. 

Dissertation Mistakes That May Kill Your Work and Their Fixes


1. Choosing a Broad Research Topic

The first thing that you would work on while beginning your dissertation is searching for a topic. Do not go for a vast domain, as your professor may confuse what idea you want to aim at and the title would be rejected at once.

Don't Worry We Won't Let That Happen to You EVER.!

Let your professor understand the theme and the idea of your dissertation clearly and for this, you can use the funnel approach.


To simplify the idea of your dissertation and make it crisp all you have to do is brainstorm step by step and move from the general domain to the specific idea that you want to discuss.

For Example, If you are working on a marketing dissertation, further brainstorm and see the fields you want to work in. It could be the digital marketing domain. After jotting down furthermore, you can finalize the topics as the Importance of Content Marketing, How SEO Trends Are Changing?, or The Growth of E-commerce.

#Mistake 2

2. Missing the Formatting Guidelines

Many students in a rush to complete their work, often miss reading the guidelines the university has given. If your dissertation is not formatted properly, your document will turn to be clumsily put and super confusing. The dissertation that is not properly formatted would surely be compromising with the grades.

Fret Not.!

Here's the Fix


Ask your professor about the guidelines and the format of your dissertation. Believe us, they know everything that you may be struggling with. So, just keep calm and trust your professor here.

#Mistake 3

3. Overuse of Jargon

To impress their instructor's a lot of students often stuff a lot of jargon in their dissertations. This not only ruins the quality of the work but also makes it difficult to understand. A lot of jargon does not reflect your command on the subject, instead, it has a reverse impact where the reader believes you do not understand the terms properly.

Ohh...Never Thought That Way!!!

Well, here's what to do to ensure your professors that you understand your work well. Just, go through the complete work and mark the jargon that you have used several numbers of times or think can be replaced. Then just define this jargon where you have used them first. Also, at places replace them with simpler words. Easy.!

jargon usage

Here, you get to hit two birds with one stone!
(One you are fixing mistake #3 and other you are set to rectify mistake #4 too.)

#Mistake 4

4. Grammatical Errors

The oops moment this is. When proofreading and editing your dissertation does not leave any grammatical error. This is not only going to cost you those dream grades but would ruin your image in front of your professor for no reason. All that grammatical errors do to your dissertation is to add the element of obscurity.

How to Get It Fixed???

The simplest way to fix this dissertation writing mistake is to re-read your work. Simple.! Read and rectify your mistakes. In case even after reading the dissertation you don't feel confident about the work, just go for online editing and proofreading services that would get your work done that too at the most affordable prices.

Mistake #5

5. Plagiarism in the Dissertation

This is a legal offence fella. You're not allowed to submit a document that has traces of plagiarism in it. This is not only going to land your dissertation in trouble but you too could face serious consequences like expulsion from the university.


Well, relax. A little effort and you can fix this dissertation writing mistake easily. All you need to do here is ‘Be Original with Your Work.' Just be very fair when working on your dissertation. DO NOT copy someone else's work and claim it to be yours. If confused how to do the dissertation work then leave all your worries on us, just by hiring our dissertation writing experts for your dissertation writing and get 100% plagiarism free work at cheapest rates.

dont copy

!!! If you have used someone else's work don't forget to mention the references in the required style.

This fix brings us to the next mistake the error of referencing style.

Mistake #6

6. Incorrect Reference Style

This is the most common mistake that students commit while writing a dissertation. In a hurry, they forget to reference their work according to the university guidelines. Read the document of guidelines very clearly several times so that you do not take the wrong track. The wrong track raises a question on the credibility of the work. Don't let the last few sheets in your dissertation ruin its credibility so easy.

Here's How to Save the Credibility!


All you need to do here is either be nerdy and read the details of the referencing style and reference all your work. Else, the smarter way is to be a tech-savvy. All you need to do is reach to the reference generator tool and get your work done like a pro.

Here's the reference generating tool to help.

Mistake #7

7. Not Breaking the Monotony

Yes, this is one more mistake that many students do thinking dissertation is a formal piece of work. Actually, they confuse between a formal piece of work with no creativity.  


It is not so.  
Yes, dissertations are a formal piece of writing but then there is no rule that they can not be creative.

Breaking the Monotony in a Snap of Fingers!!!

You can use interesting images and the flowcharts to express yourself well in your dissertation. This would make it easy for the reader to understand how the information is flowing through the work.  
!!!Alert Do not miss to mention the list of diagrams and flowcharts in your dissertation.  
Yes, everything that goes in the document needs to be listed.

Thank Us Later!!!

Bookmark this now. You cannot choose to make any of these mistakes intentionally or unintentionally when working on the writing task. It is not just the quick review here but also read

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Yay!!! Exactly what you were searching for.  
Now, all you need to do is spare some time, read these blogs and impress your professor with that pitch-perfect dissertation.

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