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29 Mar 2024 1972
50+ Popular Argumentative Essay Topics and Ideas

Stuck with the task of writing an argumentative essay? Well, if you are facing such a situation, then you are in the right place. The Assignment Desk experts have mentioned a list that can be helpful for you. Moreover, here we will also have an insightful journey of learning about everything that you are in need to know from the argumentative essay topics, how to choose one, and how to write it. If you stay connected with this till the end, to score good academic grades.

So, avoid picking a topic for your research paper on which everyone else is already working; instead, try these amazing ones handpicked by our writers. They have prepared them after conducting extensive research, so you should not miss reading them. 

What Is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of genre that presents an argument on any kind of issue. In simple words, it is a form of writing in which a student needs to investigate a topic, gather, generate, and evaluate the shreds of evidence that can support the argumentative statements of the essay. Moreover, in this, you generally call for research by reviewing the literature that has previously been published. Now that you have understood its meaning, let's come to the point and read the list of 50+ argumentative essay ideas where most of you get stuck. Have a look.

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List of 50+ Argumentative Essay Topics

Why is finding argumentative essay ideas so challenging? It is problematic to select a topic because, in this case, you need to be practically able to argue over a particular field or area that you have chosen. Apart from this, many of you face challenges in extended essays. However, out of stress, you can ask our writers, Can you help me write an extended essay? Let's come to the point where our experts have made a list that you can use to select one for your paper. So, without wasting too much time, have a glance at it.

Argumentative Essay Ideas for College Life

1. Should students add their professors on Facebook?

2. Are fraternities and sororities a waste of time?

3. All students should experience living in the dorm.

4. A debate on sitting at lectures should be optional.

5. Playing sports should be mandatory for students.

6. Should junk food be banned from campus?

7. In-depth explanation of extracurricular activities increases students' career prospects.

8. Is peer pressure good for self-development?

9. Pros. and Cons.: The Liberal Studies in Great Britain

10. How does teacher's pet syndrome affect students self-esteem?

Unique Argumentative Essay Topics in the Health Care Sector

11. Do you agree that the government should provide free healthcare to the homeless?

12. Are GMOs safe to use in humans?

13. Can parents only make important decisions about their children's health?

14. Are car seats effective in keeping children safe in the case of accidents?

15. Are medical professionals allowed to market pharmaceuticals to their patients? Explain

16. Is xenotransplantation dangerous and should be banned?

17. Do modern doctors prescribe too much medication?

18. Which is more important: physical health or mental health?

19. Are vaccinations compulsory for all United States citizens?

20. Who can deal with panic attacks, psychological or physiological?

Topics for Argumentative Essays on Education

21. Is it compulsory for students to say the Pledge of Allegiance?

22. Give your opinion on whether students should be allowed to use computers for research when taking tests. 

23. Should schools keep school uniforms for students?

24. Single-sex education vs. co-education: which is better?

25. Do sports affect the academic performance of students?

26. Will it be effective for students to work part-time?

27. Should schools allow students to participate in clubs and organisations?

28. Who should be accountable for poor test scores—teachers or students?

29. Is homeschooling more effective than public schools?

30. Online courses won't kill traditional universities: A Literature Review

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Argumentative Essay Topics in Government

31. Is climate change a governmental issue?

32. Will the government increase the federal minimum wage? Yes or no.

33. The government should provide everyone with a universal basic income.

34. Are the current political fundraising rules effective?

35. How effective is the United States' immigration policy?

36. Should the drinking age in the United States be lowered to 18?

37. The government should impose term limits on Congresspeople.

38. Should the voting age in the United States be raised to 21?

39. Are alcohol sales illegal between midnight and noon?

40. Is the government able to censor people on the internet?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Sports

41. Can women be allowed to play professional sports on men's teams?

42. In the sport of baseball, are designated hitters good or bad?

43. Is it necessary to ban steroid users from their sport forever?

44. Can drug replacements for professional athletes be legalized?

45. Can children be kept out of trouble by engaging in sports?

46. Can we consider online players as athletes?

47. Do you consider cheer-leading a sport?

48. Is a stake in sports illegal or not?

49. Should colleges spend a great deal of money on sports programmes?

50. Are colleges spending too much money on sports?

We hope you have gone through the interesting argumentative essay topics that can blow your professor's mind. Moreover, this section must have helped you a lot, because now you just need to pick anyone from the above list and simply start writing an argumentative essay. However, if you still haven't got one that matches your interest, the next part is all about how to choose an argumentative essay topic. Let's look into it in detail.

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How to Choose an Argumentative Essay Topic?

Still struggling to select an argumentative essay topic? Don't worry, as this part is all yours. Here, you will read the 5 best ways to keep in mind when selecting a mind-blowing topic for your paper. So, read these points carefully because it can be helpful for you to clear the first step of your document.

1. Decide Interest Area: While choosing topics for argumentative essay, consider your interests so that you can express your opinion perfectly.

2. Prefer Current Trends: List the current and controversial argumentative essay titles arising in a particular area of your interest.

3. Conduct research: Ensure you have ample facts and data to support and prove both your arguments and counterarguments on the subject.

4. Consider Your Audience: Plan and think according to your audience, who will read your paper. It will help you put forward your arguments more accurately. You can follow this for any essay, whether it be a persuasive essay topic or an argumentative essay.

5. Narrow It Down: Focus on the information before beginning the writing part. The closer you are to the subject field, the better it will be for both you and the professor.

We hope you have now selected a topic. If your doubts are still unclear, do not hesitate to seek help from our experts. Now it is time to move ahead and take a look at how to write the best argumentative essay. For this particular stage, you need to know the structure of the writing because professors often judge a paper through its formatting. Our essay helpers suggest reaching out to them for argumentative essay topic assistance. 

How to Write an Argumentative Essay?

Till now, you have learned about the meaning, list of topics, and how to choose one for your paper. So, after this, it is crucial to know about writing an argumentative essay to draft the best paper. In it, we have mentioned the steps that can help you with how to write a great hook essay. So, read the points one by one.

how to write an argumentative essay


To begin with your essay, you should give it a compelling sentence that can be attractive enough to grab your reader's attention. Moreover, in this, you need to give the context of the essay topics in the argumentative terms that you have selected and the thesis statement you are going to present further. Apart from this, if you face any issues with your paper, do not hesitate to seek assignment help online from our experts.

Body Paragraphs

Now, for the body part, you can usually write your thoughts in three or more paragraphs. In each state, a clear and focused sentence should be relatable to your thesis statement. In addition, to support your arguments, state evidence, facts, and argumentative essay examples. 

Counterargument and Rebuttal

It is necessary to add a counterargument that describes the other side of the issue. In simple words, write about what someone would say who disagrees with your position. Moreover, add a rebuttal, where you need to respond to the counterargument to defeat your opponent's point.

Concluding Paragraph

Summarize your essay with the main points to give a reminder to your reader about what this article is about. Also, restate your thesis statement and emphasize the significance of your argument. End it by offering a call-to-action or thought-provoking statement to leave a memorable impression on your viewer.

Citations and References

Many of you make a mistake here by not adding the citation of all the sources you have used in your essay as a reference. Moreover, ensure to write it in the next paper you work on. In this, you need to write the author's name, publication date, and page number. If you are stuck at any stage of your writing, ask our experts, Can you please write my essay

Formatting Style

Follow specific guidelines to do the formatting for your paper. It depends on the instructions that have been provided by our professor. So, you need to use a professional tone in your writing. Also, edit the document before submitting the final one to recheck the content for spelling and grammar mistakes. 

So, these are some of the steps that assist you in preparing a perfect argumentative essay. So, next time you sit down to draft your paper, you should consider these pointers. With this, let us move to the next section of the blog and get more insights about argumentative essay topics from our experts at the Assignment Desk.

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Writing argumentative essay topics is a tremendous job because it requires knowledge and some skills from you. However, we hope this blog has clarified many points to make your academic path easier. Now, you know what topic to select for your paper, how to write it effectively, and what argumentative essay outline to follow in a document. Reading the above section might have given you an idea of what things to avoid to keep yourself from making mistakes. 

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