Persuasive Essay Topics UK 2022: Latest Ideas to Impress College Professors!

14 Jan 2022 9124
Persuasive Essay Topics UK 2022

“Convincing your school/college crush for a coffee date is hard, but what’s harder is to convince your college professor that your persuasive essay topic did justice with the findings.”

-A student who got an F

Persuasive essay writing is one thing that can easily roll down tears from the face of the students. All thanks to the two main reasons- first, the topic selection, and second, the research expertise required. Students failing to choose ideas to land on Google to search, “Persuasive Essay Topics UK 2022." Furthermore, they are right on their behalf as the choice of topic is the primary ingredient before the research process. But, sadly, Google doesn't do justice with the solution-seekers.

Hello, UK students! Assignment Desk is back again with another informative blog that highlights the latest and trending argumentative essay topics for middle school and colleges. But before moving further, let us see what really a persuasive essay is, and why is it important to choose an awesome topic for essay writing. For the next 5 minutes, stay glued to the screen if you want to seek an A+ in your persuasive essay.

What Is Persuasive Essay & Importance of Choosing the Best Topic?

A persuasive essay, also known as an Argumentative Essay, is a scholarly paper that is time and again assigned by the college professors to the students. The motive behind the writing task is that your professor wants to analyse the critical & analytical skills along with the writing and research expertise. Thus, it becomes necessary that a student chooses an appropriate topic/idea on which he can acquire enough arguments in order to persuade the professor that his central idea is legitimate.

Importance of Shortlisting Attractive Persuasive Essay Topics

As per the essay writing help service providers of Assignment Desk, selecting an essay topic is half battle won. Well, the reason is simple. After finalizing the essay topic, a student has to revolve around the topic only, rather than evaluating the plethora of information available about other topics. This indeed saves him plenty of time. Apart from this, there are many other important prospects as well, such as:

  • Narrow the research scope
  • Seek the attention of the professor
  • Chances of scoring A+ increase by 2x
  • Develop research interest

By far, you must have known what a persuasive essay is, and why is it essential to choose the best persuasive essay topics UK 2022. Now, the time has come to introduce you to the hottest topics for writing an argumentative essay. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and start scrolling further!

Easy Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Textbooks vs Digital Media: Which Is Better?
  • Cyber-Attacks: Why Teenagers Are More Vulnerable?
  • Why Are UK Universities Better than USA Universities?
  • Pros and Cons of Social Media
  • Should Homework Be Banned in Middle Schools?
  • Should Exams Be Scrapped from UK’s Educational Curriculum?
  • Why Should Education Be Free for All?
  • Using Animals for Research Process Should Be Banned
  • Why Should Gay Couples Be Restricted from Adopting Children?

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics for UK Students

  • Why Should the Legal Age for the Consumption of Alcohol Be Lowered?
  • How Playing Computer Games Can Improve an Individual’s IQ?
  • Casual Dress-code in Corporate Life Should Be Appreciated
  • Parental Leaves Should Be Equivalent for Father & Mother
  • Should Government Ban Breastfeeding in Public?
  • Why Should Taxes Be Imposed on Churches?
  • Why Genetically Is Modified Food Safe for Humans?
  • Does Smoking Is Always Harmful?
  • Why Poor Peoples Live a Happier Life?

Persuasive Speech Essay Topics About Music

  • Dance vs Music: Which One Is Better for Growth?
  • UK Musicians vs US Musicians: Who Earns More?
  • Why Was Classical Music Better than Modern Music?
  • How Effective Are the Government Policies Related to Music Privacy?
  • The Choice of Music Reflects the Personality of an Individual
  • Listening to Music Helps in Concentrating More. Here’s How
  • Music Can Cure Illness
  • Paying Music Should Be Allowed in Examination Hall for Focusing Better
  • Talent or Hard Work: Which One Is Essential for Making a Career in Music?

Education Persuasive Speech Topics (2022)

  • Should Co-ed Schools Be Banned?
  • Importance of Sexual Education in Schools
  • School/College Should Provide Money to Students for Scoring Good Grades
  • Are College Dropouts Really Successful?
  • Should the Salary of the College Professor Increase?
  • The Cons of Using Technology in Schools
  • Are Schools Trying Really Hard to Stop Bullying?
  • School Uniforms Should Not Be Mandatory. Here’s Why
  • Are Grades Important?

2022’s Newest Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

  • Participating in Sports Should Be Made Compulsory in Schools
  • Schools Should Emphasise on Healthy Meals
  • Parents Should Limit the TV-watching Hours for Children
  • Best Way to Utilise the Summer Vacation
  • Should Pets Be Allowed in School or Not?
  • Pros and Cons of Year-Round Schools
  • The Voting Age Should Be Reduced in UK or Not
  • The Role of the Internet in the Life of the Student
  • Cell Phones Should Be Allowed in School or Not

Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

  • Failure Teaches More than Victory
  • A Critical Analysis on the Current Taxation System of UK
  • Do Part-Time Jobs Really Make a Student Independent?
  • Is Gender Equality a Myth?
  • Role of Meditation in the Life of a Student
  • How Can Listening Music Help in Finishing the Assignments Faster?
  • Impact of Technology on Modern Students
  • A Qualitative Study on Brexit
  • How Have E-books Decreased the Sales of Books in the Market?

SQA Higher English Persuasive Essay Topics (2022 Updated)

  • Why Seeking Assignment Help Is a Good Idea?
  • Computer Games Encourage Violence
  • Marijuana Is Beneficial for Health
  • Myths & Truths Related to Global Warming
  • Why Is Swimming the Best Sport for a Healthier Life?
  • Soccer Is an Over-rated Sport
  • Laptop vs Tab: Which One Deserves a Thumbs-Up?
  • Why Are Night Schools a Better Alternative than Day School?
  • Similarities Between Religion & Science

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics in 2022

  • Why Should the Government Ban Sports Involving Animal Cruelty?
  • Is Rugby the Most Dangerous Sport?
  • Advertising Related to Alcohol or Tobacco During a Sport’s Match Should Be Banned on TV
  • Role of Media in Sports
  • Why Should Cheerleaders Not Be Considered in Sports?
  • Importance of Motivation in Sports
  • Sports Is a Great Way to Fund a Charitable Organisation
  • Importance of Sound Sleep in Recovering from Injury
  • Traditional Games vs Modern Games

Persuasive Essay Topics on Environment

  • Coral Bleaching: Reasons Behind Whitening of Corals
  • Microbes Are Not Always Harmful to Humans
  • Why Should Human Beings Not Consider Using Plastic Bags?
  • Why Investing in Alternative Fuel Is the Need of the Hour?
  • Importance of Greenhouse Effects
  • Hunting of Animals Disturb the Biodiversity
  • Occurrence of Natural Disasters Affects the Economic Growth of a Nation
  • The Dangerous Effect of Ocean Oil Spills on the Aquatic Life
  • Protective Measures to Save Endangered Species

5 minutes are over, and so is this blog! By now, you are well-equipped with the best persuasive essay topics UK 2022 for impressing your college professor. However, if you fail to gather enough information about the title for the essay writing task, then consider taking essay help from the argumentative/persuasive essay writers of Assignment Desk. Our efficient wordsmiths are capable of gathering authentic information to include them in the academic paper. Place your order and get assignment help from our experts. We are currently offering mouth-watering discounts to UK students.

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