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In every business organization  employees play a very crucial role in order to make business effective and successful. In the absence of qualified and skilled personnel’s, business enterprise can nor survive its business activities and functions. In order to survive business functions smoothly, management have to develop effective policies and practices which is suitable for human resource. Human resource management department have major responsibility to manage the staff in such manner so as they can effectively perform their job and attain the desired outcome within a time period. In a simple word it can be said that human resource management is a process s of recruit, select, manage, motivate and control the employees so as they can able to achieve the predetermined objective of organization. In this project report, various function of human resource management has been addressed with respect of Holiday inn hotel. Furthermore, importance of human resource planning and its impact in the business enterprise has been studied in this report. The significance of motivation techniques and reward has also discussed in this report which assist in encouraging and motivating workforce in the cited venture has been discussed in this report.


1.1Difference between the personnel management and human resource management

Personnel management and human resource management is quite different from each other. There are several major difference among these two term which are as follows-

  • Human resource management is a modern approach of managing people and their strength in the organization (Armstrong and Taylor,2014). On the other hand personnel management is a traditional approach of managing people in the organization which focuses only on the outcomes. They does not focus on the employees requirement and need... Holiday Inn hotel adopted  the concept of human resource management where as Marriot hotel adopted the concept of personnel management.
  • Personnel management focuses on the personnel administration, employees welfare and labor relation. On the other hand human resource management concentrate on acquisition, development, motivation, maintenance of human resource in the corporation.
  • Human resource management assumes that personnel are very important assess for the business organization. On the other hand personnel management believes that individuals are  as a input for achieving desired output.

1.2Assessment of human resource management function

Human resource management is a very essential aspect in the organization through which firm can manage personnel in order to attain determined objective. It is a process of hiring and developing employees so that they become more valuable to the business enterprise. In the context of Holiday inn hotel, its major objective is render quality services to customer and earn maximum market share in the UK. In order to achieve this purpose, cited venture have to consider on various functions of HRM which are a