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Today in rapid changing world, it becomes necessary for every individual to develop skills and knowledge. It will aid in developing a career in particular field and gaining high opportunities for future growth. In context with HR managers of a company, main responsibility of them is to collaborate and coordinate team members to function with each other. Present report is based on Whirlpool which is a multinational production and marketer firm of electronic home appliance (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). In assignment knowledge, skills and behaviour that HR professional need to posses to manage workforce is stated. Learning and development, continuous learning and professional development are factors which are analysed by HR for sustainable business performance. Contribution of HPW system in employee engagement and competitive advantage also highlighted in present report. Besides this, performance management approaches are used by HR to support high performance culture and commitment i.e. also described in report.


P1 Knowledge, skills and behaviours that are required by HR professionals

HR professional role in organisation is to develop system for achievement of business objectives and goals. Their responsibility is to utilise subordinates properly by talent management practise which help them to retain skilled and competent people for longer time. In context with Whirlpool, which serve its products worldwide. So, it is essential for this company to conduct business activities in collaborative manner with other outlets. Thus, this is description of knowledge, skills and behaviour that HR professional require are mentioned below:

HR professional knowledge: HR professional require to have knowledge to design system and conduct business activities in order to achieve business objectives and goals. Thus, these are knowledge that HR of Whirlpool should have stated below:

  • Administration and management: HR professional need to have knowledge about principles about business to make strategic plan for firm. Along this, they even require to use rules while allocation of resources, production methods, human resource modelling and for coordination of people (Hawkins, 2017). In Whirlpool, HR considers management principles while formulating policies and for utilising resources efficiently. This help them to provide quality home appliances to buyers to enhance firm's image and reputation in market.
  • Government law: HR require to have knowledge about legal code, rules and regulations of government to formulate appropriate strategies for company. It is necessary that organisation activities are conducted in legal manner (Hoda and Murugesan, 2016). For this, HR professional of Whirlpool consider authorities laws and codes while framing of policies. Thus, team members get appropriate working environment and facilities which make them dedicated towards company.

HR professional skills: It is necessary that HR have capability to manage and direct subordinates to perform tasks effectively. Henceforth, these are skills that HR professional of Whirlpool should have, described beneath:

  • Communication:HR professional require to have effective interaction ability which help them to function as link between manager and staff members. For this, they need to have good written and oral skills to inform and direct subordinates to perform tasks effectively.  
  • Multi- tasking:HR is area which includes different responsibilities that are to manage manpower for executing business activities in efficient manner. Recruitment, selection, training, development, performance assessment are various tasks which are conducted by HR professional of Whirlpool. This help them to have skilled and competent team members to deliver quality home appliances to buyers (Lowik, Kraaijenbrink, and Groen, 2016).
  • Conflict management and problem solving: In organisation, HR professional require to make subordinates to work in team for enhancing productivity. Whirlpool is multinational firm so it is HR's responsibility to maintain relations with staff members. This help them to timely ascertain issues and difficulties faced by workers, thereby provide them appropriate solutions.

HR professional behaviour: HR professional require to behave friendly with team members to make them dedicated and motivated towards duties. These are various traits which HR professional of Whirlpool require are sta