Effectivity of Hrm in Order to Raise Institution Productiveness and Net Income


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Organization Selected : Unipart Group Private limited


Human resource management it the term that indicates the management of people & work towards expected goals, it is a primary activity in a company in which individuals are employed. Human resource are basically employees working in an organization, and the term human resource management within an organisation refers to the responsibilities of human resource manager that involves three major aspects i.e. staffing, employee benefits & compensation, and designing work. Apart from this, the key duties related with HRM are; job analysis, measurement & appraisal of employees performance, implementation of reward, etc.

This report is based on Unipart Group Private limited company, which is a multinational logistics, supply chain, consultancy and manufacturing company situated in England. The human resource manager of this organisation has appointed an assistant to produce this report which aims at demonstrating about how to improve Job Advert with a person specification. Also, it will explain the purpose & functions of the HRM. Further, report will describe the benefits of HRM practices and strengths & weaknesses of various approaches to recruitment.


P1 Explain the purpose and the functions of HRM, applicable to workforce planning and resourcing an organisation.

Since people made every organisation, HRM is all about acquiring services of individuals, improving their skills, encouraging them & ensuring that they constantly work to keep their commitment towards the company. Furthermore, HRM is concerned with internal sources of competitive advantage as the manager recruits the best & skilled employees as a beneficial source in a company. In addition, human resource planning refers to a process of systematically forecasting or predicting both the future demand & supply of employees with respect to strategical goals of a firm (Azeem and Yasmin, 2016).

Function of Human Resource Management

Operative Function

  • Recruitment: - it has been determined that, this task of hiring employees is the most difficult task of HR manager as a lot of focus & assets are needed to attract, hold & employee the perspective staff. Under this function the manager creates job description, salary negotiation, and making the job offer. It has to be done strategically with effective measures to hire the best talents in the firm. This needs to select the most appropriate methods of selection that involves both internal and external means of employing the workers and get productive outcomes from them.
  • Training development: - this function of human resource management, applicable to workforce planning states that during the job, training is the responsibility of HR section in Unipart Group. It has been observed that during this process of training workers understand the what makes it easier for them to get on their jobs. A regular training and development session are therefore needed to be arranged by the HR personnel of the cited firm to help workers develop in their specialised areas of work. For which, they can refer hiring external bodies provisioning training to the employees. Timely training sessions will in turn assist the workers in continual upgradation of their skills and knowledge with opportunities to develop at both personal and professional level.
  • Ensuring legal compliance: - this function of HRM is considered as the most crucial function that is performed by the human resource manager. In addition, the HR manager of Unipart Group should be aware of all imposed laws & policies associated to employment, tax, wages, etc. This is especially on referring to a proper implementation of legal aspects onto the business where it is important for the quoted enterprise to apply the regulations dealing with employment, discrimination and other work-related aspects to avoid any unfair practices at the workplace.

Managerial functions

  • Planning: - it has been determined that, this function of HRM is considered as very important for every organisation in order to set goals & objectives. Furthermore, when it comes about planning, the first thing comes in mind of the HR manager is foresee vacancies. It is vital in terms of hiring suitable number of workers at the workplace, considering the turnover rate of employees and other related aspects. An effective planning of workforce is important to work with abundant resources and avoid scarcity at any cost.
  • Directing: - this function of human resource management is concerned with inspiring & directing employees to attain the goals. In addition, this can be achieved when the manager has the proper planning of career of employees. Direction is also significant for achieving the undertaken objectives of the firm and correctly get the work done by the subordinates. Hence, the superiors have a greater contribution in this function with liable accountability of developing worker’s skills to appropriately do the tasks and generate effective outcomes.

P2 Explain the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment and selection.

Recruitment refers to the process of finding well trained & skilled employee that an organisation needs to achieve its goals & objectives. Further, selection process involves choosing from applicants a best suitable candidate to fill that post. In human resource management recruitment, assessment and selection are three major steps for hiring employees (Bratton and Gold, 2017).

External Recruitment Methods :- this recruitment method under HR management works by assessing an existing pool of job applicants out the company in order to see whether there are any enough qualified or skilled candidates available or not to fill the current job vacancy. Further, methods of outside recruitment are; job boards, online based, newspaper recruitment, job fairs, events, etc. This approach to recruitment has some strengths as well as weaknesses which are explained below.


  • Can bring fresh skills & input :- when Unipart Group hires employees from the outside, there are major chances to have better & skilled employees. In other words, it will enable them to identify candidates who are capable enough of delivery new skills & inputs for growth.
  • Promotes better competition :- it has been observed that, hiring workers from outside, will provide the company to face better competition in the market. Also, through this approach they will be able to meet certain specified characteristics in applicant through interview (Brewster and eds., 2017,).

Cons :-

  • Time consuming :- this external recruitment process is very time consuming approach. This is because from writing the job description to identifying the best place of advertising , it takes a very long period to make ready everything for the selection process.

Internal recruitment method :- this approach to recruitment refers to hiring of employees from inside the company & it is considered a good approach as the workers are already aware of culture & policies well. However, it has both advantages & disadvantages for Unipart Group.

Advantages :-

  • Reduce Time to Hire :- this method of recruitment takes less time to recruit anyone from within the business, which means company spends less time in job description, advertising , interviewing etc.
  • It is less risky :- hiring through internally is considered good for any organisation as the company already knows that person and in turn this will be less risky method.

Disadvantages :-

  • Can cause internal conflict :- it has been also observed that, if a company hires employees internally, it can have negative influence on morale. This states that, workers who are already interested in applying, could end up feeling disappointed (Schmitt, 2014).

M1 Assess how the functions of HRM can provide talent and skills

It has been determined that effective human resource management, provides organisation with structure & capability to fulfil needs of the company through controlling staff working in the firm. Moreover, tactical leadership is served by talented HR managers that enable an organisation in this world of increasing competition. Further, this states that this function of HRM gives new views of human resource processes to create more strategic way to acquire success in the market. Overall functions of HRM within the company aims at attraction, selection, training, rewarding & assessment of employees. Apart from this Human resource management is concerned with designing system of management to make specific that human talent is utilised effectively to accomplish company's goals. These activities are all linked with employee's well being & makes sure that company treat them in a way that gives mutual advantages for both firm & employees (Iwu,2016.).

M2 Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment

If Unipart Group hires employees through internal process, then it will be beneficial for the company in many ways. This is because recruiting internally is considered as an easier process as workers are already aware of their responsibilities & policies within an organisation. Also, employees who have been a part from of the company from for a significant period will have good knowledge of companies goals. Whereas, if Unipart recruits employees using external recruitment method then it will be considered good for the firm to acquire ideas from other businesses. However, both the methods have same disadvantages or weaknesses as well. As in external approach, company hire employees with limited understanding of the organisation's policies, rules and culture. Also, Internal recruitment has some weaknesses such as if Unipart hires internally then those candidates may not be respected by others who are currently working there. It has been discovered that in the firm internal recruitment can offer the chance to alter to change the job position. Company give the notice to their employees about their present vacancy. The current employees are notified buy these strategies for quick decision making and to decrease their expenses budget.

D1 Critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment

Unipart Group hires employees through either through internal process or external they both have some pros & cons. While hiring by internal approach, then it will be beneficial for the company in many ways, as research has proves that external hiring cost more than internal recruiting (Kidron, Tzafrir and Meshoulam, 2016). This is because recruiting internally is considered as an easier process as workers are already aware of their responsibilities & policies within an organisation. Also, promoting employees from within the company states that organisation value employees & want to invest in them. Whereas, if Unipart recruits employees using external recruitment method then it will be considered good for the firm to acquire ideas from other businesses. As in external approach, Unipart hire employees with limited understanding of the organisation's policies, rules and culture, as they are new and it will take time for them to know everything about company., and external recruitment process is very time consuming approach. Also, Internal recruitment has some weaknesses such as if Unipart hires internally then those candidates may not be respected by others who are currently working there.

P3 Explaining the benefits of different HRM practices within an organisation for both employer employee

Human resource managers are responsible for many answer-abilities within an organisation as they preserve the interests of both leader & worker. For employers, they control employee relations and find ways to reduce labour costs (Kidron, Tzafrir and Meshoulam, 2016). For employees, they protect their rights, ensuring that employers operate within the scope of employment and labour law.

Human resource practices in any organisations play a most crucial role as it helps to create competitive environment within the organisation. There are several ways by which human resource become most crucial part for the company. First individuals provide numerous abilities and behaviours to the firm which helps to execute firms strategy effectively. Overall, HR is the people which helps to contribute in long term goals and also full fill the employee satisfaction needs (Iwu, 2016). Overall, it brings new managing and social cause in order to deal with new longer term of essential practices. HR practices designed and practised for employees. Formalized HRM practices include attract and retain talented employees, peoples with the company. Unipart Group Private limited HR manger should needs to retain good employees within the company organisation through which they can easily make an effective team process goals.

HRM practices

HRM is responsible for so many different kinds of business that affect the business growth and best effective resourceful acts. HRM practices would help employees to earn so many different kinds of services and benefits some of the HRM practices has been given below:

  • Employment security
  • Selective hiring
  • Self managed and effective team building
  • Contingent compensation
  • Information sharing

Benefits of HRM practices

Benefits to employer

  • Promoting positive behaviour : A successful organisation creates a positive working environment and favourable environment within the company. HRM practices such as training and development encourage employees morale and confidence level.
  • Developing employees : HRM practices such as promoting employees by providing incentives and promotions. This practice will develop the morale of employee into each level of performance. Apart from that, it helps to provide the best approachable design full channel of growth for employees (Iwu, 2016).

Benefits to Employees

  • Building flexible workplace : HRM activity indicate shifting demographic in the workplace. Individuals of the new century anticipate different conditions than those of the second half of the twentieth century.
  • Motivating workers : it is the another benefit of HR practices which motivates employer into large number of manner. It gives the maximum employee information which gives the long lasting effects. Successful manager apply HRM practices and assist people increases feelings of being competent in their position level within the organisation.

HR used different methods or process to identify the long term goals and best productive resourceful idea in order to meet out the result goals. Overall, it helps to bring new opportunity for the company. Different methods of HRM practices that used by HR in order to met out the employee goals. HRM practices used a different type of tools such as performance solutions, recruiting software, payroll service, benefits management platform, employee engagement tools and techniques. Overall, it also helps to bring new opportunity task which gives long term channel and performance area. Choosing a solution is the another technique that company adopts. These are the methods that helps Unipart Group Private Limited to develop a most productive and effective team for the betterment of employees.

P4 Evaluate the effectiveness of different HRM practices in terms of raising organisational profit and productivity

This is on considering a well-known fact of several HRM practices that raises a high level of productivity as well as profitability in the organisations like Unipart. These practices together represent an important source of contending benefits for being such means through which the company locate, retain as well as develop rare, non-substitutable and non-imitable human capital. Some such practices involve-

  • Performance pay- This refers to the tactic of incentive pay using both direct and indirect method in Unipart that largely incite the worker in enhancing their productiveness as well as execution (Zhou, Fey and Yildiz, 2018). Herein, the HRM is required to create a plan based on both monetary and non-monetary benefits to the employees as a mean of rewarding and encouraging them for their hard work. This is not only expected to create a sense of motivation in the workers to perform well but is also anticipated to increase their level of productivity. Besides this, it will together lead to an increased sense of loyalty in the employees where they will make genuine contribution in their work, leading to a reduced rate of turnover. Lastly, collaborative efforts are likely to achieve from the employees who are working in groups.

For example: If the Unipart pay proper wages to the employee of the company then it will help them to achieve all defined goals and objectives and as a result, monetary form of practices are helpful for increases the productivity of their employees.

  • Training and development- Training and development itself contributes in enhancing the skills and abilities of the workers in Unipart. By which, they are expected to work with a more contributory outlook of performing well and attain the organisational objectives. Also, investing in the development of employees in turn enhances the profitability of the enterprise with a simultaneous reduction in worker’s retention rates and increase in the satisfaction level of the customers with an idea of bringing creative products for them. Apart from this, an increased efficiency in the undertaken procedures together leads to financial gain (Paauwe and Boon, 2018).

For example, If proper training and development sessions are provided to the employees then it will also help them to raise their production level and also increases the working performance. Moreover, investing in the development of employees in turn enhances the profitability of the enterprise with a simultaneous reduction in worker’s retention rates

  • Flexible working- This is yet another important tactic to be adopted by the HRM of Unipart to improve the productivity of the workers. It will in turn lead to enhance the profitability aspect of the firm as well. It is mainly on considering an acceptable idea of flexible working that allows the worker to operate in accordance to one’s own comfort level. Flexibility could be in terms of their work hours or the work location from which they are willing to submit the tasks allotted to them.

For example, If the work done is in flexible way then it will also help them to improve the productivity of the workers of Unipart. Flexibility of work also help to achieve the defined goals of the company through effective working hours.

  • Transparency: It is another method which help a business of Unipart in order to raise the company's overall performance and to improve the production level. If HR of the company work well or in transparent way then they actually help to raise the production level of the firm and at last it directly affect the company's overall performance and help to raise the profit too.

M3 Explore the different methods used in HRM practices,

This is to explore distinct measures of HRM practices which leads to an increased level of productivity as well as profitability at the workplace. A foremost consideration over here is in terms of setting high performance standards by together relating productivity with proper planning of resources. Delegation of accountability is yet another concern for keeping the employees satisfied as a way of reducing the rate of turnover (Chiang, Lemański and Birtch, 2017). On referring to the aforementioned practices of HRM to raise organisational profits as well as productivity, it can be said that flexible working is the most effective method to equally improvise both. However, training and development of workers with allocation of performance related pay will require some sort of investment from Unipart for their successful execution at the workplace.


P5 Presenting the importance of employee dealings in respect to causing HRM decision making.

Employee relation is the term that describe the efforts which are put in order to manage the relationship between employer and employees. Worker relation in Unipart Group Pvt Ltd share a particular relationship with their workers. It is essential for a company to share a comfortable bond with each other in order to achieve common goals of a company. The importance of employee relationship is as follows:

  • Work become easy: To work in a company maintain healthy relationship with the workers and also helps to plication the chances of productiveness. As it is possible for the people to do the work and assign the work among all the team members in order to accomplish the work within assigned time (Ferguson, 2018). Therefore, if the individual have great relationship with their unit associate, they will also have the quality to aid them to make the activity more casual. If the HR of the company takes better decision making then it will also help to make the work easy for the workers who are working in the firm.
  • Discouraging conflict among workers: It is the most important such that by maintaining good relation with their team members will help to create fewer conflicts in working place. The trust between each other in aid the show will definitely help to achieve the end of a company. As a result, it will help to raise the productivity of a company that further help HRM to take finer determination for the welfare of a institution (Jennings, McCarthy and Undy, 2017). In addition, to this HR decision making also affect the employee relationship and hence it also help to decrease the conflicts among them.
  • Loyalty: Unipart have pleasant and interactive working environment that help to make leal worker. They also feel actuated to execute the task which is allotted to them and also make extra efforts that leads to raise more productivity and return for a company. Hence, the charge of worker ratio is quite few in a institution and that help to decrease the chances of starter new employees (Gkorezis and Kastritsi, 2017).
  • Insure par by communication in effect: An effectual act of a company will further help to make sure that there is no favouritism in Unipart. As a effect, they also awareness actuated to execute their task in order to achieve company's craved objectives (Gu and Nolan, 2017).

From above, it has been analysed that HRM practice are also creates impact upon HRM decision-making such that if the production level of the company is high then it helps to raise profitability and HR of the firm chooses best option for the growth or future success. These HRM practices are helpful for this organization who are in proper dealing with their employees. Therefore, these HRM practices are helpful to maintain or sustain better employee relationship and as a result, they also provide the best result for the company's growth. Therefore, employee legislation such as equality in working area will also create direct impact upon HRM decision-making. Providing proper compensation and ensuring equality in working area will also influence the employees in positive way.

P6 Identify the key elements of employment legislation and the impact it has upon HRM decision making.

With the help of different legislation of HRM practices, it can be stated that following perspective must be included in Unipart Group Private limited company:

  • Disability discrimination act 2010: As per this act, HR manager of the chosen business need to eliminate discrimination on the basis of disability of employees. They need to provide same chance to all employees to promote their activities and focus on long term development program. It increases appropriate HRM decisions which increases effectiveness to encourage several staff members to ascertained appropriate decisions (Shields, Brown and Plimmer, 2015).
  • Minimum wage pay act 1998: According to this act, HR manager consider several rules and regulations that are related with payment of employees in UK. With this consideration, all essential norms must be regulated that assists to protect staff members to fulfil their needs according to payment (Peccei and Van De Voorde, 2016). Along with this, in UK wages also determines as per age of employees so that workers are able to get appropriate amount as per their efficiency in Unipart Group Private limited company.
  • Equality act 2010: According to this act, law has been created that protect employees from discrimination to all members in the business. With this regard, HR manager of Unipart Group Private limited company provide appropriate and basic wage to diminish unfair treatment on the basis of personal characteristics which included gender, colour, age, etc. It helps to ensure that consistency also develop successfully which will be helpful yo regulate different operations and functions. Hence, they can take appropriate decisions for all staff members (Albrecht, Bakker and Saks, 2015).

M4 Evaluate the key aspects of employee relations management and employment legislation that affect HRM decision-making

Employ abstraction direction and employ civil law are directly affect HRM decision making and they will also help to take a business into next further level of success. As Unipart have a good employee relation that helps to do the work in defined time. On the other side, employee legislation such as equality in working area will also creates direct impact upon HRM decision-making (Preenen and, 2017). Providing proper compensation and ensuring equality in working area will also influence the employees in positive way.

P7 Illustrate the application of HRM practices in a work-related context

In this consideration, employees relations in Unipart Group Private limited company develop to maintain efforts. This is because, effective relationship assists to fulfil employees and employers performance. Therefore, loyalty can be maintained to satisfy customers demand and fulfil objectives. The chosen business mainly maintaining resilient workforce which would be beneficial to increase coping capabilities of staff members. It assists to employees and employers to lead with innovative results and outcomes. Following are certain practices undertaken in the business to consider effective policies and procedures:

  • Manpower planning: It is necessitates of HR's performances that create systematic plan for selective hiring individual. It is required to place with consideration of effective action and programs to overcome gaps in supply and demand of workers. In this consideration, succession and competencies gaps must be fulfil in Unipart Group Private limited company. It creates large impact on decision-making strategy which required to adopt procedure that employ on the basis of certain standards (Albrecht, Bakker and Saks, 2015).
  • Managing performances: It is one of the another significant practice that undertaken in Unipart Group Private limited company to maintain effective relationship with workers. They consider attaining and support with commitment of senior management with assigning requisite resources. It involves tasks for setting objectives. All evaluators are efficiently trained so that appraisal procedures successfully develop (Peccei and Van De Voorde, 2016). For instance, the chosen organisation consider management of several people performance who work in the business. As per business goals and objectives all tasks and activities must be completed within a particular time period.
  • Training and development: Furthermore, HR manager of Unipart Group Private limited company must provide appropriate training and development program to their staff members. With special consideration, effective and appropriate session undertaken for new staff members. Hence, HR need to review all policies in training and development program with collective evidence of enhancement in quality of work. In addition to this, together remarking also increases with high level of efficiency. For instance, in the chosen business manager need to provide training and development to all members of the organisation to accomplish goals and objectives in appropriate manner.
  • Increase service quality: It refers to build customer focused culture which increases productivity and profitability. In addition to this, staff members also required to take first hand initiative to serve each user. With the help of operational mode, image of Unipart Group Private limited company can be successfully improve that assists to focus on overall improvement of the business (Shields, Brown and Plimmer, 2015). For example, manager of the business need to increase quality of their services because it assists to focus on the business performance as per customer needs and demand. It also helps to attain more creative advantages to compete with different businesses.
  • Conflict management: It is related with the most important perspective that assists to maintain effective relationship among several people. In this regard, different practices considered by HRM in Unipart Group Private limited company which assists to regulate different activities at workplace. It will be done with foremost objectives to improve group results and learning in the organisational context. As a result, harmony among different employees also manages that assists to increase significant advantages at workplace. With the help of proper management of work, it can be also stated that overall performances will be develop (Albrecht, Bakker and Saks, 2015). Moreover, in the chosen business conflict must be manage through focus on building positive relationship between several members of the organisation. Therefore, it will assists to accomplish positive results at workplace.

Job design


Unipart private company looking for sales man and women for store. Experienced and inexperienced people welcome. Fluent English require with well conversant with attractive personality. Detailed resume can be mailed or come directly in store.


158-Right street

Unipart Company Limited


M5 Provide a rationale for the application of specific HRM practices

In order to improve significant advantages, it can be stated that there are different types of HRM practices must be performed. HR manager in Unipart Group Private limited company determines innovative and high performance of their employees which would be beneficial to focus on increasing organisational performances and productivity. In addition to this, leaders of the chosen business direct their staff members so that they can work accordingly. It will assist to attain more growth in the business operations that increases more significant advantages (Shields, Brown and Plimmer, 2015). As a result, creativity also maintained to ascertained more effective work performances.

D3 Critically evaluate employee relations and the application of HRM practices that inform and influence decision-making

Employee relationship consider important role in which whole business work together to accomplish their desired level results. In this way, different HRM practices also develop successfully which would be beneficial to maintain important functioning in the whole business. This is because, different activities in the organisation also beneficial to develop more creative performance and outcomes (Peccei and Van De Voorde, 2016). Positive decisions also ascertained which would be beneficial to implement different course of action. It ascertained maintaining of the business functions with manpower planning, overall development, etc. As critical evaluation, training and development program must be implement in Unipart Group Private limited company so that staff members can easily promote their goals and objectives at workplace. It would be lead with overall goals with increasing employee efficiency and effectiveness. As a result, it can be influence decision-making strategy of the chosen business (Clark, Van Noordwijk and McNie, 2016).

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By summing up above report it has been concluded that there are many aspect of HRM which have also shown the effectivity of HRM in order to raise institution productiveness and net income. Report also concluded that through internal as well as external methods of recruitment and selection, HR of Unipart group can select best employees for the company. It also shows different HRM benefits and also describe the employee relation within the working area. Report further describe various key element of employment legislation and also creates positive impact upon HRM decision. Moreover, it concluded different applications of HRM practices in Unipart.

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