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Human resource management plays great role for better performance of employees and encouraging them for great coordination in team building. HRM term as Working with leading people is useful  for creating positive and peaceful environment of entity. This report is to present  human resource practices of Avon company of USA. It is one of the wide spread cosmic items provider that has effective value in global market.  Including this,  the study can present different methods of HRM to employees development increasing working efficiency of employees of the entity.  Moreover, advantages of organizing training programs for improving  employees skills and obtaining  best of their abilities. Through working with leading people assignment, we will understand different aspects of leadership styles and effectiveness to accomplishing goals of the organizations. In addition to this, significance of leadership and management for effectiveness of firm can be expressed through this study.



Regarding human resource management practices, Avon  is planning to recruit and select area manager. Therefore, necessary qualifications are to be advertised. In accordance to this,  HR manager of the organization advertises for vacancy related to qualifications can express as:-                                                        

Job title

Area Manager


· Coordinating with other organizational functions' managers.

· To encourage employees of the firm for better performance

· Maintaining slaes effiency.

· Determined for reachinh out the set  targets.


· Completed master's degree in business and maeketing stream.

· 3-5 years expiernce in sales representative role in any authorized company.

Skiils required

· Effective communication skills.

· Having sense to deal with different customers.

· Ability to create positive atmosphere of organization (Krebsbach, 2015).


Job role

· Challenger to maintain position in competitive market.

· Team development coordinator.

· Planning processor as well evaluator of products' production.



It is needed top be focused on  legal, regulation and ethical considerations for processing to recruitment and selection of organization. Therefore, following tools are related to concentrate during recruiting and selecting candidates:-

Legal considerations impact:- It is related to providing rights to employees of Avon. It is necessary for firm to facilitate similar rights and salary and insurance facilities to workers. Therefore, legal implications would be reduced and effective goodwill of entity can be determined efficiently.

Regulatory considerations impact:- Under this impact, it is required for Avon to following systematic structure regarding recruiting and selecting candidates (Arnold, 2015). Thus, adequate management and qualified employees can be selected for increasing effectiveness of firm.

Ethical considerations impact:- It includes equal pay system for similar position of employees as well providing equal rights to all gender, age, religions. By following these factors in effective way will impact on Avon ethical property and increase in employment would be increases.


Role of Senior sales officer to select area manager

Senior officer of Avon plays crucial role for selecting area manager of organization by analysing his qualities and abilities for selection. In this regard, senior manager matches required qualifications to actual and further conducts selection process. Under which, different logical and additional questions are asked to candidate in various forms can understand as below:-

Judging qualifications and efficiencies:- By checking out qualifications advertises are suitable to professional interview is to be considered (Pritchard. and Bloomfield, 2013). In accordance to this, abilities and skills of applicants are recognized that is appropriate for organization or not.  Therefore, candidates are selected for job performance according to their working potential regarding organization's effectiveness.

Putting questions related to production efficiency:- Under this process, senior officer and manager ask different questions to applicants as well determines their working efficiency for performing job.  Through this analysis, best suitable workers are selected for job performance effectively. 


Evaluation of contribution to selection process

It is determined that selection process is conducted very effectively by managers and senior officers of organization. In this regard, various positive and negative aspects of selection process is obtained. In which, positively, process is conducted very easily while on the other side, negative factor of selection process is obtained as difficult to judging appropriate employees(Mayfield, 2014). Discussion with high level managers about interviewee's ability and judgement of qualities is a tip to provide accountability of area manager for Avon.

Comparison among all interviewees and evaluate their abilities is helpful tool to select suitable worker for Avon to take best advantage of capabilities to perform professional role. Including this, it remains also risky to determine their qualities and performance as well potential to support team. Judgement of applicant's abilities and past years work performance is vital element to select area manager of the organization.



5 skills and attributes which are needed for leadership in Avon are as follows:

Leadership is an approach to managing risks occur at workplace by building team and following on Action plans effectively. Therefore, different characteristics of leadership can be determined as follows:-

Strong managerial: In organization management involves of various skills which help in motivating employees, dealing with conflicts, making decision and planning.  It is beneficial for reducing conflicts occur at workplace and increasing working efficiency of employees. However, effective team building can be determined by managing business operations and activities efficiently.

Leadership capability: It is considers as effective leadership capabilities are valuable for implementing action plans and improving skills of employees. In this regard, coordination among workers and lead is obtained. Therefore, this, results in rising of good capabilities which are related to solving problem and decision making process for development of firm (Stan, 2016).

Excellent communication:  For development of skill manager also consist of direct communication skills with peers and bosses this lead to building relationship with them. Therefore, sharing of ideas and coordination among employees can be recognized effectively for team building efficiency. It influences positive environment of firm efficiently.

Analytical skills: Avon manager consist of different ability for increasing their skills that are visualize, articulate and conceptualize by involving of decision making process and by providing information.

IT skills: Manager involves IT skills for development through this, identify in issues and implementing in plan will provide support. Moreover, it uses some intermediate for advancement in skills by including of MS word, excel and power point (Collins, 2013). In accordance to this, knowledge of online marketing and using social media sites is valuable for enlargement of firm and attarcting customers through different sites. Furthermore, through this, employees in Avon are highly self motivated by improving in skills.


Management and leadership are crucial in Avon therefore, they involve some difference between them that are as follows:

Under the management process, problems occur at workplace are solved out while through leadership approach, tasks are accomplished as well team building and efficiency is determined. However, manager of the firm analyses business performance and plans for solving out issues. While, leader of Avon builds team, segment work among employees according to their working abilities and evaluates their performances. Therefore, through this employees does not hesitate in asking anything and they can work effectively (Huarng. and Yu, 2012). Moreover, their main focus is on managing work at workplace by existing direction. Whereas in organization leader plays role to accomplish any task by building team and encouraging employees for team efficiency. Thus, Leader of the organization vision are long term that is valuable for gaining maximum profit. Leader main focus is on building of team and leading people together. Furthermore, they take moper risk for development of organization by breaking of rules and regulation (Kara. and, 2013). In addition to this, in Avon leader set new direction and challenges for development of whole organization.


Difference between two different learning style are as below:

Transactional leadership: it is that type of leadership which involves of rewards and punishment to motivating their followers. In Avon it focus on improving organization by including of some steps and control all activity which are taking place in organization. Transactional leadership nature is reactive at workplace (Men. and Stacks, 2013). Leaders uses authority and responsibilities because these are power for performing of job and this style contain formal approach in workplace. Moreover it is settled in environment.

Transformational Leadership: under this style leader uses charisma and spirit for influencing their followers at workplace. Moreover in Avon, leader lays in stress more on values, belief, norms and need of follower because through this, they can work effectively. Transformational leadership is proactive in nature. In addition to this it is suitable of disruptive environment (Chaudhry. and Javed, 2012). There main focus is on innovation and generating of new ideas. In Avon leader emphasize on concepts such as values, ideal and morals.


Leader of the team motivates employees for better performance and improving different skills. It influences personal and professional development of workers. There are different theories are applied for motivating employees such as Maslow's need method and Herzberg two factor theories. In this, Maslow's need theory can be explained as below:-

Under this theory of motivation it involve of 5 stages that are physiological need, safety need, social need, esteem need and self actualization need (Ruggieri. and Abbate, 2013).  In this,  Physiological needs including  food, water, rest and warmth at workplace by determining this employees can be motivated and work effectively in organization. However, safety needs involve  security of employee by providing insurance and health camps this results in motivation of employees. Moreover, social need includes of friendship and building of team thus, it result in encouraging of employee for meeting out organizational gaols effectively. Along with this, esteem need of employees in Avon, help in rising of confidence, achievement, rewards and incentive for better work in firm. Therefore, by providing some extra rewards ad incentive will rise in performance level thus lead to motivation for employees (Gonos. and Gallo, 2013). In addition to this, self actualization results in creativity, problem solving, acceptance of facts and morality by determining all these factors in organization employees results in motivation and through this, they work effectively for meeting out organizational goals.

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It is determined that teamwork is beneficial for increasing working efficiencies of employees as well remains valuable for gaining great coordination among employees for better service qualities provided by company. In Avon cosmetics, employees are working in team for reaching out to ultimate gaols therefore, some benefits of team working are described as under:

  • Increased productivity and performance:Under this, employees who are working altogether for achieving organizational goals by including their skills. Thus, it influences productivity level of organization as well impacts on profit earning capacity for increasing marketing strategies (Holten. and Brenner, 2015). Therefore, from this, quality of performance of every employee rises.
  • Skill development: In Avon, working as team team will increases in development of employee skills because over, here, interpersonal skills and team working skills will results in motivation to employees. Skills include communication, interpersonal, problem solving and different kinds of working efficiencies are get developed. It affects personal and professional development of workers. By taking advantages of training program, employees get better performance and coordinating in team efficiently.
  • Build trust: Team work implement strong relationship with peers, sub ordinates and co-workers through this, reduce in minor conflicts are seen.It is determined that trust is builded in team between leader and team members that impacts on efficiency of group. However, it creates understanding and positive environment of firm to increase business and competitive strategies. Moreover, trusting on team mates provide safety feeling and also help in generating of new idea and some innovation in their product (Delmatoff, 2014). In addition to this, Avon cosmetic, open communication will help in effective working because no discrimination, anxiety and tension between them are involved.
  • Faster speed: Under this, employee of Avon cosmetic, work in team which help in completion of task on time because over here, every employee is putting efforts. In addition to this, they get motivated effectively without considering any issues in it.
  • More thoughtful ideas:As per this benefits workers who are working on problem they bring different information and idea for resolving of issue (Bush. and Middlewood, 2013). Therefore, through this, Avon cosmetic, can identifying solution and different approaches for those problem by working in team. By analysing current business performance, different ideas are generated for further business operations that is useful for optimum utilization of resources and fund as well increases effectiveness of firm at high level. It plays great role in creating positive environment of entity to enhance its effective position in market for long term sustainability.


Effectiveness of team will help in achieving of goals because through this productivity and performance of employee rises. Moreover through this, in Avon cosmetic, employees will increase in production level because they are working in team by reducing huddles and problem. Therefore, through this, cost effectiveness can be determined effectively. In addition to this, sales increases because organization is providing goods at low cost in market (Groups vs. Teams: Which one are you leading?. 2016).  Along with this, applies different sales techniques are valuable for increasing productivity and profitability of firm at high level. In addition to this, team efficiency and different tools for implementing organization's effectiveness is determined. However, by using adequate leadership theory for managing team and encouraging employees Avon can enhance its market position at high level for facing cut throat competition and establishing good relationship with customers including agents, retailers and other business entities.



In Avon cosmetic, various factors are involved in planning and monitoring of work performance therefore, they need to evaluate properly and in effective manner. Some  are describe under:

Self monitoring tools:  Under this, manager of Avon cosmetic, can assess self monitoring tools through this, they can evaluate performance of employees. In accordance to this, managerial skills as planning and controlling over business operations is determined. It is beneficial for optimum allocation of resources as well fund. Therefore, systematic management of entity is presented through this tools.

Learning styles: There are different types of learning styles in evaluating of performance of employees that are auditory, verbal and kinaesthetic. In Avon cosmetic, manager need to understand these method because through this, they can form team accordingly so that they work can be done in appropriate way. Different learning styles for incraesing abilities and working efficiency of leader and manager is obtained (Mendenhall. and Osland, 2012).

Productivity: In Avon cosmetic, productivity can be raised by providing raw material on time and upgraded technology to employees. Moreover, through this, motivating employees will perform well in team and thus, results in rising in production. Various tools and techniques for increasing  productivity of firm is determined that impacts on profit earning capacity of organization.

Customer satisfaction: Organization need to focus on customer satisfaction because if customer are satisfied by product then they will perform team goals easily (Kennedy, 2013).  In this process, several ideas are generated for achieving effective customer satisfaction are obtained. However, accurate market research and organizational structure is determined through this tool.

Feedbacks: For Avon cosmetic, feedbacks are every crucial in analysis of performance of employees in team because through feedback they can work effectively. In order to this, it will lead to improvement and development of whole organization. Thus, by identifying this, workers and team can be results in motivation.


Identifying development needs of store manager is individual need therefore, Avon cosmetic, company need to consider and identify all because through this, proper person can be recruited at job. Moreover, it is easy because company involves of recruits and interview of store manager.

 Development need


Analyical skills

· Decision making

· ability to visualize

· ability to articulate

Managerial skills

· Technical skills

· conceptual skills

· human resource skills

Leadership skills

· Motivation

· communication

· confidence

That individual is be promoted next to senior store manager. Through this, at Avon cosmetic, current qualification will help in developing their skills related to rising of customer satisfaction and managing workforce, managerial skills and analytical skills. Therefore, this will increase in rising of store manager ability (Greenstein, 2013). According to Avon HR manager planning. In addition to this, leadership quality of that individual will also rises. In order to this, organization need to do job rotation and job design time to time so that no employee get bored and they may work effectively.

Thus, various skills of employees can be enhanced through this process that is helpful for personal and professional development. It is valuable for gaining better performance as well problem solving, communication and listening skills get developed. However, leadership skills including technique to motivate employees is recognized.


There are 3 methods in evaluating of performance and monitoring in Avon so that they may reach out goals easily. Some of methods are described under:

Fruitfulness: Through this, employees performance can be monitor easily because there is no conflicts situation between employees and organization. It is useful for getting better performance of employees as well their effective coordination for team efficiency.

Consumer satisfaction: Under this, Avon cosmetic, manager need to focus on satisfaction of client because on evaluating this, they may reduce in losing of customer. In addition to this they may reach out goals easily and  effortlessly (Public health in the 21st Century: working differently means leading and learning differently. 2016). This will help in monitoring their skills and attributes at organizational level.

Learning styles: Under this, learning style will help in monitoring of different kind of employees individually. Learning style involves of 3 stages which aid in monitoring from close. In addition to this, employee performance may increase and rise in growth of person skills and managerial skills. In this regard, different learning styles and tools for improving employees' skills is determine effectively that is valuable for service qualities of firm.


 It has been concluded that working with leading people in helpful for organization's effectiveness. Through this report, Avon cosmetic, different techniques for developing working efficiency of employees is considered. In addition to this, significance of working in team  increasing productivity and performance level of individual is determined. However, importance and different functions of manager and leader are presented through this assignment. Moreover, they try to help one another for developing in their skills and attributes. Including this, different aspects of leadership and management is considered.


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