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Management of human resource at international level is all about exchange of labour at global market place which means employees are travelling across the borders for gaining maximum profit in a minimum time period. However, it is very useful or beneficial for individual because it aids in enhancing the overall personality of an individual by improving knowledge and skills (Harzing and Pinnington, 2010) . Just eat is a small business entity that is engaged in designing outstanding food products  for facilitating consumers with high tech items in order to develop the nation in appropriate way. Therefore, assignment is going to highlight the major policies which is designed for development of labours at workplace. Hence, company is offering a pre departure training to their employees for acquiring information about their experiences which they gained while working in an organization . Along with this , it helps in promoting manpower towards their self growth and development by enforcing them to take part in several training programmes. It means, overall report is based on improvement sessions that is designed by an enterprise for their employees.

Main Body

Just eat is a British medium size company which is engaged in preparing outstanding food items for offering best or healthy stuffs to their desired customers. Their main objective is to gain maximum benefits by satisfying needs of various clients in a minimum time period. However, this company is a brand conscious and worried about their image at marketplace. Managers of company always design products on consumer demand instead of wasting money in collecting stock. Basically, they believe in building image by gaining maximum trust or loyalty of millions of clients by manufacturing commodities as per their choice (Briscoe, Tarique and Schuler, 2012). Company always considered necessary factors while performing their business activities such as; current trends, competitor items, strategies, fluctuation in various external and internal factors in order to minimize the possibilities of mistake and errors. Therefore, selected firm get succeeded in establishing their positive image at international marketplace by improving knowledge of their employees with the use of advanced technology. Their main motive is to create long term relations with customers, business partners and various other stakeholders without wasting time on unnecessary factors. It helps in maximizing their profit level and brings attention of numerous rich people like celebrities, sports person, politician and so on.

However, it is not easy for medium size enterprise to build their positive image at marketplace due to maximization of competition level as it may hamper the working structure of an association. Just eat is all about serving consumers thus it is essential to appoint high skilled employees who is having a quality of convincing consumers toward specific product. Employees are liable for success of an enterprise because all the activities are managed and regulated by them only. Along with this, consumer attract with the attractive personality of workers because order are taken by employees only. Thus, it has been analysed that men power is seen as most mandatory factor success of an association. Therefore, company is focussing on training sessions to enhance the knowledge or learning of employees in suitable manner so that they can easily perform their job role without facing any major problem (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).

 Training is one of the useful aspect which helps staff members in various manner such as; enhance their personality , knowledge, learning, sense humour and so on. Sometime  training activities also act as a motivational factor for individuals because it may refresh the minds of human beings.  In fact, training are also classified into various parts which is discussed as follows:-

  • On the job:- If an individual is acquiring learning by working under senior is falls under this category
  • Off the job:-On the other hand if workers are learning things by going away from organization then it is known as off the job.

Hence, it has been analysed that development of workers are essential part of an enterprise because it supports an association in several ways. Along with this sometime it act as a inspiration session for few members and increase the level of employee retention. Most of the companies are offering only initial training but Just eat are also involving in providing pre-departure training to their employees in order to create a healthy relations with them. Additionally, motivate them to take part in this events for sharing experience with others for creating future relations with past institutions. Just eat is going to involve in expansion process for generating more or more revenue by satisfying needs of domestic as well a foreign clients with their marvellous food stuffs (Guest, 2011). Therefore, in order to introduce any international project company is conducting a pre departure training to their employees whomsoever are going to involve in a foreign market and handling complex projects of an association. It helps workers in various manner like motivate them to work in a international market by facing several major issues.

Significant of Pre departure training:- Development events is necessary for every employees either he/ she is going for internationalization assignment or not because it helps staff members by enhancing their talents. In fact, number of factors are identified which shows the it is indispensable for medium size organization to conduct training sessions for assisting employees about the changes which is faced while dealing at global marketplace. Therefore, few of the elements are described below:-

  • Understanding about culture:- Every nation having their customs and rules on which entire nation is depend for performing their distinct job roles. While establishing a new project it is essential to understand the differences which is observed in culture of various nations in order to minimize the probabilities of any conflict that might create because of exploitation by outsiders (Brewster, 2017). For example; if a person is unaware about the beliefs of America then their is a maximum chances of confusion while involving in a business with Americans. As every nation are very curious and conscious towards their culture.
  • Language:- UK and Americans are having distinct language which may create problem from outsiders that are coming from outer world for establishing their new business at marketplace. However, it is not easy to understand the views instead person is not aware about the local language or any common which is used by foreigners to communicated. In fact a person who is coming for business person in international marketplace must learn the interaction method because communicating is the only way to promote goods across distinct marketplace in a better way. Hence, training must be given to minimize the language barrier which is faced by employees while involving in international project.
  • Social life:- Nations are having different way of living their life which may create problem for managers of just eat while expanding their business in new area or region. Thus, this factor also encourage a person to take part in training sessions in order to get aware about the life style of foreigners which supports them at the time of promoting their goods or food items in new society (Pinto, 2010) . Basically, every individual are having their best or favourite food but at the same time youngsters always want to try something new for understanding the taste every material for judging the best one amongst all. It is only happen if employees will understand the way of life which local people wants in order to attract their minds in a desired time frame.

It means, pre departure training is all about enhancement of human resource at workplace for polishing them to enter into new emerging marketplace in a proper manner without facing much more problem or issue. It aids in overcoming issues encountered by an organization in their development process. Thus, appropriate process of pre departure training is expressed as follows:-

  • Profile of culture:- First or foremost process is to described the suitable overview of a culture in order to understand the differences and similarities in between host and home country. It helps an individual while working in a complex situation by assisting towards corrective path. In fact, person who is going to engaged in this activity must aware about the nature of a nation where company is going to expand their medium size business.
  • Briefing about country:- For example; America is a nation where Just eat is going to introduce their business then it is essential to acquire necessary information such as; population, background, current situations, major issues faced by country, political instability, economy , environmental issues and so on (Alfes and et. al., 2013). It helps an organization while making their international plan or policies to make changes as per host country need or requirement. In fact it also aids an association in various situations by assisting at the time of decision making process.
  • Adaptation of culture:- In this phase an individual is going to aware about the differences which is identified in between both the nation such as America and UK. For example identifies that tourist phase etc. In order to analyse the differences between both the country. Along with this it shows the actual culture of a region. It helps employees while travelling across the places for analysing the food culture of common people in order to make further decision on their plans.
  • Logistical data:- If there is any emergency employees must know to whom he/ she have to contact by getting updated about the necessary details which is required at the time of international business. It helps a person for protecting from fraudulent activities which might occurred at new place because strangers and travellers are not aware about the nation.
  • Business tools:-Offer best tool for providing best facilities to their consumers by understanding the requirement of elements to perform a business in new place.
  • Training :- Its all about providing training sessions to reduce the probabilities of errors and mistakes as well as aids in enhancing the knowledge by teaching how to live in a new place (Brewster, Chung and Sparrow, 2016 ).
  • Orientation :- Must learn the method of expressing yourself in front of the public for making a perfect relations with foreign business men.
  • Language :- its time to learn the language of foreign marketplace for minimizing the conflicting situation as well as helps in controlling the probabilities of harmful effects by interacting with common people in their local language.

It has been understood that pre departure training is highly advantageous for employees because it supports the personnel resources in various extent by offering numerous of facilities in a less price because main motive of an enterprise is to encourage member towards international projects. At the same time it is not easy to conduct all these activities in a proper manner due to the availability of various complicated situations  because it hamper the life of individuals ( Marchington and et. al., 2016)  . Therefore, its all about management of human resource at international level in order to promote the organization in foreign marketplace for gaining maximum benefits as well as wanted to establish a positive relations with various companies by satisfying consumer needs.

Apart from this , it is observed that pre departure training is beneficial for company as well as employees in distinct ways that is discussed as follows:-

Benefits of pre departure training for employees:-

  • Personality development:- first or foremost thing which shows that training is beneficial is that while sending a human resource at new marketplace company must improve their overall personality by grooming in appropriate manner.
  • Knowledge improvement:- Learning about foreign market get improved by understanding the data about the nation in order to live their in a comfortable manner. As a result it is also useful in future also as well as assist at the time of difficult situations. Along with this capable for fighting with various types of typical problems which might occurred while dealing in a new marketplace.
  • Language :- learn the distinct way of interacting which helps while interacting with other people and getting more about the place. Along with this get succeeded in making new friends which belong from distinct places (Albrech, 2011) .
  • Roam around the new place:- one more thing is that employees who is going in a foreign market get the golden opportunities to see different places which are totally unique and attractive as compare with other ones. Along with this it helps in capture its minds towards particular place by refreshing minds.

Benefits for company :-

  • Productivity enhance:- initial thing which get improved is that Just eat can easily increase their productivity by involving in producing new or unique things which may attract various people.
  • Profit maximization:- Expansion is implemented fir generating more or more revenue by satisfying the needs or demands of foreign companies in better manner. Along with this, it helps in improving the current situation of an association from home country.
  • Build a positive image- Improve the goodwill of an enterprise by creating a business relations with foreign companies as well as involved with them for acquire more profit. Along with this focussing on creating long term relations with distinct consumers in a define time frame ( Berman and et. al., 2012) .
  • Long term business:- an organization may also get succeeded in establishing their business for longer time period.

 Apart from this it is assessed that pre departure is highly beneficial for organizational success and development but at the same time it create problem for employees and enterprise both that is expressed as underneath:-

Disadvantages for employees:-

  • Difficult to understand the new environment which are totally different home nation because of differences.
  • Hard to adopt new culture for less time period .
  • Chances of frauds, conflicting situation and wrongful acts which influence the overall life of employee.
  • Differences in dresses create problem while running a business.
  • Eating habits is also almost differ from country to country.

Drawbacks for company:-

  • Fluctuation in currency rate.
  • Consumer large amount of expenses and profit is less.
  • Consumer high time period to complete entire process.
  • Major problem while handling different situations.
  • Difficult to identify the needs or demand of foreign customers.
  • Maximum chances of losses instead of profit.
  • Possibilities of fraud.
  • Required experience or talented person.

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Thus, all the above information shows that international business relations is not an easy task because of high number of complexity due to numerous of changes which might occurred at global marketplace (Anderson, 2013). In fact , various authors express their opinions on pre departure training that this process is very beneficial for company success and development. Along with this employees are also enhancing their whole personality by involving in international marketplace on the other hand , few members or theorist argue this that entering into new market for medium size business is a very tough job due to lack of knowledge in their existing workers. As international market is full of complexity and confusion which may create problem for an organization while involving in this kind of activities.

Just eat is small food business whose main motive is to promote qualitative items or healthy materials across various marketplace for generating maximum revenue in order to establish their positive image. Along with this focussing on continuing their business for longer time period.

Ultimately it has been comprehended that globalization isn't a simple undertaking which requires legitimate consideration and ability with the utilization of advertising procedures to accomplish set destinations and objectives in wanted time period. In the wake of breaking down the whole data it has been recognized that organization needs to lead real changes at work environment with the utilization of present day advancements for upgrading their business execution ( Purce, 2014). Alongside this they additionally get prevailing with regards to beating their business issues by crushing their rivals and tries to keep up their picture so as to proceed with their business for longer era. Subsequently, in coming 2 to 5 years chiefs of Just eat needs to target adolescents in light of the fact that online administrations are utilized by youthful age for getting preferences. Henceforth, it has been resolved that number of apparatuses are available which assumes an extremely essential part while going into outside commercial centre. Alongside this it helps in upgrading the execution an endeavour by fulfilment of set targets and benchmarks. That is to say, number of organizations are taking part in globalization with the utilization of different present day showcasing exercises which helps whole corporate world in different confused circumstances ( Kusluvan and et. al., 2010). Truth be told, limited time devices is about contribution of a few systems like; group of customary and current P'S, online networking, commercial through TV, daily papers, leaflets, freebees, notices thus forward.


From the above report it has been summarized that pre departure training is one of the most indispensable aspect which is useful at workplace because it helps an enterprise in promoting their business at international marketplace. Along with this , main objective is to gain maximum benefits by satisfying the needs or requirement of foreign clients. Training method is conducted fir reducing doubts which is faced by an individual or employees while moving from home country to hose country for business purpose. Thus, entire assignment is focussing on need of pre departure training and its necessity at workplace as well as before going for expansion process. Throughout the study it is identified that Just eat is medium sized business who is involving in this process for developing the employees involving in this business activity in order to control the probability of mistake and errors which may hamper the profit level of an association. Therefore, pre departure must be conducted by every organization while sending their employees at international marketplace for preparing them to how to act in new place.


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