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Introduction to Leadership in Action

Leadership in action could be considered as the skills required to build loyalty and teamwork so that success can be attained within firm. It also helps individual to improve their skills by using effective learning style and thus accomplish the mission. There are certain leaders who possess effective skills and qualities such as motivation, communication and analytical skills so that performance of team can be improved. In the current study, effectiveness of leadership within firm has been identified and thus it assists individual to assess the personal skills and capabilities through improving learning styles and attaining organizational goals. Here, I need to prepare personal development plan and SWOT analysis to enhance the learning ability while working in a team.

Task 1

Following is the brief summary of education learning, career plan for next five years and learning styles such as...


Currently I am pursuing Masters in Business Administration from the London University. The course curriculum introduced by the college was very knowledgeable and interesting. Also, the lectures were inducing using creative presentation which helps me to learn different theories and models quickly. Furthermore, I also carry out my basic education in London and thus it helped me to understand the language and does not face any issues related to education and learning.


Through carrying out my MBA degree it helps me to improve my skills and ability to indulge in creative thinks and enhance my learning process. During my final semester of MBA, I preferred to collect information from internet and books so that skills and knowledge can be enhanced. Also, I maintained notes for the topic which helped me at the time of completing the projects assigned to be by the tutor. Furthermore, during my bachelors degree, I joined part time management firm for gaining knowledge and expertise and thus it helped me to understand the concept of management and leadership that I could implement later in future. Through this way I could accomplish desired task and thus attain best results. During my part time working, it was first time when I worked in any team as a member and learn different skills of team working and leadership so that task can be accomplished. I also try to provide my opinions and views so that team working can be carried out. I was directly under the supervision of team leader and thus it helped me to enhance my learning ability and thus uses different models and approaches to enhance my career development plan.

Career plan

Through preparing appropriate career plan it helped me to improve my skills and knowledge in a timely manner so that I can enhance my capabilities in regard to enhance my career goals. I need to develop my career plan for the next five years and aims to become a good HR manager in a reputed MNC. Through preparing career plan, I need to focus upon what I want to do and how to attain the desired goals. In regard to develop t he career development plan I need to focus upon different career elements such as-

Learning style

Here, I am focusing upon selecting Honey and Mumford learning style, that tends to prefer a particular learning style over others. It involves different learning style such as Activist, Theorist, Pragmatist and Reflector. Through understanding all such learning styles it helps me to assess my own learning styles which can be concluded that I possess Activist learning style as I tend to learn fast through implementing my skills and knowledge and applying the same within the real world. I possess open minded approach of learning and tend to learn different innovative and creative things so that career plan can be developed. While, pursuing my degree, I actively participated in group discussions, role plays and thus improve my communication skills which would later help me to attain best results. Further, using Theorist style helps me to learn different theories that is behind any action with very minimum level of practical exposure.

Through carrying out Honey and Mumford learning style it helps me to establish that I am a Kinesthetic learner and thus I start carrying out physical activity rather than listening to lecture of watching visual images. In regard to this, I also develop interaction with other team members in regard to learn new concepts in best suitable way. It helps me to learn different things in a better way and actively participate in team activities so that my skills and capabilities are enhanced to carry out new things.

Task 2

In regard to carry out the career development plan, I need to assess different personal development priorities for improving my managerial skills and lead the team to attain desired results. Here, being manager I focuses upon adopting professional knowledge and skills, analytical skills and people skills etc. that helps me to successfully improve my career plan. Such development skills enables me to assess the capabilities that is required to attain an effective career development plan. It also enables me to assess the capabilities that are required to be attained in regard to accomplish the career plan. Here, being a manager I need to possess various skills and qualities for becoming an effective manager and thus helps in improving my development qualities so that best results can be attained.

Self assessment is the technique that is considered as the most effective and specific task and help me to accomplish the area in which I am not performing well and requires improvement so that best results can be attained. However, in regard to execute the career plan, I need to develop a weekly self evaluation technique which helps me to analyse the strengths and weaknesses so that best results can be attained. Through carrying out proper observation, I need to review my work accordingly and thus try to improve my skills which helps me to work effectively in a team to attain organizational goals. Through career development plan, I found that I need to improve upon certain skills in which I am lacking such as professional knowledge and skills, people and analytical skills. Thus, there are various areas in which I want to improve and thus overcome the deficiencies to attain best results. Also, carrying self evaluation assists me to complete the task and thus progress could be attained in an effective and efficient way.

Professional knowledge and skills

It is one of the crucial skill for development and thus helps individual to manage their time appropriately and keeping up to date records so that career plan can be developed in an effective way. Further, it is also essential for manager to improve its communication tool as it is the best way through which capabilities can be enhanced. Such skill is also useful for managers to improve their career development plan and thus effectively manage the tasks according to the time. However, if such skill is not attained, then it is difficult for me to build my career goals.

People skills

It is another skill which is essential for me to develop as a manager and thus it assists me to improve my career development plan. With the help of such skill I can handle the conflicts effectively and thus obtain best results within the groups so that capability of individual can be enhanced efficiently. Here, managers of firm need to play a crucial role in developing virtual leadership and thus manage the other team members so that success can be attained.

Analytical skills

Further, such skill is also crucial for me to enhance my career development plan and thus analyse the set objectives that helps in fulfilling the career aims and objectives. Therefore, being a manager I need to improve my analytical skills and thus generate new ideas for working that prove to be effective so that career objectives can be attained.

Thus, through identifying the development activities it helps in evaluating the skills and abilities require to evaluate them and thus use self assessment technique which helps in gaining opportunity for managing the people and increasing professional knowledge so that best results can be attained to improve career plan. Being working as a manager, there are various responsibilities that needs to be accomplished by me on time and thus use such skills to improve the career plan and attain desired objectives.

Task 3

Through carrying out personal development plan it helps me to identify the required skills and capabilities that needs to be improved using particular skills and capabilities and thus attain best results. Personal developing plan is considered as a continuous process that helps in improving my efficiency and knowledge. It is considered as one of the crucial forces for attaining success and thus developing SMART objectives helps in implementing the development activities so that best results can be attained. It involves professional skills and knowledge, analytical and people skills etc. that helps in focusing upon improving career development skills and thus attain organizational goals. Following are different activities in regard to improve the development needs such as...

Training sessions

It is crucial for me to attend different training sessions so that I can improve my learning ability and thus enhance my skills and abilities. Thus, it would help to enhance my development activities and thus enable me to communicate with different people to attain goals.

Identifying targets

It also helps me to improve my skills and capabilities so that set targets can be identified and attained effectively. It proves to be a challenge for me and thus I need to overcome the obstacles so that proper action could be attained. I need to manage my time accordingly so that goals could be identified and possible outcomes can be attained.

To attend workshop

I also need to focus upon attending different workshop that would be beneficial for me to improve my ability and thus accomplish my work on time. Therefore, it is crucial for me to enhance my knowledge and thus carry out best marketing activities which helps in carrying out proper learning process.

Task 4

It can be evaluated that the above discussed development activities helps in proving to be of great benefit in regard to enhance the development needs and thus attain best skills and capabilities that were lacking in my role as a manager. Also, focusing upon improving developmental activities helps me to improve my learning abilities and thus implement the same within business to attain desired results. Hence, I would focus upon improving my professional knowledge and skills so that desired results can be attained in an effective and efficient way. Therefore, it is essential for me to improve my skills and capabilities and thus improve my development activities and identify the problems of unexpected obstacles so that it could be overcome effectively and efficiently.

It is crucial task that helps me to participate in different conferences and seminars so that I can enhance my skills and knowledge through communicating with different people. However, I found it difficult to interact with people and thus improve my voice while carrying out the discussion. Further, using an inner force helps me to interact with different people and thus analysing different subjects so that I can manage and lead the assigned operations. I also face issues as initially I hesitate to develop conversation with another individual and thus it leads me to become an introvert. But later on, I overcome such difficulty and started improving my developmental needs through reviewing and improving my networking and communication skills.

However, through carrying out the strict routine activities of setting daily short term objectives it enables me to carry out desired workload through managing the operations by dividing task and thus attaining best results. Through following proper schedule, it helped me to undertake proper people skills and thus encouraging other people to get motivated while accomplishing the work and success can be attained. It also helped me to improve my working style and thus keep a track record of all the assigned work. However, at beginning I faced certain difficulty in order to prioritize the work and thus develop systematic approach to accomplish the desired work.

Moreover, also attending formal training sessions could help me to learn theoretical knowledge and thus benefit in terms of improving my skills and capabilities so that best results can be attained. Further, I also required to attend such training courses which help me to improve my efficiency and thus learn diverse ways of improving the efficiency. With the help of attending formal training sessions it would help me to enhance my knowledge and learning capacity and thus attain best skills and capabilities so that efficiency can be improved.

Task 5

Through carrying out personal learning it helped me to gain benefit within both personal and professional life. Thus, I work effectively as a activist learner and thus learns effectively through carrying out practical learning and thus avoiding theoretical lectures. As practical learning is more effective that helps in carrying out the best activities to attain best results. However, learning is considered as effective when it is carried out unplanned. All this process helps me to improvise my personality and thus I am able to communicate with each other effectively. I develop effective communication and overcome gap through maintaining successful communication with both strangers and known people. I also focused upon developing a completely new approach towards life in regard to handle deficiencies and thus best results can be attained. Another crucial change that is being involved within me is to maintain my personal life efficiently and thus develop a balance between both work and personal life. Additionally, I also improve my learning through developing effective communication skills and thus there involves a drastic improvement within my skills and enhance both verbal and non verbal communication so that best results can be attained.

Task 6

It is essential for me to carry out continuous development process and thus benefit me for long time period helps in carrying out current activities in the following way-

Preparing check list

It is essential for me to evaluate the assigned work and prepare a check list so that priorities can be assigned accordingly. I focus upon using notepad so that proper notes could be prepared which helps me to write down the crucial task and thus accomplish the same on specific time. Also, short term objectives needs to be assessed which helps me to manage the time and thus set my priorities so that work can be carried out effectively. Moreover, it also helped me to focus upon most crucial task that needs to be carried out in regard to attain personal development. It also helped me to continuously develop my work by using several methods which helps me to carry out proper learning process and thus overcome obstacles faced by me. I also need to enhance my learning skills and thus maintain my daily needs so that I could remain updated and thus increase interaction among each other to accomplish task.

Attending workshops

I also require to attend various workshop so that continuous development can be attained. Further, it also helps me in improving my capability and thus achieving set targets so that objectives can be attained. It assists me to improve my communication skills and thus I carry out interaction with each other in regard to attain business targets. Additionally, over time I also enhance my relation with people so that goals could be successfully implemented and thus knowledge could be enhance. I also focus upon implementing different development needs and help me to participate in appropriate training session so that networking in market can be enhanced. However, I am a activist type of learner and thus uses effective type of learning so that it could prove beneficial for me to attain desired goals.

Avoiding unwanted tasks

It can be assessed that through carrying out the task, it helped me to undergo the whole process and overcome the unwanted tasks so that best results can be attained. It also helps me to understand the significance of prioritizing the task which helps me to undertake the work and thus carry out multi tasking ability so that benefits could be attained effectively and efficiently. I have also learnt multi tasking ability so that I can accomplish varied task at a single time. However, sometimes it could hamper my productivity and thus overcome people skills in which I require to manage different people and develop effective communication with them. Also, it is essential for me to improve communication skill and thus develop strong brand image in market so that negative environment could be overcome. I have also learnt different skills that helps me to overcome any inefficiency and thus best results can be attained.


It can be concluded from the study to assess the different development needs that helps me to improve my career plan. Through improving professional skills and knowledge, people and analytical skills it helps me to become an effective leader and manage the operations effectively. I have prepared a career goal and thus focused upon improving the skills and using Honey and Mumford learning style to attain desired results. With regard to such evaluation process, I have learned different techniques that assists me to improve my skills and capabilities ad thus enhance career plan.


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