Improvements Using Operations Management Frame Work

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Question :

This assessment will provide certain questions which are like:

  • Produce an effective detailed map with appropriate data and their cross functional analysis.
  • What are the tools and techniques which are required to redesign any process.
  • Critically evaluate all the qualitative and quantitative process of data and functioning of Humphries Weavin.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Humphries Weaving


Operation management is regarded as administration of entities activities for developing the largest efficiency level possible into firm. This is related with transforming material as well as labour into products or services as efficaciously as possible to enhance organisational profitability. Moreover, it is an obligatory for entities in managing their day to day practices smoothly (Bazmohammadi and et. al., 2018). As by this, firm may able to make effective utilisation of their resources such as money, raw material and many more The organisation undertaken in this report is Humphries Weaving which is a growing British manufacturer of custom Jacquard fabrics. Its headquarters is in UK. This report covers detailed map of current operation process, operation management, tools and techniques used for findings and recommendations and analysis of process for possible improvements using operations management frame work. Apart from this, benefits, quantitative and qualitative, of firm's ‘improved’ process and reflection related to their observation are discussed in this report.


1. Detailed map of current process.

Operation management generally involves planning, organising as well as directing procedures as well as perform essential developments for gaining more profit. Operation process converts the raw material into finished products. In simple term, it have been said that this process transforms inputs to outputs. Inputs are things such as labour, equipment, information, money and many others. Moreover, outputs are goods, services and the consumer satisfaction level which they feel after purchasing goods (Copil, Truong and Dustdar, 2015).

In addition to all this, their textile research and consultancy of respective organisation shows an integral part of weaving as well as designing procedures for Humphries Weaving. As in it, they undertake in- depth research for its customers. Also, the manufacturing of fabrics initiates with pre-production team who develop warp as well as weft yarns that involves specialists on site dying as well as testing. Respective organisation perform into conjunction with weavers who operates their latest Jacquard looms generations. Also for its historic restoration work, the respective organisation utilise traditional structures of fabrics woven like satin, lusting, ottoman, amure, damsk, tissue as well as brocatelle that specially famous into silk. It another interesting plans are woven in wool or cotton mixes for developing bombazine, repps and ribs. Regularly, they develops its own unique as well as modern structures for contemporary development in which it utilises the dryer linen handle, viscose flax as well as cotton. Humphries Weaving's specialise to design custom Jacquard weaving so its operation process includes yarn operating, warping, wavering, tackling, inspection and despatching by their production system in efficient manner for assuring that clients receives standard quality of woven fabric. Moreover, this is the production procedures of respective company that they are utilising currently. Also, its production teams of yarns operatives, wrappers, weavers, tacklers, inspectors as well as despatch employees who assures every order is considered through their manufacturing system effectively for assuring that its consumers receives standard quality of woven fabric. Each job they undertake is custom woven. It may weave as little as 15 metre into length upon stock yarn shades as well as may accommodate custom lengths for particular dye colours. They plan every scheme upon individual basis wile assuring that they manage the consumers needs at each level. Their team related to yarn operative delegate wrap as well as weft thread to individual jobs form a secure stock controlled atmosphere. As this allocation is developed into wraps on- site utilising upgraded machinery. Then they trained their weavers as well as tacklers for operating as well as maintaining its art jacquards looms state, observing quality throughout their weaving process then try to resolve the issues which they are facing.

As trial is an essential parts of Jacquard weaving as well as design development process. But they do not produce trail for an individual project, it undertake hand-loom sampling upon select project an weaving of Jacquard with the help of loom equipments as this allows them to become flexible and manufacture small part of material for customers to approve the colour and quality.

Key Issues:

They are facing some kinds of issues that are more wastage, inconsistent works and others. Moreover, their each and every project is unique as well as they develops ordinary custom colour so this leads time so they are also going through the problems of more time consuming (Helleno and et. al., 2015). Also, as the respective organisation produce their products as per customisation of customers due to which they do not hold any kinds of fabrics stocks. This will be also the issue for them as if clients wants to see the fabrics they can not able to shows them in tangible way which impact its sales in negative manner.

2. Analyse the process for possible improvements using operations management frameworks.

For the possible improvement the Humphries Weaving's utilise operations management frameworks that is DTI/ Cambridge Group Methodology as this help them to understand the marking position through determining the what actually the market wants from our company, identifying its opportunities and threats as well as recording all the performance of the systems. Thereafter, also, this will aids respective organisation in assessing the operations through evaluating the existent system. Moreover, this will assists in determining the requirements of improvement and revising strategy as it aids them to develop new strategy which performing the improvement, attaining organisational objectives and accomplishing the requirements of their customers (Ischuk and Kudria, 2016).

Frame work used for improvement

As Humphries Weaving's are facing some issues such as more wastage, high material cost, inconsistent work and others. But the major key problems are they do keep stock due to which they can not show its fabrics quality to its potential clients and another one is very much time consuming. In order to resolve or make improvements, DTI/ Cambridge Group Methodology which includes three stages that are Understanding the market position, Assess the operations and Develop new strategy. Therefore, its application in context of Humphries Weaving's are discussed below:

At initial stage: Understanding the market position.
  • Humphries Weaving's try to understand the market position so for this, they determine the requirements of markets as currently in silk fabric industry the demand of spider silk is emerging. Thereafter, it have to find opportunities and threats regarding this. As spider silk is boosting so manufacturing of this type of fabric help them to expand their business in effective and efficacious manner which is an opportunities for them. And the threats for grabbing this opportunities are higher material cost, time consuming, competitors and many more. Then, it have to record their whole operational system process either they are performing well or not as per current market trends.
Stage Second: Assess the operation
  • At this stage, respective organisation can able to assess their operations they are currently using (Kangand et. al., 2016). So, their present system that they are using is to allocate warp as well as weft the threads thereafter they develop within warps on-site by utilising advanced machinery. Thereafter, tacklers as well as weaver are trained for operating and maintaining their state of art jacquard looms then observe the quality by its weaving procedures and try to resolve issues it occurs. Also, inspect each meter of cloth and assuring the quality of woven fabric.
Last Stage: Develop new strategy
  • In this stage, some improvement have to be performed in their production and operational process. As they have change their yarn operatives instead of this it should do the research upon spider and utilise more advanced technology and manufacture high quality of spider silk with innovative design.
  • After this, review and examine all this process as well as do corrections if required. Moreover, in this stage the respective organisation have to checklist their all works for its own revision so that they can able to review as well as evaluate their overall procedures. Also, they have to revise their framework that respective organisation are using. As all these help them to know that whole methods are going in systematised manner or not and accomplishing the work in effective and efficacious way.

In organisational operations, numbers are considered as all the things but at present they utilises 5 KPIs models. This is considered as the quantifiable value of expressing the performance of business into short time duration level. It is utilised into various industries for tracking its procedures, developing effectiveness as well as developing aids business in understanding and reflecting upon results (Oti and et. al., 2016). Within Humphries Weaving, this is crucial to set up certain metrics as well as KPI for measuring, following, calculating as well as evaluating as this help them to measure their business performance. So, for instance respective organisation usages 5 key performance indicators for operational success that are:

  • Return on investment:This is considered as benchmark which is utilised for measuring financial gain or losses of project in respect to their cost. Basically, this is utilised in ascertaining either a process will yield optimistic payback as well as has value for enterprises. Such as the respective organisation plan to invest on spider silk as it is emerging into market so for this they have to set the benchmark. This aids them to evaluate their monetary gain or losses in terms of its cost in effective and efficient manner.
  • Operating Margins: Through comparing operating income to net sales, operating margins represents how firm's management have been at producing income from business operation. Operating margins provide investors as well as analyst an ideas of how much a firm gains upon each sales (Peng and et. al, 2015). As Humphries Weaving are adopting the changes into respective industry that is spider silk as they have higher operating margins. This means that respective organisation have larger cash to spend upon fixed cost or expansion instead of product to be sold.
  • Productivity: Within competitive atmosphere, entities do not continue to enhance productivity. Measuring productivity may be tricky as not whole procedures are repeatable or standardised. Based on business nature, metrics of productivity may vary broadly. So, into manufacturing the simple productivity measurement is through number of units, or transactions per unit time. In Humphries Weaving company for productivity, KPI considered an average handling time as well as staff deflects rates.
  • Customer satisfaction score: Customer satisfaction is considered as the essential KPI for whole sales, organisation seeking for future development as well as attain success. There are various metrics which may be utilised for gauging consumer satisfaction. The voice of consumers (VOC), customers satisfaction as well as net promoter score (NPS) are known as the most famous measures (Shayeghi and Shahryari, 2017). So, through this respective organisation have get knowledge about how firms are serving their consumers and this score assists them to zoom into their procedures gaps as well as operation lapses into entities.
  • Employees turnover rate: An employee turnover rate drives towards higher recruitment as well as training costs, lowering the average skills as well as more expensive operations. As per the website of leadership development press, on average their £ 17000, for replacing a staff developing median wages within U.S. In case they has handfuls of workers leaving, they only has these costs to prefer but they have to think carefully regarding reasons these workers want to jump ship. For example: In Humphries Weaving company, employees turnover rates is not more but so they leads towards more cost related to training and recruitment (5 Must-Track KPIs for Successful Business Operations, 2019).
Six Sigma:

This is defined as collection of tools as well as techniques in order to improve process used while manufacturing products. It is the strategies used for improving quality of output of process through removing and identifying causes of defects and minimizing business process and variability in manufacturing. The respective organisation uses such method in their manufacturing process for improving process in proper manner.


This is considered as term that means change for better or continuous improvement. Its key objectives is to control quality, standardized the task and others. Moreover, with the help of this particular tools respective organisation can able to control their quality as standardised the task in well defined manner.

Pareto analysis:

This is considered as a statistical tools within developing decision utilised for choosing a limited number of task which generate essential whole impact. So, this is utilised through respective organisation so they they may get knowledge about the disproportionate improvement that may be attained through ranking several causes of issues as well as focusing upon solutions.

Problem (Step 1)

Cause(step 2)

Score (Step 3)

Number of complaints


Lack of proficient employees



Inconsistent works

Lack of staff management and co-ordination.



Time consuming

Development of unique projects and custom colours.



Fishbone diagram:

It is also considered as a cause and effect diagram which aids managers in tracking the cause for defects, failures, variations and others. Moreover, it just look like fish skeleton. This aids respective organisation to categorised the potential reasons of problems for identifying their root causes. In this the Humphries Weaving, at first they discussed about the main problems or issues. So the main problem is time taking and wastage. So for the cause for this is their each and every project is unique as well as they develops ordinary custom colour so this leads time. Also, its process and people are in consistent. So, they adopt some new process and fabrics such as spider silk. For improving this, respective organisation used some model and make their product quality more effective and efficient.

a. Process improvement mean to organisation.

Process improvement within organisation means that is considered as the proactive task to identify, analyse as well as improve on existent business procedures for optimising and meeting new quotas or standards of quality. It is also known as continual improvement process and is a continuous effort for developing products, methods and services (Thaler, Priest and Fuchs, 2016). Moreover, these efforts may seek incremental improvement over a time or breakthrough development whole at once. So, the process improvement means to Humphries Weaving is resilient as it is regarded as both a procedures as well as characteristics of entities to to adopt rapidly changing environment and requirements. This is an organisational traits which permits them to accomplish their mission or business despite operational disruption and stress presence. Moreover, this is its capability in anticipating, planning as well as handling all external pressures as well as disruption so that it can able to carry on their business operations. Such as Humphries Weaving which operates into manufacturing silk so in respective atmosphere the spider silk is emerging so this changes have to be adapted for grabbing more opportunities within fabric silk industry. So, the resilient assists them to adopt rapid changes effectively and simply. Silk is consolidated market within Asia pacific countries rendering to major demand as well as supply share. Internationally, the China and India are known as the first and second largest manufacturer of silk consequently. Within, March 2017 Bolt Threads includes begins their initial product which is developed from spider silk (Spider Couture: The emergence of spider silk for applications from fashion to protection. 2019). Also, spider silk is also known as the one of the best natural fibres as well as have superior mechanical properties.

b. Factors influence future state.

There are various factors which influence their future state of Humphries Weaving. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Customer demands: Customers demands is whole about accomplishing as well as exceeding desires of consumers, The rising power of customers as well as unmet requirements around personalisation, customisation as well as co -creation are influencing niche markets for proliferating (White, 2016). As within respective industry, the spider silk is emerging so this influences their future state as Humphries Weaving have to change their manufacturing process as per the changing demands of customers.
  • Products: It is considered as the physical goods which is sold to consumers as well as services provided to them for satisfying a requirements. As product features and characteristics are changing so this influences Humphries Weaving production process as different type of silk having different methods for produce effectively.

c. What processes exist to ensure continuous improvement? Are these processes adequate and if not, how could they be improved?

For ensuring the continuous improvement they utilises the PDCA Model that plan, do, check and act (Zhang and et. al., 2015). So, Humphries Weaving uses this process which are discussed below:





Humphries Weaving is planning to adopt the spider silk into their fabrics collection.

For this, Humphries Weaving perform the market analysis and change their manufacturing process as the spider silk fabric required different process.

Whole operative process of Humphries Weaving related to manufacturing spider silk are check through DTI/ Cambridge Group Methodology and 5 Key performance indicator.

With the help of various technologies, techniques as well as tools respective organisation manufacture it effectively and efficiently.

Yes, these process are adequate for Humphries Weaving as this facilitates continuous improvement precisely as this performs in an cyclical manner. Every part of their activity will goes through similar stage many times and assures that defects may be corrected as well as adopted to requirements and exact condition of respective entities (Zhang and et. al, 2016).

d. How does the organisation map onto models of operation strategy-transformation-impact – CSR factors.

As Humphries Weaving are moving towards adopting the new fabric related to silk that is spider silk and for this they have to perform the various changes in respect of technologies, process, methods, system, operations and many others which impact their CSR factors. As respective organisation are adopting various new machinery equipment in order to manufacture spider silk fabrics for their users which should not affect the environment. Also, they have to manufacture the products that accomplish the requirements and wants of society as spider silk is the emerging products so the demand of it is enhancing. In addition to this, through adopting as well as performing all these they can able to gain the profit making which ultimately influence the economic profitability (Zhen and et. al., 2017). All these changing process influence the factors of CSR such as environment, economic and social in positively and negatively.

3. Critically discuss the benefits, quantitative and qualitative, of your ‘improved’ process and reflect your observations of the organisation

With the adoption of various improved process, the Humphries Weaving gain several benefits are through this they can able to obtain the higher profitability, goodwill and brand value. As they are adopting something new which are emerging into market effectively and efficiently. Humphries Weaving are adapting the spider silk which enhances their products line in context of their silk fabrics. Moreover, this also benefits them to grab more opportunities into competitive market which ultimately maximises its sales, as per the market analysis they analysed that respective fabrics are very much in demand within the fabric manufacturing industry.

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As per the above report, it has been concluded that operation management is essential into all manufacturing industry. As this is an obligatory for entities to manage its day to day practices smoothly. Moreover, Operation process converts the raw material into finished products. Also, for the improvement process firm's utilises DTI/ Cambridge Group Methodology as this help them to understand the marking position through determining the what actually the market wants from our company, identifying its opportunities and threats as well as recording all the performance of the systems. In addition to this, there are various factors such as changing nature of products, changing customers demands and many more all these influences their future state effectively. Also, for assuring the continuous improvement organisation utilises the PDCA model which will aids them to improve their regular process appropriately.

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