Talent Development and Sustainability


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Introduction to Talent Development and Sustainability

Talent Development is the process in which employees and management developed their skills through planned and unplanned learnings in order to accomplished their goals and objectives. On the other hand, sustainability is the strengthening of various systems and processes which comprises of the four components such as environment, politics, economics and socio-culture. For conducting the current research, Amiproven Ltd is given as the organization. It is a large online retailer which employs 150 people. In this report, it includes general methods which help in the identifying training needs and its key training requirements of the company. It also recommend about the training and development interventions and evaluation of the interventions in terms of ROI and ROE.

General Methods of identifying training needs

According to the scenario of Amiproven Ltd, main aim of the firm is to improve quality, reduce waste and encourage innovation and sustainable practices throughout the business operations. Ruth Elliot recently joined as the Human Resource Development (HRD) Manager of the company. She recognised that training is required in every department of the company. She used several ways to identify the need of training for their employees:

Performance Appraisal

This is the way by which HR manager can differentiate between skilled labour and insufficient employees who need training. This can help in identification of required type of training. The given case depicts that Amiproven is facing the problem of placing untrained employees on technical jobs. HR manager witnesses the incident caused by an insufficient operator who was using technical equipments without any knowledge of the same therefore met with an accident. It indicates that employees working have insufficient knowledge about their work. This requires providing the best training to employees so that company can avoid such types of accidents and also insures capable worker (Methods of Training Need Identification - Performance Appraisal, 2016).

One-to-one Interviews

By this, they reach to every person and get to know about their efficiency. On the basis of their efficiency, jobs are assigned to have effective work. Information is gathered by them and then training programs are organized accordingly. Already company is initiating the activities by organizing one-to-one meetings. This deed builds up the confidence of employees and make them effective worker. This will help Amiproven Ltd. to achieve their four point plan sooner.

Focus Groups

This way will help HR to give multitasking training to their employees. In this, Amiproven can organize meetings of individuals who have common interest in switching their jobs. Amiproven Ltd. is organizing meeting on regular bases which help them to interact with their employees. That helped the cited company to manage individual training and development plan and meet to the desired position.

Observation Method

HR manager can also identify training need by only observing their employees. Through reviewing employees, company can get to know about the type of training required for inefficient labour (Harris and, 2014). By the observation method, HR came to know that only a single department ensures that the vacant positions are fulfilled regularly without any default. Staffs are available to overcome the duties at required position. HR has to ensure the same for other departments of the company as well by observing the key employees and required positions.

Views of line Managers

They know about how their subordinates are working and what type of training is required to them. Inputs gained by line manager can help HR manager in identification of need. Amiproven Ltd. is again and again organizing meetings of subordinates to managers and managers to management. These are held in every quarter. This enables the higher management to get to know about the brighter and weaker employee of the organization. As this information can help them in organizing effective training programs for weak ones.

Analysis of job difficulties

Every individual does not possess same efficiency in diversified field work. They find if difficult as working in a wide-ranging area without any training. If HR manager wants to meet these issues of employees then they can program their training accordingly. As in this scenario, HR manager had point out some of the issues which are of the process of borrowing more candidates. In this, staff members do not have diversified training so they lack their efficiency in other field. This can help Amiproven Ltd. to get to know about the problems which are faced by employees. By that, they can make problem solving plans for their employees. This can also help Amiproven Ltd. and the HR manager in identifying the needs and areas of training for their employees.


The learning and development is the part of CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) which is leading global standards for the best practices in HR. The clear and systematic identification of learning and development needs is a key feature of ensuring effective learning provision to identify the training needs. However, the process can be a rigid exercise unless it is aligned with the organizational requirements. The need for organizational training needs means Human Resource professionals must act quickly to deliver the learning needs analysis when required. The process demands an appropriate mapping of organizational needs linking with learning to the desired business outcomes. If company uses RAM model that is focusing on relevance, alignment and measurement, it can also help to ensure that the learning needs analysis does not become too inward- focused but maintains a clear focus on their business improvement (Beevers and Rea, 2013). Along with that, with other human resource areas, company should also be aware of the increasing use of talent analysis approach which should be used systematically. This can provide new data and insight for identifying the learning needs of individuals and organizations.

Identify key training requirements of Amiproven Ltd.

The senior management has announced the organizational objectives for the next five years which named as “Four Point Plan” and the objectives include quality improvisation, wastage reduction, encouraging the reward system. It also ensure processes and practices are sustainable in the business operations. For this, Human Resource Development (HRD) Manager has made the human resource pan to overcome from the training requirements. The managers have also used CIPD standards to analyse the learning and development needs to know the skills and knowledge of human resources. This can be done through formal and informal assessment. The key training requirements of Amiproven Ltd are as identified.

Succession planning

There is decreased workforce in the organizations in which staff is quitting their jobs and manger doesn't filling their position it. The recruiting process is also not taking steadily to increase the workforce. The succession planning is major issue in the organization. In this, the HRD manager should take action on it as soon as possible.

Insufficient experience

The employees in Amiproven ltd. are less experienced and don't know how to use the equipment because that employee works in the other department. Through which accidents are happening in the organization which should be reduced. This is the issue for the organization and the management should need training requirements.

Data recording

The organization is not keeping the record in which it shows the employees lists with their handling of equipments so that they handled particular equipment with more capability. The employees have no knowledge about the each equipment and about the person which are handing that equipment. So, for this, they need training requirements for their workforce.

Less motivation

There are less motivated employees in the organization by which they are not telling their new ideas to the management. Through which the knowledge they are having will not come forward and will not share their views. The employees have tactic knowledge but unable to share with the management because of the different attitudes of the management. This provided a need of training requirements in the organization.

Lack of computer skills

The workforce has less computer knowledge through which they can't accessed the computer and they don't retrieve the data of the departmental targets which are stored on the computer. By this, departmental targets can't be verified on the computer system. To establish this, training needs is the requirement for the Amiproven Ltd.

Appraisal system

There is a minimum appraisal system which operates in a year so the training needs are less discussed. In the appraisal system, there is less rewards are given to the employees for their performance which is major issue. So for this, there should needed proper training needs requirements in the Amiproven Ltd.

Irregular meetings

In the organization, there are no regular meetings are happening in which training needs are developed. By which, organization is unable to handle the training requirements which are needed in the organizations. Supervisors and staff meeting are done on the quarterly basis which is affecting the organization as well as their workforce. So for this, training needs requirements should be identified.

Recommendation on the training and development interventions to meet the needs

There are four department in the organization which includes order assembly, HR department, stock control and maintenance department. For this, HRD manager has developed the plan in which various organizational objectives are referred to meet with the requirements of the training and development needs. The manager also uses CIPD's model which is the RAM model to give relevance, aligned and measured recommendations to Amiproven Ltd. There are various training needs requirements which are identified and for that the recommendations on the training and development interventions to meet the needs are as follows

Succession planning

In this needs, there are two problems which are employees quitting their jobs frequently and the recruitments are not done thoroughly. After analysing by the HRD manager, it found that if the staff is resigning or getting promoting, their position is vacant and is not occupied. The recommendations for this is to identify the key position and key employees in the Amiproven Ltd and try to ensure that the position gets fulfilled if any employee gets promoted or left. For this, HRD manager should developed their management and have regular check on it so that they can increase their workforce and for this they have knowledge.

Insufficient experience

The employees have a less experience in the organization about the various equipments because they work in different warehouses. It is suggested that the workers who worked in the different warehouses have knowledge about different equipments of the organization. This is because in time of busy schedule or in the time insufficient workers, they can handle it properly. So the organization should provide proper training to their workers to know about the various equipments. For this, they should acquired certain skills to manage the procedures and by this, the employees will enjoy the new changes in the work.

Data recording

Company should record the various data related to the machines and equipments in which it includes the record which shows which employees are trained for the particular equipment. The recommendation for this issue can be the organization can develop app in the Smartphone of employees so that anybody can see the particular trained employee's equipments. These suggestions can help them to be skilled in various departments and in different machines and they can access them easily.

Less motivation

The employees are less motivated in the organization because all employees have different attitudes and they are unable to share ideas and implied knowledge. The management should motivate them by giving good incentives, bonus, rewards etc. to increase their productivity and performance which will increases their profitability for the organization. The company should provide full training to their employees and motivate them to share their knowledge and ideas with them which will benefit the organization as well as to the individual employee.

Lack of computer skills

The other issue is the lack of the computer knowledge through which it is difficult for the HRD manager to identify the departmental targets. Company should provide computer course for their unskilled employees which are unable to use the computers. HRD manager should first well skilled and easily accessible to the various computer programs. Amiproven Ltd should announce the seminars and conferences for their employees so that they can get benefited from them. This will help them to reduce the wastage and over production.

Appraisal system

The appraisal system is quite weak in the organization. The recommendation for this is to increase their evaluation that is appraisal system from the once a year to quarterly. This is because the managers will able to meet the performance targets and discussed various needs of the training and development. It also suggested that in the appraisal system various innovative awards are to be used to motivate the workforce to give their best performance and should meet their goals and targets.

Irregular meetings

The meetings which are conducted in the organization are not done on the regular basis by which training needs are fulfilling. The recommendation for that is to organize regular meetings in that quarterly employee's evaluation can be done. The organization should also consider the personal objectives of the employees. This is because; if personal objectives get fulfilled then employees automatically will give better performance to the organization.

Evaluate the interventions which have been recommended so that their impact may be assessed in terms of ROI and ROE

ROI and ROE are used for the financial statement analysis. These two are the critical profitability ratio. These both are important for the financial analysis of the organization. Return on Investment (ROI) equals the net income from business or a task divided by the total money invested in the venture multiplied by percentage. It is used for the comparing the company's profitability and further used in the personal financial decisions. Return on Equity (ROE) is the amount of net income returned as a percentage of shareholders equity. It is the profitability ratio which measures the financial position of company in terms of generating profits from its shareholder investments. The impacts on the recommendations which can be accessed in terms of ROI and ROE are will be identified through its interventions. The succession planning is helping in the developing of the management by gaining the knowledge for the organization. In this, it recommended that succession planning will provide positive impact on the Return on Investment and Return on Equity. This is because if company is investing on the recruitment process then it will give benefit to the company in form of skilled employees.

The insufficient experience and data recording will give negative impact on the ROI and ROE because if there are less experienced employees in the organization then it is deficit for the company. This is because the investment done on them will give loss to the company. Organization should choose skilled workers employees for the company which will give better performance and productivity and know about the various other equipments. If the company is investing in motivating their employees then it is the positive impact on the ROI and ROE because management is motivating through various incentives and rewards. This will motivate the employees and they will give better performance and enhance the profitability of the organization. To improvise their employees in the computer skills will be the negative impact on the ROI and ROE because it may be possible they don't learn the computer if they are against new and advanced technology (Return on Invested Capital: Better Than Return on Equity, 2016). Quarterly appraisal system and meeting will give positive impact to the ROI and ROE because the appraisal system and regular meetings will help the management to discuss about the various training needs, employees' evaluation and the financial position of the business. These will give better performance and productivity from the workforce as well as increased the profitability of the organization.


This report concluded that there are general methods for the process of identifying the training needs such as line manger, observation method, focus group etc. there are various issues in Amiproven Ltd to analyse the training requirements such as succession planning, de-motivated employees, appraisal system etc. and further, their recommendations are given to improve the training requirements. The recommendations have various positive and negative impacts on the Return on Investment and Return on Equity which can help the organization in better productivity.


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