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Marketing refers to the set of activities that focuses on communicating and delivering the product or services to customer for satisfying their needs and want. The main aim of the marketing function is to promote product and brand for influencing customers to purchase the same. This project is about Cadbury which is a British confectionery company and is headquartered in West London, UK. Current project describes about role and responsibilities of marketing function in an organisation along with interrelations between marketing department and another functional unit of the company (Baker and Magnini, 2016). Further it differentiate between marketing mix of two different organisations and marketing plan of Cadbury is also covered in report


P1. Key Roles and Responsibilities of Marketing Function

Marketing refers to set of activities for promoting and selling goods or services to the customers with an aim to achieve maximum profit by satisfying their need and want. Main aim of marketing is to influence target market to purchase product or services. This aim can be better accomplish by following step by step process of marketing which is consists of four steps:

  • Analyse the opportunity present in market which generally includes assessing the need and want of customers.
  • After analysing the market next step is to select target market that is a set of customers to which products or services of company being offered.
  • Once target market is decided next step is develop marketing mix strategies that support in promoting and offering products effectively to approach customers.
  • Final step includes execution of plans and strategies that are formulated for promoting and approaching customers.

Marketing plays an essential role in influencing the target market to purchase product or services of a company. It is a combination of various functions that support in exerting the product according to the demand of customers (Campbell, Martin and Fabos, 2018). These activities aid in analysing the need and preferences of customers that further help in predicting the future demand of market so that products can be featured according to the demand. Following are the roles and responsibilities of marketing manager:

  • Marketing Information Management:- It is also known as market research and is very essential role of marketing department. Under this marketing manger conduct a research over target market in order to determine the need and demand of customers. This help in determining the features or benefit that a company's product must exert for satisfying the customer requirement (Cavusgil and et. al., 2014). This information further help in formulating strategies that contribute toward achievement of competitive advantage in marketplace. Marketing managers of Cadbury conduct market research in order to determine the changing need of customers and strategies used by competitors. So that they can add new flavour or ingredients in their products which differentiate them from others.
  • Financing:- It refers to the managing and providing money for performing business activities effectively without any delay. Marketing department is responsible for maintain a proper communication with financial department in order to estimate the amount to be required for performing activities effectively (Seven Functions of Marketing, 2018). This help in keeping fund available at the time of executing marketing activities. Marketing manager of Cadbury prepare budget statement with the help of financial manager in order to estimate the amount required to perform activities in advance.
  • Pricing:- It refers to the monetary value that a customer pays to company on purchasing of product or services. Under this function main role of marketing department is to fix price of product which is affordable to customer and company can cover its production cost.Though Cadbury is consider to be a premium brand still it keep its product price lower which is preferred by customers from various segment.
  • Promotion:- It refers to the set of activities that are performed in order to attract and influence customers to purchase a particular product or services. Under this function major role of marketing department is to provide proper information about its offered product or services to target market (Hair and et. al., 2015). This information help in influencing customers to purchase company's product or services. Marketing manager of Cadbury perform various promotional activities such as advertisement, sales promotion etc. in order to attract customers toward purchasing product.
  • Product and service management:- It is a decision-making process in which a company decide what to sell, how to sell, whom and where to sell it. Under this function main role of marketing department is to develop, manage and improving the marketing mix in order to exploit marketing opportunities. It help marketing manager to align the product according to the demand of customers. Cadbury focuses on keeping their product different and always in demand by identifying the changing need of customers. By collecting this information marketing managers predict the future need of target market and on the basis of which they try to improve product by bring changes.
  • Distribution:- It refers to the method through which the product or services will be deliver to the end users. Under this function the responsibilities of marketing department is to ensure that the product or services must be deliver to customers effectively. Marketing manager is responsible to manage the supply chain of company in order to ensure the timely delivery of products to end users (Kladou and et. al., 2016). Cadbury is well known brand and its products are available throughout the world easily because of its well maintained supply chain which delivery products from rural to urban areas.
  • Selling:- Marketing and selling are consider as complementary services because marketing help in creating and building awareness which support sales representatives to sell more units of product or services. Under this function role of marketing department is to ensure that company's product or services must be available to customer conveniently. Marketing manager of Cadbury always focuses on maintaining their stock available to their distributors. So that customers get product of their choice easily.

P2. Interrelationship of Marketing Unit with different Department of Organisations

Marketing refers to set of activities that are performed to attract customers toward the product or services and then influencing them to purchase for the same. This includes activities like advertisement, selling and delivering the product to end consumers with an aim to satisfy their need and want. Marketing plays an essential role toward the success of company in market place as it help in creating awareness about the product or services among target customers. But these activities are not possible to perform solely as all the functional department are interlinked with each other. Following points describe about the interrelationship of marketing function with other functional department of Cadbury:

  • Marketing and Human Resource Department:- Main function of human resource department is to recruit right candidate with required skills and capability in order to accomplish organisational goals effectively (Lane, 2015). So, it is very essential for marketing manager coordinate with human resources department in order to create a high skilled and competent workforce that contribute toward the success of company. Marketing department of Cadbury communicate about the vacant position in their department so that HR manager can recruit candidates that contribute toward increasing the volume of sale. Therefore, coordination between both the department is very essential as competent workforce is a foundation of organisational success.
  • Marketing and Finance Department:- Main role of finance department is to plan, organise, audit and control company's fund. Financial manager is responsible for identifying the financial need of other department in order to make fund available to them so that activities can be performed effectively (Malhotra, 2015). On the other hand marketing department perform several promotional activities which require high amount of fund. So in order to fulfil their financial need it is very essentials for marketing manager to communicate their marketing plan with finance department in order get adequate fund on timely manner. Marketing managers of Cadbury communicate their promotional activities with financial manager in order to estimate amount required by each activity. This help marketing department in getting adequate amount of capital on time to perform their tasks effectively.
  • Marketing and Research & Development Department:- Main role of R&D department is to collect information related to customers need and preferences as well as competition in market. This information assist marketing department in formulating strategies for providing better services to customer and remain competitive in marketplace. Therefore it is very essential for marketing department to coordinate with R&D unit in order to gather information related to target market. This support marketing manager in aligning their marketing or promotional activities in way through which customers get better influenced and purchase company's product. Marketing department of Cadbury communicate with R&D unit in order to determine the demand of customers and strategies to be adopt for approaching large number of customers.
  • Marketing and Production Department:- Main function of production unit is to manufacture product or services according to the need of customers (Pappas, 2017). So marketing manager must coordinate with production department in order to understand main feature or benefit that a product will offer to its customer. This help them in planning the marketing activities to be perform that support in informing and attracting large number of customers toward the company's product or services. Cadbury is known for its promotional activities which is the main reason behind its success and leadership in market (Pike, 2015). This is because marketing department of Cadbury always communicate with production department while formulating its promotional plan. This help them in communicating their message to customers effectively which contribute toward attracting large number of customers.

From the above points it has been clear that interlinked between marketing and other functional department is very essential as it support in performing activities effectively by providing required resources and information. This further help in formulating strategies that contribute toward accomplishment of goals and achieving competitive advantage in marketplace by ensuring high performance at workplace.


P3. Comparison Between the Marketing Mix of two Organisations

Marketing mix refers to the set of tactics or activities that a company uses in order to promote its brand as well as product in market place. This help in formulating strategies for offering product or services effectively to its target customers. It is a part of marketing planning process which suggest appropriate marketing strategy and tactics to implement them effectively. Every organisation uses marketing mix in order to achieve success in their market place but method of implication is different for each company. As they adopt the mix of marketing components as per their pre decided objectives (Pike, 2016).

From the above given image it can be depict that marketing mix consits of seven components that are product, price, place, promotion, process, people and physical evidence. Marketing mix of Cadbury is different from other organisation which deals in same category which is a main reason behind its success. This difference can be better understand through following table:





Cadbury is a well known brand belongs to beverages sector and offer product in various categories such as chocolate, biscuits, milk additives etc. In chocolates it includes brands like Dairy milk, five star, Cadbury eclairs, Bournville and Perk (Purvis, 2015). Biscuits it offer under the brand name Oreo and in milk additives it offers Bournvita.

Nestle is also one of the biggest competitors of Cadbury which deals in four product categories. It includes Beverages in which it offers coffee under the brand name of Nescafe; Milk products which includes Nestle slim, Nestle milk maid; cooking aids such as Maggi noddles, pasta, sauce and in chocolates it offer Kitkat, Munch, Milky bar, polo etc.


Cadbury decide its prices according to its category and quality of products. The price of chocolates like Bournville  is relatively higher as compare to other chocolates like five star and Perk which is decided to cater the need of different segments. Apart from this it also offer its product in different sizes so that need of each segment can be met effectively.

Price of Nestle product is decided according to the quality of product. For instance Nescafe Coffee are relatively higher in its price as compare to other competitors. But the quality and taste of coffee attract customers to buy it at any cost.


Cadbury offer its product in more than 200 countries all over the world which is possible only because of its effective distribution channel. Its products are available to both urban as well as rural areas.

Majority of revenue generated by company is through European countries. Nestle product are transferred from factories to warehouses where they are stored and then send to retailers to make them available to customers (Rancati, Gordini and Capatina, 2016). Maggie and Nescafe are high demanded product but major challenge faced by company is in chocolate segment due to huge competition present in market.


Cadbury uses wide range of promotional tools for promoting its products which includes TV commercials, online, radio, posters, newspapers etc. But apart from this company uses some tag-lines which attach values to its products.

Nestle uses different sources and methods to promote its products like billboards, newspapers, TV commercials, posters etc. But in addition to this it uses a unique method of promotion like they promote their products in market with some tune which support in creating brand recognition among market.


After production of goods in bulk at factory these products are transferred to wholesalers where product are stored in bulk (Scarborough,  2016). These bulks are break down according to the requirement and then send to retailers which then purchased by end consumers.

Nestle adopt customer oriented services in which they provide after sale services where customers can communicate with  customer-care employees in order to share their issues related to product.


Cadbury provide training to their employees working in its factory so that they can use ingredients effectively. This help company in manufacturing quality products.

Nestle maintain skilled employees by providing them training to handle queries so that they can provide better customers services.

Physical evidence

Cadbury's products are generally available at retailer stores where company pay extra amount to retailers for displaying their products in front of the store according to product size. Apart from this various posters related to product and its offer attract the attention of customers toward products.

Nestle established their cafes at different places and is more focused toward creating better ambience. These cafes have well managed sitting arrangements, vending machines, logo on their wall and uniform of worker these all factors contribute to create a better physical environment for customers.


P4. Marketing plan of Cadbury

Marketing plan refers to a comprehensive document which outlines overall marketing effort that a company will perform in upcoming year (Smith, 2014). It depict about the actions to be taken by company in order to implement its marketing strategy and resources required to accomplish the organisational objectives. Following are the steps included in marketing plan:

  • Company Overview:- Cadbury is a British multinational confectionery company which is headquartered in Ubridge, West London. It deals in variety of product such as chocolate candy, chocolate bars, biscuits, milk additives etc. But is known for its chocolate productions and distribute its products in more than 200 countries around the world.
  • Vision & Mission:- Its vision is to work together for creating a brand which people love. Its mission is to offer products to customer with tempting and exquisite taste which is simply irresistible
  • Objective:- Objective of Cadbury is to extend its product category by launching a new product i.e. cold coffee. Cadbury is required to adopt SMART objectives in order to achieve success in the marketplace by launching this product which is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. Objective of Cadbury is to capture 20% of market share by year 2020.
  • STP Approach:- This approach is consists of three factors which affect the selection of  customers and marketing strategies to be implemented over target market. Following points describe about the factors involve in STP approach:-

Segmentation:- It refers to the process of dividing the group of people into categories according to homogeneity in their taste and preferences (Zolkifly and Baharom, 2016). This help in exerting marketing efforts on customers according to their needs and want. Cadbury segment its customers in two categories demographic and behavioural.

Targeting:- It refers to the process of breaking the market into segments and then concentrating whole marketing efforts over that group. Cadbury use to target children from age between 4 to 16 but now it stretched its target group from child to infinite age group.

Positioning:- It refers to the process of positioning image of product in mind of customers which is done with the help of promotion. Cadbury position itself as a best accompaniment of every occasion.

  • SWOT Analysis:- It refers to an analytical tools that is used by a company in order to identify the strength and opportunities that support in achieving higher success at marketplace (Rancati, Gordini and Capatina, 2016). On the other hand it also identify weakness and threats that a company require to work over in order to improve their performance and position at workplace. Following table shows the SWOT analysis of Cadbury:-



· Higher brand recognition in the marketplace support company to achieve leadership in market.

· Creative and appealing commercials is also the biggest advantage of company.

· Brand loyalty which is the greatest advantage that make customers to prefer Cadbury over other brands.

· Controversies regarding advertisements and worms in chocolate affected the company's image.  

· Rising awareness of health consciousness reduces the market of chocolates.  



· Company can increase distribution of its product in rural areas.

· Diversification of product by adding other food items.

· Addition of more flavour to its market in order to approach untapped market.

· Increase in cost of transportation and distribution also risen up the cost of company which is cutting up the profit of company.

· Increasing competitors in the market place with a similar product at relatively low prices.

· Substitutes present in the marketplace in one of the major threat to Cadbury.

  • Budget:-It refers to a statement which depict about the estimated amount required by a company in order to perform their marketing activities (Pappas, 2017). Following table shows the budget plan of Cadbury:

Marketing budget



1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

Initial money


















Marketing outlay












Sales publicity






Direct selling












From the above budget statement, it can be interpreted that for performing marketing activities in order to promote or launch its new product i.e. 'Cadbury cold coffee', company requires the investment of about 12000£, 6500£ for promotional activities.


From the above-given report it can be concluded that marketing plays an essential role in promoting the product or services effectively in the market place. This help in creating awareness about the company's product in the market that further support in increasing the volume of sale. But marketing function can not be performed solely they are required to coordinate with other departments of organisation in order to achieve a positive outcome. Apart from this marketing plan also plays a key role in providing detail about the actions to be perform in order to achieve desire marketing goals and objectives.

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