50 Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics (2020) That You Should Not Miss!

07 May 2020 1394
Argumentative Essay Topics

Assigned with the task of writing an argumentative essay?

Wondering how to choose the best argumentative essay topics?

Well, if the answer is yes, then you have landed the right place as the Assignment Desk experts have mentioned a list of some interesting argumentative essay topics 2020 that can be helpful for you.

So, avoid picking the essay topics on which everyone else is already working; instead, try these amazing topics on argumentative essay. The experts have prepared them after conducting extensive research, so you should not miss reading it.

OK! So, let’s get started…

How to Choose the Best Argumentative Essay Topics?

  1. Choose something of your interest so that you can express your opinion perfectly.
  1. Avoid choosing topics that are difficult to debate.
  1. Think about the audience who will read your essay.
  1. Make sure that you have ample facts and proof to support both your arguments and counterarguments on the subject.
  1. Avoid picking topics that are emotionally charged.
  1. Take chances and try picking some controversial topics.
  1. Have some information prior to beginning with. The more accustomed you are to the subject field, the better it will be for both you and the professor.

OK! Now, let’s move to the list of essay topics. And yes! Do not be shocked after reading this blog, if your mind starts to come up with additional topics for an argumentative essay. In fact, our essay helpers suggest that you keep a notebook with you so that you can write down the ideas and use them later.

List of Amazing Topics for an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay Topics for College

  1. Does alcohol kill the human brain?
  2. Ban on alcohol sale after 10 p.m.
  3. How harmful are energy beverages?
  4. Is college tuition becoming way expensive?
  5. Do passive smokers get more damage than active?
  6. Would the death penalty be equivalent to 25 years in jail?
  7. What is more beneficial for society? Socialism or capitalism.
  8. Is it unethical to deny a patient treatment who cannot afford it?
  9. Describe the major impact of #metoo movement on relationships.
  10. Are men getting paid at a larger scale than women in the corporate sector?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. How close to real-life reality TV?
  2. Do the visions have symbolic meaning.
  3. Could we as a community conserve the energy?
  4. What is the greatest obstacle students face today?
  5. Do girls face greater pressure from society than guys do?
  6. Describe all the pros and cons of making friends digitally?
  7. Do the students need to be able to assess their teachers?
  8. What genre of music is best suitable for students to study?
  9. Which age is sufficient for beginning schooling for children?
  10. Is playing violent video games also help to make a person violent in real life?

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

  1. Are GMOs safe to use in humans?
  2. Is hate crime on the rise in high school?
  3. Does age have to be a factor in relations?
  4. What credit should be given to young people?
  5. Are fast food safe, or a significant health threat?
  6. In reality, smartphones assist the learning process.
  7. Were standardized exams helpful for students in school?
  8. Will it be legal for children younger than 18 to get a tattoo?
  9. Is homeschooling better than education in the public school system?
  10. Was co-education more desirable than the curriculum for single sexes?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Animals

  1. Is it immoral to wear leather and fur?
  2. Is it inhumane to keep wild animals as pets?
  3. Is animal research justifiable for beauty products?
  4. Was genetic engineering advantageous for livestock?
  5. Animal emotional support will really benefit lonely people.
  6. Must stricter legislation be enforced on animal cruelty?
  7. Is the use of monkeys for laboratory work a necessary evil?
  8. The pursuit of fun and recreation is immoral and must be banned.
  9. Is medical school animal dissection is a popular way to understand?
  10. Owning pets reduces the risk of contracting a disease. Will you agree?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Sports

  1. Do you consider cheerleading a sport?
  2. Doing betting on sports should be illegal or not?
  3. Could online players be actually considered athletes?
  4. Should student-athletes be given money to practice?
  5. Are female athletes viewed by the media as s*x objects?
  6. Must drug replacements for professional athletes be legalized?
  7. Could the children be kept out of trouble by engaging in sports?
  8. Do girls have to be allowed to take part in the same sports as boys?
  9. Should the College spend a great deal of money on sports programs?
  10. Sporting activities do not communicate with advertisements for alcohol and tobacco.

OK! So, these were the interesting argumentative essay topics that are the best ones to blow your professor’s mind. Now, you need not wonder “How to find the best topic for an argumentative essay?” instead, pick anyone from this aforementioned list and simply start working on an essay.

Where to Get More Good Argumentative Essay Topics?

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