How to Write a Dissertation? Best Tips Right from the Professor's Desk

06 May 2023 2503
How to Write a Dissertation

What is Dissertation?

A dissertation is a long piece of writing based on original research you do on a given topic. It is submitted at the end to evaluate student's knowledge about the topic. In addition to it, sometimes questions come up, like how to write a dissertation perfectly. The answer to this is you can write in the best version only if you have an understanding of a topic and are ready to work on your skills. It involves solid research, writing, and analytical skills to deliver the best version of the document. This research project involves the findings in response to the question asked. The main idea behind this is to evaluate the research skills students have acquired during their time at the university. For many of you, it is the most lengthy and tedious project that needs to be completed with a lot of effort and time. However, it can become an easy project if you develop an interest not to score good marks but to learn something new from it. Thus, it is advisable to choose the subject you have an interest in.

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How to Write a Dissertation Step by Step? Answers that Even Google Won’t Tell You!

A dissertation is a lengthy academic document that reflects your research findings and the methodologies you have used. It is more structured like an in-depth essay based on primary and secondary research. If you have just thought that it will only give you stress, it will always be hard to write. Thus, you must look at other factors, like how to develop communication, research analytical and time management skills. Writing a dissertation gives you a chance to learn in-depth about the topic of your interest and how you can make it interesting. So your query about how to write a dissertation will be resolved if you work on the writing aspects and have the relevant knowledge of them.

Before revealing the appropriate structure of the dissertation, let us first answer two common questions which come in the mind of every UK student. First, what is the purpose of dissertation writing, and secondly, what is the difference between dissertation and thesis? Let us answer each of the questions separately.

1. What is the Purpose of Writing a Dissertation?

Dissertation is a scholarly paper which is drafted by a student in the final year of a graduate or post-graduate course. The academic paper is research-oriented revolving around a research question related to the course. In simpler terms, assigning a dissertation writing task to the students is a great move by the professor to determine the subject-knowledge along with analytical and critical skills. Moreover, the dissertation layout is similar, no matter the course for which you are writing.

2. How is Dissertation Different from Thesis?

The majority of the students find it difficult to differentiate the two academic papers. Moreover, there have been instances in the past when students ask for thesis statement writing tips rather than seeking help on how to write a dissertation proposal. The difference between the documents is not due to structure, but because of education levels in which they are demanded. For instance, a thesis is generally demanded at the end of a Master’s degree, whereas a Ph.D. course requires a dissertation.

After you have got the answer to the most popular questions, the time has come to share the dissertation writing tips. 

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How to Structure a Dissertation? Let the Experts Tell You Better

The first thing you should know about how to start dissertation paper is the prerequisite of the information you will be mentioning in the main content.

Dissertation writing is a step-by-step approach that begins with designing a dissertation proposal, which is an overview of the goals and objectives of your document. The main focus is to ensure that your research will contribute wholly to the related study. Also, a student needs to demonstrate that the research process was feasible and within budget. Are you wondering, "How to write a dissertation proposal?" If yes, then reading the subsequent section will help you a lot.

Structure of the Dissertation Proposal

  • Title: Mention the title of the academic paper.
  • Dissertation Objective: Include your main goal behind writing the dissertation. It should clearly tell the committee about the outcomes that they can expect after reading your paper. “How to write dissertation objectives?” the question will never come into your mind if you stay away from dissertation writing mistakes.
  • References: Share the reliable sources that you will be referring to gather relevant information.
  • Research Question with Methodology Followed: Share your dissertation question along with the research method followed- qualitative method or quantitative method.
  • Final Outcome: Present the final outcome which will justify your research question.
  • Dissertation Planner: Include the schedule and time frame required for conducting the research.

Your dissertation proposal is complete. Preparing such an attractive proposal will double the chance that your work will be accepted by the committee. After the acceptance, one question that comes in the mind of every student is how to write a good dissertation. The solution to the query lies in the subsequent section.

Dissertation Layout for Securing A+ Grades!

Welcome to the most lengthy writing task, i.e, dissertation! The scholarly paper is lengthy for two main reasons. One, the word count, and second, the number of sub-sections. In general, an average dissertation stretches to 25,000 to 30,000-words consisting of the following elements:

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Contents Page
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Literature Review
  • Dissertation Chapters
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

Let us now have an in-depth analysis of each of the elements separately (dissertation writing tips also included).

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How to Write a Dissertation Title Page?

The title page is the first thing which comes in front of the professor's eyes. Therefore, students are advised to make him fall in love with your document at first sight. The piece of paper should contain all vital information related to the student and the course. Like, the name of the university, student's name, course name, date of submission, etc. Writing a dissertation title page will look easy, provided you follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Leave 1- inch margin at the top. The same applies to the right and bottom
  • Leave one-and-half inch margin on the left side
  • Dissertation topics should be in capital letters and center-aligned
  • After 4 line space, write your name
  • After 4 line space, mention the reason for submitting the document
  • Leave 4 line space to write the name of the department with the date

How to Write a Dissertation Abstract?

An abstract is a short description elaborating the main purpose behind drafting the dissertation along with the purpose and objectives. Many students who ask, “How to write a dissertation?" to the online writers are the one who fails to club all the vital information into one. If you also fall in the same category of students, then here are some tips for you.

  • The length should not exceed 5% of the total dissertation length
  • Use precise language
  • Summarize all the strong arguments into one

How to Design Dissertation Content Page?

The content page is placed after the abstract section. The main purpose of designing the page is to increase readability. For instance, the contents page consists of all the headings, with sub-headings opposite the relevant page numbers. If you get confused about how to write the content page, then you can take the help of dissertation examples given on the internet and see how they have written it and what you can add to it. It helps the university professor jump to the desired section which he wishes to read. Here are a few essential pieces of information related to the content page:

  • Leave a 1.5-inch space from the left side.
  • Allot 1-inch space to the right, top, and bottom of the page
  • Using a font size of 12 points is highly recommended
  • Title- ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS’ in capital letters

How to Write a Dissertation Introduction?

Now, comes the most important part of the dissertation, viz., introduction. The reason behind calling it 'most important' is the fact that only when the introductory part is appealing, the professor will be keen on reading it further. Thus, it is advised that the dissertation introduction should be attractive yet informative. The tips mentioned below will help you to write an engaging introduction.

  • Begin with factual information or quote
  • Provide background information on the dissertation topic
  • Emphasis on the motive of the study
  • Use relevant keywords
  • Incorporate terminologies coherent with the topic
  • Do not forget to define the scope and significance of the research question

For more dissertation introduction example, you can wish to have an overview of the dissertation samples on 150+ topics.

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How to Write a Dissertation Methodology?

Here comes the 'methodology' section, where the students have to specify the type of research method followed for gathering authentic information. In general, there are two main types of research methods, namely qualitative method and quantitative method. The choice of research method depends mainly on the academic discipline and topic of the dissertation writing task. Before you draft the section of the dissertation methodology, remember the following things in mind:

  • Make sure that the content justifies the choice of your methodology
  • Don’t hesitate to describe the research process embedded in your academic paper
  • You can also wish to include the limitations of your chosen research method

How to Write a Dissertation Literature Review?

The literature review is a critical analysis of the previous work which has been done earlier related to the dissertation topic. Often regarded as a secondary source, the literature review does not provide information about an original piece of information. By going through the section, the university professor gets a hint about the research skills along with subject-knowledge of the student. Read the tips below to know the best ways to write a literature review:

  • The word count should be 25% of the total dissertation length
  • Revolve around the key themes related to the research question
  • Challenge the assumptions made in the literature and formulate arguments for the same

How to Write Dissertation Chapters?

After you are done gathering information for your dissertation topic, the need of the hour is to deal with data analysis. Assemble the relevant information under different chapters while maintaining the continuous flow of information. Make sure that the arguments are inter-related with one another. Before we see tips for writing a dissertation conclusion, let us see some of the techniques for writing chapters that will help you to seek the attention of the professor.

  • The word count should not exceed 40% of the total number of words
  • Organize the findings using heading and sub-heading for better clarity
  • Format the chapters as per the university guidelines

How to Write a Dissertation Conclusion?

It is easier to begin the dissertation writing task than drafting the conclusion of the dissertation. It may sound weird, but the truth has already been spoken. Student finds it difficult to summarize all the crucial arguments at the end, and thus, face the wrath of the professor. In short, "how to write an effective conclusion for dissertation writing?" is the more searched query than "how to start a dissertation?” Keep scrolling the page if you want to save your valuable grades from being axed.

  • It should be the reflection of your entire dissertation
  • Share recommendations wherever necessary
  • Highlight the practical application of your research in the future

The conclusion tips will surely help you to compile an ‘eye-catchy’ section. For having an overview of the dissertation conclusion example, you may wish to see the dissertation samples available on the website of Assignment Desk.

How to Write a Dissertation Bibliography?

It is important to acknowledge the work of the researchers you have referred while performing the dissertation writing task. Due to this, it becomes important to design a separate section for the same. It is the section containing the information of the data which you have used/consulted in your academic paper. Wondering, "How to prepare a bibliography for dissertation?" If yes, then have a glance at the tips listed below:

  • Follow the prescribed citation style, i.e., APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.
  • Proofread it again and again
  • It should be coherent with the flow of information

Summing up all, you must have known the answer to the most popular questions among the UK students, viz., “How to write a dissertation?” The step-by-step guide on dissertation writing will help you in writing a dissertation quickly.

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