Developing Individual, Teams and Organisation


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Growth and success of a business depends upon performance of employees therefore, it is necessary for every organisational to develop skills and abilities of them. For this assistance, it is essential for managers to provide necessary training to workers so that they can work in more efficient manner. It will also help a company in getting high retention of employees by generating job satisfaction in them (Ford, 2014). The assignment is based on a case scenario of multinational company of UK named by Whirlpool. This firm deals in manufacturing sector and serves electronic products like home appliance in many countries. This report highlights different type of skills, knowledge and behaviour that HR managers should have to perform their different roles and responsibilities. Moreover, an application of various HPW practices as well as approaches of performance management also discussed in further part of project.


P1. Knowledge, Skills and Behaviour of HR practices

In order to gain efficiencies of business and gain high profitability, it is necessary for a company to develop skills and knowledge of associated people. It context with HR managers, for improving performance of business and manage human resource in proper manner, it is necessary for them to develop own skills and knowledge first (Knowledge and skills required by HR professional. 2016). As per present scenario, Whirlpool Company of UK which deals in electronic sector is required to restructure its complete business structure. In this regard, HR managers are required to present a report at Confederation of British Industry workshop which shows how performance management, communication system and collaboration of workers give support to high-performance culture. Therefore, they should have possessed necessary skills, knowledge and behaviour to perform these duties.

Skills of HR professionals: Skills and abilities show qualities of people by which they perform roles and responsibilities in an effective manner. In order to resolve problems and issues of business, HR managers of Whirlpool should have following skills:-

  • Good Communication:Communication refers to a medium by which a person conveys thoughts and opinions. In context with HR managers, it is essential for them to have implemented effective communication system at workplace through which employees get freedom to share their ideas in decision-making activities. It will also help in building strong relationship among employees and management.
  • Multitasking:As an HR manager, a person has to perform various roles and responsibilities like managing human resource, formulating strategies and different policies etc. Therefore, this type of skill helps in performing all duties in appropriate manner.

Knowledges of HR professionals: Knowledge is said to be information, facts and skills that a person gain through education or experience. Thus, for playing roles and responsibilities in an effective manner, HR managers of Whirlpool should have possessed following knowledge:-

  • Cognition of government's rules and regulations:It is major responsibility of HR managers to have proper knowledge of laws and legislations made by Government (Schaubroeck, Lam and Peng, 2011). As Whirlpool has operated its business in many countries so, having knowledge of governmental laws of such nations helps in running business in legal manner.
  • Taxation:As one of the prime duty of HR managers is to generate salary of workers in ethical manner. Therefore, it is essential for them to should have proper knowledge about tax redemption which helps in giving salary benefits to employees. In context with Whirlpool, its managers have possessed appropriate knowledge of taxation through which they provide guidance to workers about different plans or schemes for utilisation of salary.

Behaviour of HR professionals: It shows attitude of people through which they perform their duties and interact with others for conveying messages. In context with HR managers, they should possess positive behaviour through which they can influence others towards business success.

  • Ethical Behaviour:It is necessary for HR managers of Whirlpool to possess ethical behaviour through which they can influence people to follow rules and regulations of business. Moreover this type of behaviour helps them in formulating strategies which gives benefits to employees, investors and customers.
  • Adaptability:It shows flexible as well as adjustable behaviour of a person which is essential for HR managers should have in order to manage different culture of organisation in an appropriate manner.

P2 Personal Skill Audit

Personal skill audit provides a way by which a person can determine own strengths and weaknesses in a proper manner (Pinjani and Palvia, 2013). By this process, individuals can identify in which filed they need to take training for developing their abilities. It will help them in giving better performance by conducting roles and responsibilities in efficient manner. Method of auditing skills varies as per profession of individuals. Thus, in context with HR managers of multinational companies like Whirlpool, they are required to evaluate own skills and knowledge related to decision-making processes, multitasking operations, managing conflicts and more.

According to requirement for performing such roles and responsibilities, I have prepared a business plan for determining my own strengths and weakness as well as process through which abilities of mine can be modified. It will help me in gaining opportunity through which I can attain high position at workplace.  

Serial no.

Learning objective

Current proficiency

Targeted proficiency

Development opportunities

Time scale


Strong communication



In big organisations like Whirlpool which have large customer base, it is necessary for HR managers to deal with consumers, employees and other stakeholders in a proper way. For this process, they must have possessed strong communication skills through which they can manage issues related to customers and workers appropriately. Thus, in this regard I am feeling sometimes unable to influence people having diverse culture. So, I need to work under supervision of my seniors who are good in that.

2 to 3  months


Conflict solving



Currently Whirlpool has more 92000 workers belongs to different culture. Therefore, occurrence of conflicts and other issues among them on daily basis is natural. In this regard, to deal with them and solve their issues on time, generate feeling of anger or frustration in me. I have behave sometimes in unethical manner which creates negativity at workplace. So, to overcome from  this situation, I need to attend some sessions which guide me how to resolve issues of workers in quick manner without being partial.

4 to 6 months


Time management



Time management refers to the most essential skills that helps a person in conducting various tasks in given period of time. In this regard, I am quite effective in getting right work of employees within short period of interval. For this process, I used to provide proper guidance to people related to roles and responsibilities so that they can complete work without error in given time. But I will take some session for developing time managerial skills then it will help me in conducting functions more quick.

1 to 3 months


Strengths: As per above personal skill audit, it has evaluated that time managerial skill of mine shows major strength through which I am able to take quick decisions related to business. It also gives me opportunity to handle various problems of Whirlpool in short-period of interval.

Weakness: According to analysis, it has also seen that I am too weak in solving conflicts of employees and engage them in group task. Along with this, in making effective interaction with employees of different culture also comes as barrier in influencing employees to follow policies of business.


P3 Difference between Organisational and Individual Learning

Individual learning: Under this session, training and development programs are designed on the basis of needs and requirement of individuals.

Organisational learning: This pattern of learning session helps in enhancing knowledge and skill of group members who are working in a particular team.

In order to gain high competitive advantage, managers of Whirlpool conducts both type of learning sessions so that employees are become more skilled and able to give high performance (O'leary, Mortensen and Woolley, 2011).

Difference between individual and organisational learning

                    Individual learning

              Organisational learning

· This type of training deals with development at personal level.

· Training at individual level concern more on improving performance so, time may not fixed under this course of action.

· While organisational learning concern on overall requirement of business and provide training to workers accordingly.

· It is generally based on learning within a fixed timetable.

Training and development

Both sessions of training and development help a firm in improving skills and knowledge of workers through which they can perform in better manner. Training is considered as a learning process under which a person gets opportunity to develop abilities (McCormack, Manley and Titchen, 2013). While development is taken as an educational processes that concern with overall growth of a person. Thus, HR managers of Whirlpool provides both session for enhancing knowledge and abilities of workers. It helps in getting high performance of employees through which targeted goal can be achieved in efficient manner.

Difference between training and development



· The main objective of providing training is to improve working performance of people.  

· It is a job oriented process with short-term goal.

· It tends to be given to large number of people simultaneously under supervision of experts.

· In context with development, its main purpose is to prepare a person for facing future challenges.

· It is a career oriented process having long-term objectives.

· It emphasizes on individual level basis and must be taken by professionals.


P4. Need for continuous learning and professional development

Continuous learning: It refers to improvement of skills and knowledge of a person on regular basis. It can be defined as practices which are carried out by individuals for increasing their knowledge on continue basis by performing day-to-day operations (Levi, 2015). This process includes practices like- Observing others who are more experienced in a particular field, Identifying ways for improving abilities like training sessions, performing difficult task under supervision of professionals and more.  

Professional development: In order to reduce skills gap between professional workers and less educated ones, organisations are used to organise professional development classes for them. It will help them in developing abilities of workers having less skill so that gap between them can be reduced.

In context with Whirlpool, to get high skilled workforce, this company used to provide both kinds of training to employees. For reducing gap between leaders, professionals and employees, this firm provide IT management skills training, Agile Leadership and Management Skills to workers (Hirst and et. al., 2011). Along with this, it gives training on individual basis also when any new technique has introduced at workplace through which employees can understand how to work on the same. Some major benefits of implementing both type of training session for Whirlpool are:-

Higher employee retention: These trainings help in generating sharp skills in skills and raising level of confidence in workers. It will give opportunity to Whirlpool in getting high retention of employees for long term. Along with this, it also assist managers in minimising heavy labour turnover. Through this process, Whirlpool gains advantage in developing sustainability of business with high commitment of employees for longer period of time.

Encourage problem solving: By attending training session, problem solving skills under employees also develops through which they can handle issues in own manner easily related to a task (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). Moreover, it helps in building strong team at workplace by developing feeling cooperation in workers and engaging them in group task. As Whirlpool wants to promote sustainability in business so, if workers become eligible to resolve problems in own manner then it will help in

Improved performance: By organising various training sessions of Continuous learning and Professional development, help employees in enhancing skills of workers at individual and team basis which motivates them to perform well at workplace. If workers perform well then it will give opportunity to Whirlpool in promoting sustainability at business by minimising wastage in production and complete tasks in shorter period of interval.


P5. Analysing the contribution of high-performance working in employee engagement and competitive advantages

High performance working refers to environment of organisational workplace, under which workers have freedom to communicate with colleagues and management in open manner. In Whirlpool, managers provide transparent culture that helps in developing and maintaining mutual trust among employees. It aids them in performing their duties in proper manner so that goals of business can be achieved in short period of time. Along with this, working culture of this company is also liberal where all associated people have liberty to share their opinion and problems with each other while working in group (Seibert, Wang and Courtright, 2011). It aids this firm in improving and enhancing productivity level of employees also. It has observed that HR managers used North American Region practices of HPW for measuring performance of workers. It is based on some major dimensions that are constructive conflicts, transparent in communication, solidarity and contribution in achievement of business success (Gibbs, 2013). These practices help in developing employee engagement at workplace through which high competitive advantage can be gained in following manner:-

  • Transparent communication: If there is transparency in communication system, then it will give liberty to employees to share ideas and issues with management and subordinates easily. It would help in generating feeling of equality and mutual relationship among employees and management through which resistivity of them for working on new system can be reduced. Thus, this practice assist Whirlpool in implementing new technologies at workplace by which it can give tough competition to rivals who are dealing in same sector.  
  • Sharing duties: This kind of practice help HR managers in allocating different roles and responsibilities to workers by engaging them in team. As if staff members work in collaboration then they can share duties with each other which reduces their stress level or heavy workload pressure also. It will aid Whirlpool in getting high retention of employees and giving tough competition to competitors also.


P6 Different approaches to performance management

Performance management system is considered as management style under which an organisation creates a working environment for empowering its employees to perform at their level best (Approaches for measuring performance of employees. 2018). It involves various processes like setting of goals, reward and evaluation. If a company provide rewards and compensation to workers then it will help them in analysing that they contribution are recognised in business achievement. In context with Whirlpool, performance management system assist this firm in cultivating competencies related to organisation and job-specific for driving high performance and success.

Thus, in order to measure performance of workers for evaluation, HR managers of Whirlpool use various strategies and approaches like:-

Collaborative working approach: This type of approach helps Whirlpool in assisting workers to work in collaboration for achievement of a common goal. Instead of giving appraisals on annual basis, managers of this firm used to give grade to employees on the basis of their regular performance. It would help in help in building an engaged workforce in which members can share roles and responsibilities with each other.

Comparative Approach: Using this approach, managers of an organisation can monitor performance of workers by giving them ranks on the basis of contribution in achievement of business success (Berry, 2011). For example- Whirlpool’s HR managers can use this technique for providing rewards to best performers at workplace. It will encourage other workers to work in hard manner.

Qualitative Approach: It is beneficial in increasing productivity of employees by encouraging them to deliver best services to customers. For example- Under this kind of approach, managers of Whirlpool used to evaluate sales performance of business in context with future (Amabile, 2012). For this process, they monitor performance of employees in order to determine strengths and weaknesses of them. Further they provide training to workers so that they can provide high quality service to customers.   

Attributive Approach: Through this kind of approach, management of a firm track record of employees on the basis of specific skills they have possessed. It includes problem solving skill, decision making activity, innovative ideas, learning power and more. Further, managers give rate of workers’ performance from 1 to 5 in graphical manner. For instance: This approach helps Whirlpool in identifying skills and abilities of employees while distributing different roles and responsibilities to them.  

Result Approach: This type of approach is used mostly by all organisations in order to evaluate performance of workers on the basis of outcomes. For example: Whirlpool use this approach in converting business strategies into actions so that demand of customers can be completed in short period of time.  


From this mentioned project, it has been concluded that to give tough competition to workers, an organisation is required to develop skills and knowledge of the employees for the business growth. In this regard, major responsibility is played by HR professionals of a company. They used to conduct different type of training and development sessions by evaluating need of employees related to reducing weaknesses. It will help workers in giving performance at their level of best. Along with this, by adopting different types of HPW practices, a firm can encourage workers to work in efficient manner. These practices help in building strong team by developing feeling of share in them.

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