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Human resource management refers to a formal system which is responsible for managing and controlling the personnels working within an organisation. It involve three major areas of operation that are staffing, designing of work and employees compensation. ASDA is a British supermarket retailers which is headquartered in West Yorkshire. It offers variety of products in sector such as grocery, general merchandise and financial services (Al Ariss,  Cascio and Paauwe, 2014).This report explains about purpose and function of HRM along with various approaches of recruitment and selection. It further explains about benefits of HRM practices for both employer and employee and its effectiveness for raising organisational profit and productivity. In addition to this it explains about impact of employees relation and element of employment legislation over HRM decision making.


P1. Purpose and Function of HRM applicable to workforce Planning and Resourcing an Organisation

Human resource management refers to the formal system of a company which are structured to increase the efficiency of company. It is responsible for managing the human resources of enterprise and align their skills or ability toward the accomplishment of organisational objective. Main purpose of human resource manager is to hire eligible candidate with required skills or ability at right place that support in enhancing the productivity of company.This support in achieving the goals or objectives that are decided by a company as it help in developing an effective team. Being a human resource manager of ASDA, it is very essential for them to effectively plan and manage the workforce as it is a heart of organisation which is responsible for its success.

Workforce Planning: It refers to the process of determining the current as well as future personnel need and then plan the cost effective methods for recruiting or retaining those individual for performing business operations in an effective and efficient manner.

Workforce Planning

(Source: Workforce Planning, 2018)

Above given image depict about the workforce planning cycle which consist of six steps that support a company to implement its workforce planning in an effective manner. These steps are as given below:

  • Set Strategic Direction:-This step focuses on collecting information related to annual business plan, projected need relate to ways for carrying out goals and employees required. ASDA must determine the ways to achieve objectives and resources that are required.
  • Analyse workforce:-This step allows to perform deep analyses over current employees in order to determine the employees and skills that are required to achieve organisational objectives. By performing this analyses ASDA will be able to determine the reason behind turnover and requirement of recruitment within organisation.
  • Develop an Action plan:-This step help in formulating strategies that support in removing the gap that are found in above two step. Under this step ASDA have to formulate an action plan as the information collected from above steps by formulating all the strategies related to employment of people and arrangement of other resources,
  • Implement Action Plan:-This step include the implement of action plan in operations which was formulated by higher management. While implementing plan ASDA must include all its functional department by communication information regarding the plan. This help in implement plan effectively which ensures smooth running of operations.
  • Monitor, Evaluate and revise plan:-After implementing plan it is very essential for management to keep on check the plan to determining its progress. Under this step ASDA will be able to determine the weakness within project and areas that require improvement in order to achieve objective of workforce plan.

Functions of Human Resource Manager for Workforce Planning:

Recruitment:- It refers to the process of screening and selecting the right candidate with required skill and ability based on the objective of particular job (Major Functions of Human Resource Management, 2017). Recruitment is a main function that support HR manager of ASDA to develop a skilled and talented workforce that support them in achieving the organisational goals.

Training & Development:- It is an another function performed by HR manager under which they attempt to improve current as well as future performance of employees by guiding and sharing their skills using various activities (Armstrong, 2014). By conducting training programs HR manager of ASDA will be able to improve the current performance of it workforce that will help them in enhancing the future productivity as well as capabilities of employees.

Employee compensation & benefit:- Main function of HR manager is to ensure that each employee must get fair remuneration for the work performed by them. HR manager of ASDA must provide fair remuneration to its employees which is very crucial for keeping them satisfied with their job. As happy employees will contribute more and perform productively that support ASDA to maintain a workforce which support them in achieving success and competitive advantage at workplace.

Maintaining good working condition:- It is very essential for HR manger to provide a health environment at workplace where employee feels free and comfortable to work in order to maintain workforce effectively (Wilton, 2016). HR manager of ASDA must develop a working environment which is supportive and where workers are free to communicate. Apart from this HR manager must motivate its employees either by guiding them or with some monetary benefits for fostering them to work harder.

P2. Strength and Weakness of Different Approaches to Recruitment and Selection

A human resources manager is responsible for creating and managing an effective team of employees that are highly productive and contributed toward the success of an organisation. Therefore, recruitment and selection is consider as one of the crucial function of human resource manager (Bakker and Demerouti, 2014). So, in order to hire right candidate there are certain approaches to recruitment and selection process that can be used by HR manger of ASDA. These approaches are explained below:

Recruitment:- It refers to the overall process of attracting, screening, selecting and hiring suitable candidate with required skills and ability as per the requirement of a company. Recruitment includes two type of approaches which are as explained below:

Internal recruitment:- It is a type of recruitment process where an organisation try to fill its vacant position by promoting existing employees working within a company. ASDA generally uses appraisal process for recruiting employees from within the organisation. Under this employees are get promoted as per their quality of performance.

Strength:- Internal recruitment may help in motivating employees as by seeing others, workers get motivated to work harder in order to achieve the same.

Weakness:- It may create conflicts among employee as when two employees belong to same designation but only one out of them get promoted.

External recruitment:- Under this type of recruitment company generally invite people from outside with required skills to fill up vacant position (Baum, 2016). ASDA uses online platform such as LinkedIn and its dedicated career websites for placing advertisement about job vacancy in order to attract candidates to apply. This help them in getting large number of candidates with different skills to select best among them.

Strength:- External recruitment provides an opportunity to assess fresh talent from outside that may help company to stay competitive.

Weakness:- It may damage the morale of current employees as they may feel lessens their chance for promotion.

Selection:- It is defined as picking up of right candidate with pre specified qualification and capabilities to fill up the vacant position within an organisation. Selection includes two type of approaches which are as explained below:

Systematic:- This process focuses on reducing the personal bias in selection process by including series of laid down procedure which focuses on selecting the best candidate. HR managers of ASDA shortlist appropriate candidate from the applications that are registered over its online recruitment system for interview or assessment centre. After conducting the interview candidates get their job as per the required skills.

Strength:- It assist ASDA in testing the skill and ability of employees through following number of step which always results in selecting appropriate candidate for job.

Weakness:- It is a length and time consuming process which also incurred high cost of company.

Unsystematic:- It refers to a selection approach where recruiter select candidates randomly and compare their skills with required criteria for job in order to select a candidate for a vacant position (Brunstein, 2016). This approach can be used by ASDA when there is an urgency to recruit employees as systematic recruitment is a time consuming process.

Strength:- This approach is easy to perform, less time consuming and help in selecting right candidates.

Weakness:- The decision taken under this approach is not always reliable.


P3. Benefits of Different HRM practices for Both Employer and Employee

Human resource department is consider as a most essential part of an organisation as it is responsible for handling the personnel of a company (Clark and et. al., 2016).This help them in aligning the work done by employees toward the accomplishment of objectives. HRM activities are beneficial for both employer as well as employees. These benefits can be better understand using following:-

HRM practices



Training & development

Training programs help employer to develop a team with required skills and ability that support in achieving the desire result. By arranging regular training program ASDA will be able to enhance the productivity of its workforce.

Training and development programs will support employees in sharpening up their skills. This will help employees of ASDA to improve their performance that further benefit them in getting promotion.

Employee relations

By maintaining better relation with employees, ASDA will be able to get support from its workforce while implementing changes within the organisation (Farndale, Brewster and Poutsma, 2014).

When employer or employees shares healthy relation within an organisation then it help employees to communicate their views or opinion with HR manager.

Maintaining a positive working environment

By maintaining a healthy working environment at workplace, ASDA will be able to achieve higher employees retention which support in achieving success. It also help in keeping employees motivated toward work that in turn will increase the productivity.

A healthy environment will provide several benefits to its employees. As they will be able to work effectively and can enhance their performance that will provide long term benefit to them such as incentives, promotion etc.

P4. Effectiveness of Different HRM Practices for Raising Organizational Profit & Productivity

HR manager is responsible for the management of employees working within an organisation in order to keep them satisfied and more dedicated toward their work. For managing workforce several practices are performed by HR manager of ASDA in order to keep its employees motivated (Gupta and Shaw,  2014). As it help them in increasing the productivity of organisation that further support in maximizing the profitability of company. Following are the HR practices that are performed by managers of ASDA:

HRM practices



Training & development

By providing training on regular bases ASDA will be able to develop an skilled and competent workforce as it focuses over sharpening up skills of employees. This help ASDA in achieving the competitive advantage at marketplace which in turn will support company to earn maximum benefit.

Training is organised with an aim to remove the weaknesses of employees at workplace. This help ASDA in enhancing the performance of employees which in turn will increase productivity.

Employee relations

By maintaining good relation with employees ASDA will be able to get support from their employees in various practices, as employees will easily accept the changes bring by management. This help ASDA in altering its operations effectively as per the changes in external environment which in turn will support in achieving the positive outcome from efforts and company will be able to achieve maximum benefit.

Good relation between employer and employee is a key to organisational success. By sharing a healthy relation ASDA will be able to influence and motive its employees more effectively that in turn will help them in increasing productivity.

Maintaining positive working environment

ASDA must try to maintain a positive environment at workplace which foster employees to work harder and in qualitative manner that further support in achieving higher profit at marketplace.

A positive working environment support ASDA to keep its employees motivated toward their operations and goal they have to achieve this support them in enhancing the productivity of company. Because positive and safe environment keep the employees feel energetic and dedicated toward work which improve performance.


P5. Importance of Employee Relations in Respect of Influencing HRM Decision Making

HR manager is responsible for formulating plan or policies related to the work performed within an organisation in order to ensure smooth and systematic flow of work (Helmreich and Merritt, 2017). Decision taken at senior management level always influence the employees to a large extent. Apart from this employees also affect the decision taken by management in several ways such as by raising grievances, not accepting changes etc. For instance employees can raise their voice against the decision taken by management if they are not agrees with that which creates conflicts within the working environment. So in order to avoid these, HR manager must try to develop a good relation with employees in order to achieve their trust. A healthy relation will help manager in getting support from their employees at the time of anticipating changes within organisation or taking decision (Marchington, 2016). For instance, when an HR manager of ASDA want to bring any new technology in their businesses then they will get support from employees if they shares a healthy relation. As employees will easily accept and try to implement them in their operation which benefit company to achieve higher success

Apart from this good relation will help HR manager of ASDA in getting accurate information about the internal performance of employees (Snell, Morris and Bohlander, 2015). That support manager in taking effective and informative decision which support in improving the culture of organisation. So in order to improve the relation with employees following are action that can be taken by HR manager of ASDA:

  • By involving employees in decision making process which help in developing a sense of belongingness among employees and they further support management in future decision taken by them.
  • By providing equal opportunity to employees and fairly remunerating them, as it help in building trust of employees toward company.
  • Through maintaining continuous interaction with employees and keeping them updated with company's policies and procedures.
  • By developing a transparent communicational system where employees have a freedom to share their views.

P6. Key Elements of Employment Legislation and its Impact over Decision-Making Process

For managing an organisation effectively without any legal compliances, it is very essential for an employer to ensure that all the laws and legislations must be followed in respective manner (Nel and et. al., 2014). As ASDA is the second largest supermarket in the UK, hence in order to maintain its position in the market it must follow all the legislations. The role of HR manager is to consider all legislations in regards to employee while formulating policies. Through, this ASDA will be able to creates good competition for other players working within same sector. Their are certain rules that must be followed by HR of ASDA while making decisions:-

Data Protection Act:- According to this act, manager should be loyal with employees and must not share or misuse their personal information. HR manager of ASDA act as safeguard protection for workers in an organisation ( Nyberg and et. al., 2014). Therefore, HR manager of ASDA must consider this law while formulating policies related to employees . As breaching of this may result in penalisation through government which also affects the reputation of ASDA.

Health and safety Act:- This law state that employer is responsible for providing the healthy and safe environment for employees to work. Therefore, HR manager of ASDA must formulate policies related to working condition of employees on the basis of guidelines provided under the Health And Safety Act.

Sex discrimination Act:- According to this law an employer must not discriminate its employees on the basis of gender, they must be treated equally (Taylor,  Doherty and McGraw, 2015). HR manager of ASDA must provide equal opportunity to its employees and should not discriminate among them. They must formulate policies which provides equal benefit to employees despite of their gender.


P7. Application of HRM practices in a work-related context

Innovative HRM Practices:-

  • Management Meet:- HR manager of Fed Ex Corporation follows an innovative practice where they track the employees relation by taking feedback and management meet for discussing the result and determining new ways of improvement. This help them in keeping their employees satisfied which leads to performance enhancement.
  • Training:- Oxfam believes that people development is an important tool for retaining the employees.They train their employees on regular basis for their as well as organisational development and also reward them over their improved performance. This help in keeping employees motivated and satisfied with their jobs by performing better which turn will help company to achieve greater success at marketplace.

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From the above given information it can be concluded that a Human resource manager is responsible for managing the employees working within an organisation by providing them a healthy working environment. As employees are consider as a most productive assets of company on which the performance of whole organisation depends. Therefore, it is very essential for a manger to share a good relation with employees. Apart from this HR manager is also responsible for ensuring that all the employment related legislation must be consider while performing any within organisational practices


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