Effective Change Management Strategies in Business

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Question :

 This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Aston Martin is a sports car brand which is very famous all over the world.Differentiate ways in which change impacts on an organisation’s strategy and operations.
  • Analyse the influences that drivers of change have on organisational behaviour.
  • Discuss how barriers to change influence leadership decision-making.
  • Use a range of leadership approaches to a change initiative.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Bentley


Change is the process of evaluating some different factors which can help to differentiate them. It is the process of transforming business into more effective which can also help the business organization to achieve its objectives and attain competitive advantage. Business have to analyse effective change management strategies to increase the efficiency of business legal entity. Change management is the process of identifying systematic information, techniques and methods which can impact activities of business organization. This will help management to develop strategic planning with the use of available resources in the business environment.

Leadership is the knowledge and skills of an individual or group of individual which help to influence people to motivate them to increase their willingness to do their work. Leadership management help to provide those knowledges and skills to people which will help them to increase their efficiency and succeed their objectives effectively.

This report has a brief description of Aston martin Lagonda Global and Bentley Motors to analyse their change factors and strategies which help them to increase their efficiency and achieve competency in market. The two organization are major luxurious car manufacturing and are competitors of each other. Bentley was established in 1919 and headquartered in England. UK, Whereas Aston Martin was established in 1913 in England, UK. This report has an objective to compare and contrast the strategies of both companies to analyse the effectiveness of change. It will also describe about all the internal and external drivers of change which will impact business activities of both companies.


TASK 1 Managing the Impact of Change

Part A. Responding to Change

Drivers of change help organization to understand all the factors which can help to transform or upgrade business activities. This will also help organization to increase their knowledge and skills to increase their sales. Drier of change in an organization can be of internal and external nature which can impact the efficiency of operation. It is very important for Bentley and Aston martin to analyse the drivers of change as it will help them to be more effective in market and achieve their objectives (Min, Johnson and Ziedonis, 2019. 



Aston Martin



Environmental changes are not be controlled by business and have to be analysed to carry nature of business and increase sales. Bentley analysed global warming which have impacted the sales of cars as it is affecting the ozone layer of atmosphere. This has also decreased the efficiency of business to grow and achieve its objectives. Company have innovated and increased the quality of fuel emission which is very low to avoid pollution in environment and the company also organized some awareness campaigns which helped them to regain their market share.

Bentley have analysed that the changes in environment have also helped the company to realize some effective strategies to innovate and provide intoxicated batteries and company have also used all the alternative which will not harm the environment and also increase the value of cars. With the help of effective environmental policies of company it also helped to satisfy their customers to provide quality with safety and also care about environment. This also helped company to increase their goodwill in market,

Organization structure

Due to change in market trends and employees potential the company have analysed to increase the efficiency of management structure which provided a better communication channel to all employees internally to increase efficiency of work to achieve objectives. Company have shifted form flat structure to Matrix structure which is more effective and also increase the quality of operations.

Bentley have analysed the need to adopt the change form organization's structural framework as it was decreasing the value of vision of company and also increasing employees turnover and with Hierarchical structure it will help to increase motivation of employees and increase their potential by training and development.


Aston Martin have segmented the market according to high income level customers, upper social class and also reputed individuals. This also helped company to ensure the position of their product and increase the marketing strategies and increase the sales. Company have also used the high pricing strategies which attracted high standard of living of people and achieved the objectives. This change also help to increase the efficiency of market coverage and help to compete with other competitors.

Bentley have also adopted high pricing strategies. Company also provide high quality of luxurious cars with better services which satisfy their customers and increase the growth rate. This also helped to increase the competency in market as the company does not use typical marketing and used high end marketing exclusive high end customers which will also increase the value of cars and increase the sales.


Part B Impact of Change

In the internal and eternal business environmental factors which will impact the growth of company and decrease the quality of products and services. Business also have to analyse these factors to increase the information and evaluate all the challenges which is faced by the company to formulate effective strategies. Bentley and Aston Martin need to analyse all the factors in order to understand the market and also compete effectively to gain better market share and increase the growth of the company. 

Political Factors-

Political factors are very essential for both companies to be analysed as both are multinational companies and it will help to regulate effective policies to analyse the change in market. Bentley have analysed that Governmental policies can impact the productivity of company and this also helped them to motivate their employees to understand all the policies and accept the changes like environmental policies due to heave air pollutions. This helped company to identify new alternatives to create cars with innovative technologies which are also legal in nature this has changed the cultural values and ethics of leaders and managers to guide their employees and achieve their objectives according to new policies. Whereas Aston Martin have analysed the taxation policies of government which helped the company to focus of new pricing strategies and also lower the cost to increase their profit margins. This also helped the company to analyse the political situation of the market so that they can incest in it with low risk and high returns.  

Economic Factors-

This factors is also very important for analysing the change in the organization as it will also impact the behavioural patterns of employees due to increase of decrease in economic condition of company. Aston Martin also have to analyse the GDP rate of market and exchange rates this will impact the budget of company and this will also decrease the efficiency of financial polices formulated by leaders. With the change in policy it will fluctuate the behaviour and attitude of leader to influence their employees and provide effective understanding. Whereas Bentley have analysed the changes in inflation which have decreased the value of their products and services this also deceased the profitability of company which discourage leadership to support their employees and which also made their employees ineffective. 

Social Factor-

Leadership policies of Aston martin was impacted with the change in preferences of customers and also income level of customers in market. This factor decreases the efficiency of leadership policies for marketing and decreased sales drastically. With the increase customers satisfaction it helped to attract new customers in the company. Bentley have analysed that the lifestyles and standard of living of customers of the market have changed which have also decreased the efficiency of leadership policies which also impacted the productivity of employees and manufacturing units also suffered high cost production. This also increased work load on employees and impacted to rise employees turnover (Kua and, 2016). 

Technological factors-

This Factor also helped Leaders to analyse differ style to influence the employee as evaluation of technology has decreased the efficiency of current product and also decreased the customer base of Aston Martin. This also helped leaders to motivate employees to increase their efficiency by training and developing them. It will help to increase the productivity and innovative skills to grow the company. Bentley have analysed that due to change in technology it has also impacted their customer;s behaviours as they are opposed to learn new technology and understand the market trends to achieve the market competition and attain core competency.

SWOT Analysis


  • The strength of Aston martin as they have kept themselves at peak even after 100 years of establishment (Nadim and Singh, 2019). Aston martin also has a large market structure which help the company to increase the quality of wok and also motivate employees to analyse change according to internal factors.
  • Whereas Bentley have huge fan base which help to increase its sales and provide better opportunities to increase its capital. It also has the efficiency of implementing new technology. 


  • Bentley do not have large market which help them to market their cars it it also limits their options. The company also have ineffective manufacturing plants which is not able to fulfil the demands of customers on time (Dick and, 2018).
  • Aston Martin have fewer opportunities of target segments as is focuses on higher social class. 


  • Bentley has the opportunity to become more environment friendly with the new technologies and raw materials. Company can also expand their market in new countries which are developing and have potential.
  • Aston Martin also have the opportunities by deceasing the prices of cars and also manufacturing low prices cars which will attract more customers of lower income segments. 


  • Bentley also have analysed that company also can impacted with the change in governmental policies and regulations which will decrease the productivity. Due to less marketing competition of company is very tough.
  • Aston Martin need to develop the electric cars to shift from fluctuation rates of petrol. 


Bentley need to adopt kotter's 8 stage model of change which will help them to increase efficiency to accept the change and increase the performance of employees. Whereas Aston martin need to implement Lewin's change model to understand the organizational behaviour and also improve the opportunities to increase the satisfaction level of customers.  


Change management is very essential and has to be adopted in business organization which would help to provide a better understanding about all the different techniques in market (Salman and Broten, 2017). This helped Bentley and Aston martin to increase their efficiency and compete in the market to achieve their objectives and also retain their employees to decrease the cost of companies.

TASK 2 Leadership Decision-Making

Force Field Analysis of Bentley

Force field analysis is a technique which help to provide a detailed information about all the forces which help the organization to support change and factors which restrict the change in organization (Sibbet and Wendling, 2018). This analysis is very essential to increase to make effective decisions which will help to develop skills and knowledge of employees and improve performance of employees.

Driving Forces

Company have analysed some droving forces which helped the company to adopt the change and increase efficiency of the company. 


Employees of Bentley are very skilled and knowledgeable which are capable to understand their importance of change and also support with the change framework to increase the performance of company in market and achieve objectives which will help them to achieve core competency. Employee also help the employees to provide better opportunities for formulating the strategies, and they can also help by participating in the decision-making by providing their creative and innovative ideas which can also decrease the cost of company. 


Products and services are the driving factors which will help the company tom increase the quality of strategies and it will also help to provide a better and efficient work force. With the help of effective quality of cars and other services it helps the company to implement change in the company as it is the motive of the company to increase the customer satisfaction to their customers. This also help the company tom increase the market research to increase the information about the current market trends to be effective and achieve market leadership.  


Digitalization is very essential factors which have helped Bentley company t increase its leadership styles and also made the decision-making of leaders more effective with better information. With the adoption of effective information system in the company will also help the management to attain effective information about performance criteria of employees to generate effective strategies which will help tom increase the quality of products and services (Sibbet and Wendling, 2018). 


This factor also help leadership to understand new techniques in the company and learn new cultural values which can be implemented in company according to the market and behavioural patterns of customers and employees (Kroll, Kelly and Rates, 2019). This will also help to increase the market share and increase profitability to invest more in the market. This driving force help the leaders to understand all the types of employees and make effective recruitment and selection process to analyse their effective job description to hire more talented employees.

Restraining Forces

Bentley need to analyse the restraining factors which impact the strategies of change and decrease the performance of company in the market. 

Capital Investments-

This factor is very essential for the company to expand as it provides financial support top all the activities of the company and Bentley is having a limited capital funds which is only used for increased the efficiency of products or purchase of new equipments these alternatives will decrease the efficiency of the company. This will also decrease the goodwill of the company and decrease creditability to take loans. This will also discourage the investors to invest in the business thus reduce the performance of leaders in the company (Peters, 2019). 

Lack of Motivation-

Employees are trained and skilled but the employees are still not motivated in company which will also decreasing them to accept the change and get influenced by the leaders to attain objectives. This will also discourage leadership strategies as expectation of employees rise with time, and they want more which increase the cost of company which also decreases the productivity. 

Laws and Regulations-

Governmental laws and regulation can also impact strategies which are formulated by leaders. This will also impact the activities and rules and regulations which define the organization's culture will be disturbed. Bentley need to analyse all the factors which decrease the quality of their product in the stage of change. This will also impact the cost of production and prices of products and services which In return will impact the sales of business. 

Barriers of Change in Bentley

Barriers are the factors which directly impact the operations of business nature and decrease the growth of business to achieve its objectives (Gaspar, 2017). Bentley have to analyse all the barriers of change so that they can implement in a very effective way. This will also help the company to increase the information about all the factors which decrease productivity of the company which will help to formulate effective strategies and policies.


Lack of participation of employees In the transformation of company is a type of barrier of change management. Bentley have to analyse the factors which support these barriers so that they can be solved from the roots (Iles, 2017). Employees should be involved in the decision marketing of the company and also provide their opinions about the change. It will also help the employees to improve their skills and knowledge and also increase their motivation with the help of appreciation and rewards. This also decrease the cultural values of company to integrate with employees and increase the productivity of the company.

Lack of Communication

Communication is the major factor which help the company to grow and if communication is not effective it will decrease the efficiency of the company and discourage all the employees to understand the importance of change. Bentley also have to analyse the effective communication channel; to provide the proper delivery of message with fast speed and to reach every employee of the company. Communication also help to integrate employees with the vision of Bentley.

Unidentification of Condition

Leaders are responsible to identify the present situation of the company by creating effective strategies which will help to understand all the factors of the company and analyse them in a very effective manner to achieve the goals. Bentley have to analyse their current position in market and what are the factors which will help them to increase their quality of products and services. This will help to increase the change strategies. 

Critical evaluation

Leadership is very essential aspect which Bentley have analysed in the change management which help to increase the efficiency of the company and provide better understanding which have increase the potential of their employees. 



Different Leadership Approaches

Leadership approaches are the techniques which are used by the leaders to increase the efficiency and provide better results in business organization. This will help Bentley to increase their information system and also gain better knowledge to be successful in adopting change in the company. This will also help leaders to be more effective in influencing their employees and proving them skills and knowledge with the help of training and development which will help them to increase their efficiency to achieve their particular objectives (Byers, 2017).

Behavioural Approach

In this approach of leadership the focus of leaders are on the behaviours of employees to formulate effective strategies and make them more effective. With the help of behavioural approach leaders help to notice on the attitude and values and actions of employees which can be like leaders in order to understand all the factors and increase the efficiency of products of company with effective management and high work force which will help to increase the market share by developing skills of leaders and motivating customers to buy the cars of company and attain competitive advantage (Drago-Severson and Blum-DeStefano, 2018).

Situational Approach

Leaders in this approach will also help to increase the quality of their techniques according to the situation which will also help the employees to be motivated and increase their efficiency. Leaders will have to adopt this approach to manage all the factors and help Company to improve the market share and provide internal efficiency. In this approach leaders should have effective knowledge about all the factors and skills to take decisions which will help them to formulate effective policies and increase the efficiency of the company. Bentley have also analysed that this leadership approach will increase the quality of products and services and also help them to achieve competitive advantage.

Transactional Approach

This approach of leadership will help the Bentley to motivate their employees as this approach provides some rewards and appreciations which will help the employees to be influenced so that they can easily agree to accept the change in the organization ad maintain the performance. This will also help the employees to achieve their personal goals as they will also be rewarded with monetary rewards which will also help employees to fulfil their desires and wants (NelsonBrantley and Ford, 2017). This approach help to increase employees loyalty of company and provide retention. With the decrease in employee turnover it will also help Bentley company to decrease their cost of operations and also training and recruitment cost will also be reduced.

Leadership Models

Bentley also have analysed effective model for leadership which will help to adopt appropriate change in the company. This also helped the company tom promote their strength and use them to increase the quality of their products and services. This also help to develop innovative thinking in the company which helped to increase the efficiency of employees.

Authoritative Leadership Model

This model help leaders to focus on the authority of task, and they also are more concerned about the task completion of the employees (Espedal, 2017). They are responsible to formulate the objectives and helping their employees to achieve these objectives with the help of effective skills and techniques. The focus of this leadership is to adopt successful change in the company so that it can increase the efficiency in the market and increase goodwill.

Coercive Leadership Model

This leadership model is focused on the effective directions about the policies to employees so that they can attain their objectives with better results and with fewer mistakes. This will decrease the loss and also promote the company to be effective in achieving the competitive advantage in the market (Yrjölä and, 2019).

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This report had brief information about Bentley and Aston martin which helped to compare the change management between both companies. This also gave a brief understanding about all the factors which helped the leader to be more effective in transforming the company. It helped the leadership to gain information about all internal and external factors which were the driving forces and restraining forces of change. Which provided effective knowledge to leaders to formulate effective strategies which helped the company to be more effective to achieve market share and compete to attain competitive advantage and profit maximization. To get more details about online assignment help ask our experts.

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