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7 Essay Writing Tips: Secret Shared by Experts to Impress Your Professor

Here’s How to Write a Perfect Essay in 7 Simple Steps

20 Mar, 2019 3519

Another writing task. Yeah it has to be accomplished before the deadline but procrastination is not letting you do so? No worries. The experts at Assignment Desk are here to help you in the task and deliver perfect documents that would not only impress your professors but also get you excellent grades. They have listed here some important tips to ensure that next time when you start working on your essay task, it is completed easily and also gets you desired scores.

7 Essay Writing Tips to Complete Your Essay Like a Pro

1. Understand Your Question

When you are given an essay writing task, it is important that you understand the question well. Sometimes it is important to not only have an answer, but also to understand the tone and method of writing your assignment. The experts have listed different tones in which an essay can be written in.

Expository Tone

An expository essay does not question or intrigue the readers. It is a basic form of writing, where the writer tries to explain a fact or provide information on a topic. When you get essays that are expository in nature it is important that you perfectly research the topic.

Narrative Tone

A narrative essay is an interesting document that involves narration. It is important that the document that the writer prepares talks about the situation or the characters in a very explanatory way. Our essay experts suggest that the documents must be in a tone where the reader can relate with the situation easily.

Persuasive Tone

The persuasive essays are meant to convince the reader. Here the writer strongly puts forward his views and tries convincing the reader to accept them. It is important that when you are writing a persuasive essay the tone must be convincing and not contradicting.

Descriptive Tone

A descriptive essay is the one that uses words to create the image of the topic. It must be so well written that the reader should be able to relate to the topic and understand all the key points and events explained.

2. Pick an Interesting Topic

Now that you know the tones of the essay that you have to write in, lets find a topic accordingly. It is important to choose a topic that is interesting and intriguing. When you are researching to find a topic try giving it a different perception.

3. Create a Rough Outline

It is important that when you are writing your essay you create a rough outline of your work that reflects where and how the things are to be placed. It also helps you decide the word limit of your documents and the way it should be written. When you create a rough outline always keep these things in mind.

4. An Interesting Introduction

It is important that the introduction of your assignment is well written and intrigues your reader to continue reading. According to a study a lot of readers discontinue reading if they don’t find the introduction interesting.

A Comprehensive Body

When you prepare an outline of the content of the body, make sure you divide it into parts. It could be according to features or different information that you may be using in your work. It is also important that you already have your subheadings ready according to the data you have collected.

The Final Conclusion

The conclusion of your document must be well written and talk about all the points that you have discussed in the body. Just consider the subheadings of your body and try framing a conclusion around it.

5. An Explanatory Thesis Statement

Not all the essays require a thesis statement. But if your professor asks for one then ensure that the thesis statement that you have prepared is well written and is self explanatory. It should talk about the topic and the elements in the essay in brief. It should also have a mention of the methods and sources that you may be referring to in your documents.

6. The Final Writing Part

After a few easy steps finally here is the task. Start writing quick. As mentioned above when writing your essay it is important that you divide the whole document in three parts. The introduction, body and conclusion. When you start putting real words in your outline, there are a few important things that you must consider.

Target Your Reader

It is essential that when you begin working on your task, you use a tone and language that is targeted at your reader. If you do not write according to your reader, you would not be able to reap desired fruit.

Simple Words

Use simple words when working on your essay. It is important that your reader does not has to read your document with a dictionary in hand. Use simple words that make it easier for readers to read the whole essay in one go.

Small Sentences

The sentences in your document must be well written and short. Breaks in the sentences lets reader have their time to understand and analyze. Also, short sentences are easy to structure (So it is a cheat code too!!!).

Short Paragraphs

It is important that the essay that you are working on has short paragraphs. We can not choose to say a lot at once on one topic. Short paragraphs also make your work look tidy and arranged.

7. Read to Perfection

When you are done writing take a break. Go through the content that you have prepared at least twice. It is to ensure that there are no grammatical or technical error left in the document. The document needs to be proofread and edited to not only rectify the mistakes but also to check if it leaves the impact that you wanted on your reader.

8. Do Not Forget the Credits

You have mentioned a lot of facts and data related to your topic. It is important that the essay which you would be submitting to your professor has proper citation and references.


Always mention the source of the facts and data that you have used in your work. Do not wait to cite these information in the end. Do it while preparing the document itself.


In the end of your document mention all the sources that you have referred to, for your work and also ensure that these references are made well according to the referencing style your university follows.

Putting It All Together

Writing an essay is a daunting task. To ensure that you finish your writing task like a pro it is important that you understand the significance of all these tips and consider them when you begin writing your essay. If you find it difficult or if there are any issues that you face while framing a perfect document just reach to us for cheap essay help and get your task done at pocket friendly price.