How to Write an Academic Essay: A Practical Guide

29 Aug 2023 1057
Know how to write an academic essay

There is no doubt that a large portion of your academic life is based on essays. They are the most effective way to showcase your knowledge of a particular topic. Through this, professors can evaluate your research, analysing, structuring, and writing skills simultaneously. So, in this guide, you will explore how to write an academic essay smoothly. Thus, to begin with, let's have an insight into the role and importance of these essays in your career.

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Academic Essay: Importance and Purpose

An essay is a structured form of writing that students work on in their academic journey. In this, you must arrange the information logically to share the knowledge. It is drafted to showcase the creativity of a pupil, to deliver the data, or to use facts in new pieces. Moreover, a pupil is assigned an essay to represent their understanding of the topic.

Furthermore, an essay must fulfil one of these purposes: to inform, entertain, or persuade. It is the reason why they are divided into several categories: descriptive, expository, persuasive, informative, compare and contrast, etc.

After having an insight into the motive behind academic essay writing, you might be thinking about how to draft itby yourself or "Who can write my essay for me?" correct? So, the following section will help you with the procedure that you should follow to construct an ideal essay.

How to Write an Academic Essay? Rule of Three

In this section, we will equip you with the process you must follow to draft a superior and impressive academic essay. So, an ideal essay follows the rule of three when dividing the sections. It means the write-up splits into three sections to organise the essay effectively. Thus, the segments are:


It is the first section where you must create the base of content. In this section, you have to familiarise your readers with the topic you are working on. Additionally, you have to hook the attention of your audience so that they read till the end. To do this, you need to use effective sentence starters for essay. These will create a situation that awakens curiosity or provides a surprising element. In addition, an introductory paragraph of an academic essayalso includes a thesis statement, which is the central argument your write-up will focus on. Besides this, the introduction also equips the reader with background information on the theme. It is to bridge the gap between the existing data and the research done on the topic.


The body is the long section of the entireacademic essay, where you must explain the topic in detail. Moreover, in this segment, you should mention all your arguments with the evidence to justify them. It is the area where the development of the theme will take place. Thus, you must conduct research for this section so you do not miss any crucial data to include. The body of the write-up is divided into paragraphs according to the word limit of the document. Each paragraph incorporates a particular argument and appropriate supporting elements to define it. It might be one of the mostchallenging sections, but seeking help from an essay writing service can ease the process.


A conclusion is the last and final paragraph of the essay, where you need to conclude everything you started. In this, you have to wrap up the thoughts, arguments, and theme. To do this, you need to return to the thesis statement you stated at the beginning. In addition, the concluding paragraph never includes anything that is not there in the rest of the document. Furthermore, you must show why the pointers you stated are crucial and tie the knots together to give a sense of closure. Besides this, your conclusion must be strong enough to leave a lasting impression on the audience. Additionally, it must also persuade the readers to take action after reading the document.

It is the rule of three approaches you must follow foran academic writing essay. Moreover, If you struggle here and cannot do it yourself, you can pay for essay to an expert. Move ahead to explore the stages into which the process is divided.

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What Are the Stages of an Academic Essay Writing Process?

An academic essay is classified into different stages that make it easier for you to work on it. In addition, it also defines a path for you to walk down and complete the task within the deadline without juggling between the sections. So, read ahead to explore the stages into which you can divide youracademic essay writingprocess:


It is the stage that you have to consider before you actually write your document. This stage focuses on:

  • Topic Selection - Selecting the topic is the foremost thing you must do, as without this, you cannot move ahead with the process. Thus, you must have a theme on which your content will be drafted. To do this, you must choose a theme that interests you. It is crucial because if you are not interested in the theme, you cannot attract readers.
  • Researching - Once you have decided on the theme to work on, it is time to collect the information to work on it. Without researching, you cannot draft the essay as you will not have the required information. Thus, before an academic essay writing, you must gather the necessary data about the topic from various sources. Additionally, you must collect the facts and supporting elements related to your central idea.
  • Outlining - Researching is not complete by itself it needs you to pen down the pointers. It is so because, if you do not draw an outline, you might miss some of them while writing the document. Thus, while gathering the data, you must list all the points you must include in a layout. It will ensure you do not skip any point while drafting.


Once you have completed the pre-writing stage, it is time to begin the writing part of the essay. So, this section includes:

  • Arranging - To begin the writing part, you need to start arranging your thoughts logically to maintain connectivity. To do this, you must evaluate the importance of the arguments you will incorporate into the content. It will help you figure out the most effective one, and you can begin with it to make your reader connect.
  • Supporting - After arranging the arguments into several paragraphs, it is time to support them with evidence. It is a crucial thing, as without it, you cannot justify your point of view. These are crucial in the field of law, as proofs are the building blocks for the subject. Thus, if you struggle here, seeking law essay help is the best alternative.
  • Analyse - Once you have laid out the arguments and provided enough supporting elements, it is time to assess them. It is crucial, as it will help you evaluate whether the evidence is effective or not. Through this, you can focus on the central theme and avoid going off track.


Once you have written the academic essay, it is not the end, as you have to polish it to leave an impression. So, in this stage, you have to:

  • Edit - Editing is a crucial part that ensures you have submitted a flawless document. To do this, you must check for spelling, grammar, connectivity, relevance, punctuation, and capitalization in your content.
  • Cite - Citation is the process of giving credit to the authors of the sources you have referred to to gather the information. Without this, your content might be flagged for plagiarism.Thus, it will help you to make your essay without plagiarism.
  • Check - It is the last step where you should check all the parts you must include and work on while drafting the document.

These are the stages you must complete gradually for anacademic writing essay. If you are still juggling in the process, you can seek professional assistance from us.

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