Social Media Essay : An Ultimate Guide with Trending Topics

01 Nov 2023 562
 Explore social media essay from expert’s perspective

In the current scenario, staying away from social media is not only impossible but the most foolish thing. It is so because it will help you in several ways, not only in your personal life but in academics as well. Thus, this is the reason students are assigned social media essay on a regular basis.

There is no doubt that social media platforms have changed the way people interact, share and communicate with each other. However, before jumping to anything else about the same, it is crucial to get along with the term social media first. So, read ahead to explore the same.

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What Is Social Media and Its Various Types?

Social media is a platform that is combinedly used for websites that provides a base for people to communicate smoothly. However, this is not confined to communication; rather, it also involves knowledge sharing, news spreading, marketing, and networking. Moreover, to write anything about social media essays, you first need to get along with several social media platforms to ease your work. So, here are some popular social media sites:


It is one of the latest social media platforms popularly used to share pictures and videos. Moreover, this has a significant impact on the private lives of young people that you need to perceive.


It is the oldest platform that is popular both with young and old crowds. Moreover, it is utilised to look upon social, political, cultural, and environmental issues by being a powerful resource.


It is definitely the perfect platform to post videos about nearly anything. Everyone from a politician to a singer or musician uses YouTube to share their view on any particular topic.


It is another popular platform that includes several features, such as live video, messaging, and more. It is available in more than 20 languages across the world.


This social media platform is used to write short messages that are known as tweets. These are widely used to spread emergency news quickly.

These were some popularly used social media platforms that you can be asked to write a descriptive, comparative, or analytical essay on. Thus, it is time to move ahead and explore the points of importance of social media essays for a student.

What Is the Importance of Social Media?

It is common thinking that these social media platforms have a terrible influence on student's life and lead to a decrease in their grades. But, if you use it wisely, it can be a great tool that can help you to improve your several skills. These platforms can be used to improve your communication, knowledge sharing and writing skills. Thus, working on a social media essay is one of the effective ways to improve or learn these skills. It is one of the reasons why students are assigned these write-ups on a regular basis. Moreover, there are several other features of social media as well that you can benefit from while drafting social media essays.

Live Lectures

You can take classes or attend lectures just by sitting at your home with these platforms.

Learning Materials

You can read blogs and watch videos to enhance your existing knowledge about any topic.


You can clear your doubts at any point in time and even after school hours are over.

These are some purposes that social media platforms solve for a student. Moving ahead, let us look at the pros and cons of the same in brief.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Essay

There are two sides to the same coin, and looking at both is necessary while working on anything. Thus. While drafting social media essays, you must know the pros and cons of it as well. So, first, let us take you along with some positive pointers:

Positive Impact of Social Media: The Advantages

Listed below are the advantages that you will avail from the social media:

  • Social media is an excellent tool for businesses as they can promote their brand or services without spending a lot. Moreover, through this, you can also create awareness among potential customers.
  • It is the fastest mode of transferring knowledge among the audience. Thus, it can be used in emergency situations where quick actions are crucial.
  • Using social media, you can regain your self-esteem and build confidence in yourself by flaunting your hidden talent to the entire world.
  • It increases the ability to get instant feedback for the product or service you are delivering to the customers.

These are the positive pointers that social media has to serve you with. Moreover, while drafting a social media essay, you will ease the work by perceiving all these as now you have an idea about the pros.

Negative Impact of Social Media: The Disadvantages

Listed below are the disadvantages that you will must know about social media, without knowing you might think, Can someone write my essay for me?

  • Cyberbullying is one of the major issues while using social media platforms. Teenage children are the most common victims of the same, and it is so much harmful to them.
  • Online frauds are so common these days, and due to this, personal information has become so fragile for hackers.
  • Due to the excessive use of social media, health issues are increasing daily. These include mental health in a significant way.

There were the pointers that must have made you aware of both sides of the coin, that is, social media. Thus, through this, you must be un-doubtful about the same. So, it is time to ease your work even more by listing the topics you can use to draft your social media essays.

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In this section, our experts providing custom essay writing services have listed some trending social media topics that will ease your work. You can choose any from the list and draft your essay on it.

1. A comprehensive guide on how to build your brand on digital media.

2. Explain social media as an effective marketing tool in the present time.

3. Why is digital media a waste of time? Explain what the study says

4. Define the shift towards ephemeral content on social media.

5. What is the inevitable rise of digital media in marketing?

6. Explain the effects of social media on social pressure

7. What is the twitter's influence on real-time news reporting?

8. Discuss the social media impact on business and education

9. Impact of social media on personal relationships: Connection or isolation?

10. How does freedom of speech in social media essay work?

11. Explain the ethics of employers screening candidates through social media.

12. How banning social media such as Facebook from schools will result?

13. Discuss the role of social media in spurring globalization.

14. Explain social media as a way to capture the current reality

15. What are the underlying psychological effects of Instagram and body image?

16. How does social media promote radicalization?

These are some trending social media essay topics that you can use to draft your content on. Moreover, if there are several other issues as well that you face while working on this essay, you can pay for essay to an expert in the field.

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