Golden Tips on How to Write Extended Essay to Ace Your Test

17 Jul 2023 562
Top 5 Tricks for Your Extended Essay

Are you feeling pressured for your International Baccalaureate(IB) academic task? Do you need help with your extended essay? Worry no more. Here in this blog, you will get some secret tips about how to manage this complicated task effectively. Before that, you must know that (extended essay)EE is essential for your IB programme and are in the form of a mini-thesis. These are 4000-word structured essays on your chosen topic.

Apart from that, are you curious about when did EE start? It was introduced in 1978 and came to the guideline of IB in 1989. Most students face difficulty regarding this project and often lose marks because they don't know how to do it accurately. However, there are certain tricks you can follow to get your desired result. Do you want to know those? Here, we covered that for your help. However, before that, understand why EE is important for a student, so read below.

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What Is the Importance of Extended Essay?

You must already know what is an extended essay. However, have you ever considered how it is useful for your future? Do you want to understand why it is essential? Don't worry, here are your answers. Everyone knows that as a student, you must gain critical thinking and analysis skills. An IB extended essay provides you with this opportunity to prepare practically for your college and university style of research and academic writing process. Here you will get to select your area of interest out of the huge pile of potential subjects. It helps you to know how to self-direct your study. Similarly, this is a contributing factor to discovering your capacity to find answers to research questions. Moreover, it improves your ability to form arguments in an understandable manner and how to organise your theories in writing. You gain all these qualities by extended essay IB. What's more you can ask for?

Now let's discuss how to refrain from committing errors while writing these. You can search for extended essay examples and get ideas from those. Or you can read further to know about it.

The Do's and Don't s of Extended Essay

Since an extended essay is a challenging academic task, here is a road map to help you out in this.

Extended Essay Don't s

Avoid too broad, vague or narrow topics for your paper. It will make you confused and will impact your word count.

Avoid simple research questions which can be easily answerable or are not worth considering in your extended essay.

  • Do not include irrelevant sources or materials in it.
  • Do not select a topic whose data are not easily accessible and are impossible to find.
  • Do not write your facts in a summary or report form. Work on the construction and flow of the paper according to your research question in your IB extended essay.
  • Do not repeat your introduction in the conclusion chapter because it is unacceptable in these.
  • Do not forget to put references you took in your paper. Otherwise, it will lead you to plagiarism and you will lose marks.
  • Do not cite those sources you did not use in your bibliography.

Extended Essay Do's

  • There are several types of essays, so first, understand what this particular task means. Then start the further procedure.
  • Select a topic with a lot of background information available so you won't lack data to support your argument. Moreover, you will be saved from doing tons of research work for extended essay IB.
  • Check the format of this projectand write accordingly. This way, you won't lose a score for structural mistakes.
  • Always consider the best and unique research question for your extended essay.
  • Instead of pondering about it, start your work by organising the data, table of content, cover page and abstract.
  • Make a schedule about which thing will be done at what time and how much time it will take to complete it.
  • Have backups of your IB extended essayon your laptop, hard drive, phone etc. In case you lose one, You won't panic because there will be another copy to work further.

Now it's time to know about some simple ways to make an effective paper and impress your teacher. You can write a short essay for practice but remember it is a bit different from EE. However, below are some tips we have for your help to gain dream results.

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Tips for Your Extended Essay

There are some tricks you can follow to make this difficult academic task easier. Those are:

1. Find Balanced Research Question

Most students feel difficulty while choosing their research question for an extended essay. Have you ever thought why? Well, the answer is, here, the topic must be long enough to complete the word count of 4000 also, it must be narrow so you won't get confused in between. Learners can't maintain the balance and face issues regarding this. Similarly, if there are multiple research has been conducted on your selected topic, you must find some new approaches to do your task. Otherwise, your reader will be bored by reading the same thing. If you don't want to struggle with this, then start brainstorming multiple ideas for your topic. Also, start thinking about various alternatives to your area of interest. Therefore, find out balanced research questions for your extended essay which are unique and not too much that you feel overwhelmed with it.

2. Write Something You Enjoy

If you know what is an extended essay, you must already understand that it requires a lot of time. So if your topic is not on par with your interest, you will be bored with it in the middle. Therefore, you will lose the motivation and desire to work further. It will affect your performance and you will lose your marks for it. Therefore choose something which you think is interesting. However, that does not mean selecting an extravagant one. Write about something which is easily understandable and feasible in your extended essay IB.

3. Choose the Best Advisor

Your advisor will guide you throughout your process. Some of them are very nice, while others are not that cooperative. Therefore, if you want to complete your extended essay task smoothly, then select the best one. Moreover, apply as early as possible, because there might be other students who want the same guide. In addition, some of the advisors need to see your outline before accepting you. So prepare a good one, and you are ready to go. Your supervisor must be as passionate as you about the subject. By this, he/she will give extra attention to your paper. However, if you can not find a good one, no worries. You can search for online essay help and take a helping hand.

4. Make a Clear Structure

When you make the outline of your paper, you did half of your work. As with any other academic paper, it has an introduction, research questions, main body, conclusion and list of references. There are so many extended essay examples available online. You can read them to get an idea about the form. In addition, always segregate which data will be put where, so it will be easier for you while writing. This way, half of your battle is finished.

5. Start It Early

Most students waste their time procrastinating, so at the last minute, they panic about how to complete it. Hence, to finish their project before due time, they write anything without cross-checking and submit the task. You already know what will happen then. Therefore, do not keep your extended essay at the end time to do. Start as early as possible. You can work on it little by little every day, so you won't be in a rush and can submit quality work. Properly structure your timetable and proceed accordingly.

These are some simple tricks you can use for quality submission. Although these tips will help you with your project, at certain times, you need professional help. If you want, there are multiple online services. As many students pay for essay writing, you can give money and get your EE done. For that, ours is the best which you must consider. Want to know how Assignment Desk is the perfect option? Then read below to know.

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