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Cryptography is a paradigm to store or transmit data in the form of encrypted text so that it cannot be misused, and only who are authorized can read or process it. Also, the field of Cryptography is closely related to cryptoanalysis & cryptology. In this, students are made to study various techniques that are helpful in hiding information from unwanted access. If you are a student enrolled in courses related to Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology, and Computer Application of the UK-based universities, then there will be a time when you’ll be required to comprehend and work on the topics covered under the umbrella term of Cryptography. To help you deal with the stress of academic writing task of this subject, we, at Assignment Desk, have come to your rescue. You may seek the best Cryptography assignment help from us. After doing so, you may leave aside all your stress as the subject-oriented academic professionals we have on board are well versed even in the most intricate protocols and algorithms of cryptography. Taking assistance from them in Cryptography assignment writing task will surely help you grab the grades that you’ve aimed for.

An Overview of Cryptography

Cryptography is a science which deals with securing the digital data with the help of several complicated mathematical algorithms and techniques. With the use of Cryptography, one can easily convert data into a format that is unreadable for an unauthorized user, allowing it to be transmitted without being at constant risk of compromising the data. In modern-day, Cryptography is associated with scrambling the plain text into cipher text through the process of encryption. The coded text is brought back to its original form via decryption process and at some instances public and private keys are also used.

There are four objectives with which the modern Cryptography is concerned, and they are as follows:

Confidentiality- The information cannot be understood by someone who is unauthenticated.

Integrity- The stored data cannot be modified, if it is altered, both sender and receiver will get notified of the same.

Non-repudiation- This refers to the ability to ensure that a party to a contract or communication cannot disprove the authenticity of their digital signature on a document.

Authentication- Under this, the sender and receiver can confirm the identity of each other. This is crucial when the transmission of highly confidential data is done.

History of Cryptography

It is said that art of Cryptography was originated along with the art of writing. As the civilizations evolved, the humans became sophisticated. With this, new ideas related to power, battles, supremacy, politics, etc., emerged and so did the need to communicate secretly. This led to the introduction of Cryptography. Few of the most prominent cryptographic techniques are:


The Egyptians used to communicate by messages written in hieroglyph some 4000 years ago. This code was a secret which was only known to the people who used to transmit messages on behalf of the kings.

Caesar Shift Cipher

The scholars started using simple mono-alphabetic substitution ciphers during 500 to 600 BC. This involved replacing alphabets of the message with other alphabets with some secret rule. In this, the letters of the message were shifted by a predefined number.


In this method, people not only want to protect the secrecy of information by concealing it. The most amazing thing about steganography is that an unintended recipient or an intruder is unaware of the fact that observed data contains some hidden information which further helps in restricting the unauthorized access.

Also, there were some more techniques used such as:

Vigenere Coding

This was an improved coding technique which came into existence in the 15th century. This was an upgrade of Ceaser Cipher, and in this the letters were replaced unevenly instead of same number of places.

Use of Enigma rotor machine

In the early 20th century, the invention of several mechanical and electromechanical machines took place. One such machine was “Enigma rotor” that provided advanced and efficient means of coding the information. The codes generated using this machine was used actively in the Second World War.

With these basic techniques in consideration, the advanced ones were introduced, and when the computers became cheaper, more complex algorithms which had higher security level were introduced.

It is clear that comprehending and drafting the academic papers on such complicated concepts is not an easy task, and for those students who have trouble in understanding the logical flowcharts and mathematical problems, it becomes an uphill task. If you too are one such scholar, then take online Cryptography assignment help provided by us and score high grades without much hassle.

Why Do Scholars Need Cryptography Assignment Help?

There are many concerns which make academic writing a daunting task. But the factors affecting them stay hidden because there is difference in their daily schedule and social circle. However, a few common concerns which make a student ask for Cryptography assignment help are discussed below:

Lack of skills

Whenever students are assigned academic writing task, a lot of competencies are tested such as researching, analyzing, writing, proofreading and editing. Not every scholar is adept at all these, and thus taking help in writing Cryptography assignment becomes crucial to them.

Unawareness of university guidelines

The rules that should be followed while writing an assignment, term paper, research paper, dissertation, thesis, etc., are updated quite frequently. To keep track of these along with including all relevant points becomes a difficult task to accomplish and to ease the process, the scholars usually take Cryptography assignment writing assistance from certified experts.

Insufficient reference sources

To complete a Cryptography assignment writing task, a student might need to go through several references. They can be in the form of video lectures, blogs, previously published articles, and so on, but finding the ones with adequate information and the updated data is quite difficult, and this becomes the reason for seeking assignment help services.

There are several other factors such as lack of time, concentration issues, language problem, fast approaching deadlines, and much more. If any of the above-mentioned points seem familiar to you, then reach out to us and ask for online Cryptography assignment help. Once you’ve done this, you can relax as our native professionals will leave no stone unturned to help you score an A+ grade.

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