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Students pursuing a diploma course in BTEC HND in business are often asked to submit MFRD assignments to assess their understanding of the related concepts. However, one requires to possess a brilliant knowledge about finance and decisions regarding it to submit a scoring document that can stand out from other write-ups. That is where we step in, Assignment Desk offers MFRD assignment writing service to scholars who are struggling with the tricky topics of MFRD. Our team of writers that provides online MFRD assignment help in the UK consists of academic writers who are adept at writing top-notch papers.

MFRD(Managing financial resources and decisions), as the name suggests covers the different aspects that are involved in selecting the various sources of finance by making a rational and wise decision so as to gain maximum return at minimum risk. Some of the factors include Organizational Behavior (OB), Marketing Principles(MP), Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business (ACNB), etc.

Take our MFRD assignment help if you are not able to cope with any of the tricky concepts. With our MFRD assignment writing service, we assure you that you will never have to face the rejection due to late submission or lower grades because of the poor content quality.

Different Sources of Finance That Are Available to Business Owners

Our writers of MFRD assignment explain that finance is the prerequisite for the development and growth of every company as money is essential at each and every step for expansion. For this, firms can ask for financial assistance from various sources and have to analyze the best out of them depending on the pros and cons of various factors which include accessibility, legal limitations, expenses, etc. This evaluation needs expert knowledge in the field of finance. Our team that offers writing help with MFRD assignment consists of experienced financial analysts and advisers who have worked with some of the top companies. They have segmented different sources of finance under internal and external sources. Read below:

Sources of Finance

Internal sources

When finance is managed from within without any aid from outsiders, it is called internal financing. It includes:

Fixed assets

The tangible assets that are used for the long-term by the organization to earn income are known as fixed assets. These cannot be exchanged into cash easily, examples are, working capital, plant and equipment, share investment, and property.


  • Unused or obsolete machines can be put to better use by selling or renting them.
  • There is no interest needed for fixed assets.


  • Machines have high repairing and maintenance cost.
  • With increasing above cost, depreciation also becomes high.
Retained earnings

These are the earnings that are left to the owner after deducting dividends on shares and are retained for internal investment. Our MFRD assignment helpers have assessed these below:


  • It is a liquid asset, hence an easy source of finance.
  • NO payback or interest as it is the savings of the company.


  • It involves opportunity cost.
  • It is available only for the businesses that perform successfully and profitably for at least a year.
Personal savings

The funds that are provided by the owner of the company out of the money that he/she saved or inherited.


  • Easy to obtain and need no repayment.
  • No loss of ownership.


  • Not always possible to garner large amount.
  • There are no tax benefits.

External sources

These are the sources from outside the company to collect necessary funds from various sources like banks and other financial institutions. External sources of finance is one of the most common topics that is often asked by students for their MFRD assignments.

Share capital

It is long term finance where a company raises funds by issuing shares to stakeholders who invest their money in return of the ownership. Our online MFRD assignment writing experts in the UK explain that equity shareholders enjoy the benefits that are earned by companies and also have to bear the losses. On the contrary, preference shareholders get the dividend before the former ones but do not have any say in the decision making.


  • There is no need to pay back as shareholders only have the right to get the profit share of the business.
  • There is lesser risk of bankruptcy as stakeholders cannot claim money back.


  • Payment of the dividend is necessary before anything else.
  • Share capital is time-consuming and costly.
Bank overdrafts

It is the facility where firms can raise short-term funds by taking higher amount than the money they hold in their bank account.


  • It maintains a proper record of financial transactions of the company.
  • It is quick and flexible to arrange too.


  • There is a limit to the amount for an overdraft.
  • Rate of interest is higher as compared to loans.
Trade creditors

These are the individuals or entities who give credit to firms to buy essential materials which they can repay later on.


  • There are no lengthy legal or banking formalities to avail this source.
  • A quick and convenient way to get short-term loan.


  • It is difficult for new businesses to raise trade credits.
  • It can be costly if failed to repay on time.
Long-term loans

It is the most famous sources of finance and allows companies to raise a large amount for starting a business or expanding projects. The debtors have to repay the principal amount along with interest and other charges through equal installments over a time period. Students often take our writing help on this topic for their MFRD assignments.


  • There is a fixed rate of interest in banks so companies can plan the budget accordingly.
  • Sometimes banks provide loans on more flexible terms.


  • One needs to give security to get funds which will be owned by the bank in case of failure of repayment.
  • It involves a complex legal procedure.

Lease is an agreement between two parties where one entity allows another to use former’s property, or machinery and the latter one pays for it on a periodic basis or as the conditions agreed upon.


  • Lease rate remains constant and doesn’t increase with success of the business.
  • Payments are made after every few months, so it is more relaxing.


  • Company is required to pay the maintenance cost.
  • Lease has to be paid continuously even if the business faces failure.

We hope that we have helped you to comprehend each of the financial resources clearly. If you still find it difficult to write even an average scoring paper on this topic, then do not delay in availing our writing service for your MFRD assignment. We guarantee you to deliver an academic paper that will score no less than an A grade.

Factors That Influence the Financial Decisions of a Business

Our online writing service providers for MFRD assignments in the UK have worked in different departments and sectors as Investor Relations Associate, Financial Planner, Actuary, Credit Analyst, Budget Analyst. Hence, they are familiar with various determinants regarding the right sources of finance for a company. Take a read:

Amount of money

There are sources that are not ideal for large sum while others may not be flexible enough for a smaller amount. So analysts consider the total money that they require and then make their decisions accordingly.

Financial Flexibility

As suggested by our MFRD assignment writers, companies with a strong cash flow hardly face any difficulties to raise funds from banks or creditors. However, it is tricky for firms that have bad times to meet the financial requirements. The more financial flexibility a business has, the more options it has to raise funds.

Growth Rate

The companies that are in the growth stage fund their expenses through debts and borrowings as they need to grow faster to compete with other firms in the same industry.

Risk involved

A project that deemed riskier cannot find external sources that can lend the company higher amount until it provides a guarantee. Another point that firms need to remember is debt capital is riskier to raise funds as debenture holders need to be paid interest irrespective of the profit of the company.

Time period

If the funds are required for short-term, then it is better to zero in on the options like trade credits, fixed deposits, advanced received, etc. However, for long term finance, equity shares, venture funding, term loans, etc., are preferred. If you need assignment writing assistance with the topic on any of these sources, then our MFRD assignment helpers are always available to guide you.

Control consideration

Equity shares give the right of control to the shareholders and thus liquidate the powers of the original owner. When businessman wants to avoid excess control of equity shareholders on the company, he opts for sources, such as bank loans, debentures, retained earnings, etc.

To become a finance pro, you need to spend considerable time on learning the concepts of this field. But sometimes your pending MFRD assignments can hinder your learning process. So it’s time to keep your writing woes at bay and let us take care of it. We will work with all our might to deliver you the best MFRD assignment that will achieve your dream grades for sure.

Reasons Why Business Entities Need Funds

Right from the starting of a company to its merger and acquisition, it needs money for the steady growth and development. Our experienced writers for MFRD assignments have listed the significance of finance for a business organization. Read below:

  • Irrespective of the kind of business, every firm requires funds to purchase assets, employ people, and cover running costs. Finance is essential to start a company till the time it generates income from sales.
  • As an organization gradually grows, it has to evolve and upgrade its technology to keep the pace with the competitors. Adopting new methods and techniques can be expensive and demands a huge investment. Online MFRD assignment helpers suggest that technology doesn’t only include computer systems but also machinery and tools which can perform business activities more efficiently.
  • Every company tries to come up with the new and unique products that can attract major customer segment, but for this, they need to spend money in the development and marketing of the goods and services. Many of our writers who offer help with writing MFRD assignments have worked for the product development department of the leading companies, and are aware of all the financial decisions that are involved here.
  • Enterprises need funds for research and development to enter new markets and sell their products to new types of buyers. For example, to advertise, campaign, and set up retail outlets.
  • Every company needs calls on cash for day to day workings, be it paying for buying raw materials or paying wages.
  • When one business buys another, the former requires money to pay for the acquisition to pay previous owners of the firm.

While hiring financial experts during campus placements, most recruiters look for scholars who have scored well throughout their academic career which includes both your exam grades and scores that you garner for your scholastic document. So, why don’t you focus on the exams and let the professionals deal with the latter? We, at Assignment Desk, vow to provide the best MFRD assignment help to every student. We promise that you will receive a second to none paper that too within the stipulated time.

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