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    Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP is the most popularly used programming language to develop web pages. Computer Science students are now pursuing a short-term degree or specialization course in PHP due to its increasing usage and functions. However, they often find it difficult to submit a scoring academic paper on the same and thus, ask for PHP assignment help from us. If you find yourself on the same wavelength, then hire us once and get assured of PHP assignment that will be ranked top in your class irrespective of the complexity of the topic. We, at Assignment Desk, have handpicked all our experts who offer PHP assignment writing service to the UK-based scholars.

    PHP Assignment Writing

    Of course, PHP offers a huge career scope, but for that, you need to excel in your academics too which is highly based on your scholastic documents. So, do not compromise with your grades and seek PHP assignment help from the highly qualified writers who have been providing PHP assignment writing service for years now.

    A Comprehensive Overview of PHP, Its History, and Development

    PHP is dynamic in nature which makes it the most preferred language among the developers. The PHP codes can be embedded into HTML codes or can also be used in combination with web content management systems, web template systems, and web frameworks. Our online PHP programming assignment help providers explain that PHP applies different functions of C, C++ and its object oriented programming was first introduced in the PHP3 extension.

    The credit to develop PHP goes to Rasmus Lerdorf who created it in 1994 and used it for his website to secure his personal homepage. He was later joined by programmers Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski in 1998, who put it to maximum advantage and employed it to redesign web pages. According to our professionals who offer help with PHP assignments writing tasks, it was initially named as Personal Home Page as Lerdorf created it for his own use. However, as it gradually started to gain recognition and became a globally known web programming language, it got a new name, i.e., Hypertext Preprocessor.

    Over the 22 years, since PHP programming language has been introduced, it has evolved a lot and enhanced the skills of programmers to create more dynamic web pages and also revolutionized its applications. Our writers who give PHP assignment service have briefly explained the different versions of this language. Take a look:


    On June 8, 1995, Rasmus Lerdorf released PHP/FI with the name ‘Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools) version 1.0'. He announced it on the Usenet discussion group named comp.infosystems.www.authoring.cgi.

    PHP/FI 2

    It was in November 1997 that the second version of PHP was released. FI 2 combined the two packages into a single program. Although the first two versions of PHP didn't have many features, they still set a benchmark for the further advancement.

    PHP/FI 3

    This version saw major changes as Zeev Suraski, and Andi Gutmans formed the base of FI 3 by rewriting the parser in 1997. During this phase, it also got its new name, i.e., Hypertext Preprocessor. After the public testing, PHP 3 was officially launched in June 1998.

    PHP/FI 4

    It was on May 22, 2000, that PHP 4 was released. It was powered by the Zend Engine 1.0. This version reached till 4.4.9 as of August 2008 but is not developed any longer and will also not have any security updates in future. PHP 3 & 4 witnessed the introduction of command line interface, superglobals.

    PHP/FI 5

    With the new Zend Engine II, PHP 5 was developed on July 13, 2004. This version comprised some new features to manipulate the database easily, and also included the PHP Data Objects (PDO), object-oriented programming, with numerous other performance enhancements.

    PHP/ FI 6

    Our PHP experts who help scholars with their PHP assignments suggest that due to various reasons, this version couldn't see the light of day. This one embedded ICU (International Components for Unicode) library into the program.

    PHP/FI 7

    This one is the latest version to be introduced, powered by Zend Engine 3 with some exclusive features which previous versions were missing. It includes return and scalar type declaration, 64-bit integer support, etc.

    Our pool of online PHP assignment help providers consists of veterans of this field who have worked as developers and programmers in some of the renowned IT companies. They can write a flawless academic paper even on the trickiest topic of PHP. So contact them once and see what wonders they can do for your grades.

    Features That Make PHP the Most Preferred Programming Language

    Nowadays, PHP is widely used by developers and programmers due to some exclusive traits that are not shared by other programming languages. Hence, due to its increasing popularity, you must understand the functions, features, and methods of PHP because failing to have a firm grip on these concepts will make it difficult for you to acquire knowledge about how all the frameworks operate. Online PHP assignment service professionals have jotted down its characteristics that make it preferred over other languages. Read:

    1.It allows Real-Time Access Monitoring, i.e., it creates the summary of recent accesses to provide access logging.
    2.PHP is loosely typed language which implies that one need not define or classify the type of variable that is stored in them while declaring the variable.
    3.The predefined error reporting feature of PHP specifies the errors that are reported and generates warning.
    4.As it is an interpreted language, it doesn't require compilation.
    5.Newdoc and Heredoc syntax are used to delimit strings and are ideal for embedding lengthy PHP codes within the program.
    6.One need not pay any amount to use PHP; it is absolutely free to download and use.
    7.It is convenient to develop cross-platform desktop applications through the advanced features of this versatile language.
    8.As compared to other scripting languages, PHP is much faster and easier to use.
    9. In PHP, constant and variables are case sensitive while functions names are not.

    Topics on Which Students Have Sought Help for Their PHP Assignments

    It has been quite some time that we have started PHP assignment service, our quality work and determination have helped us to reach the top of this industry. You can even go through the samples available on our website that are a testimony to the excellence of our writers. Here is a list of topics that students often ask writing assistance on:

    • Handling HTML form with PHP
    • Creating and accessing String
    • Mixing Decisions and looping with HTML
    • PHP Syntax
    • PHP Constants
    • Variable and constant in PHP
    • Installation and configuration
    • MYSQL
    • PHP and AJAX
    • Evolution and Introduction of PHP

    This is not the exhaustive list of the topics that we have given writing assistance on; there are many more to this list. No matter how complicated or tricky topic you are assigned for your PHP assignment writing work, always remember that we always have your back.

    What Are the Applications of PHP?

    PHP is a scripting language primarily designed to develop dynamic web pages. However, with the technological advancements and evolution, it is now also used to create client-side Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications. Here are some various applications of PHP as listed by our PHP programming assignment help team:

    eCommerce Applications

    These days, from large-scale companies to small startups, every business enterprise is trying to target online shoppers. Through CodeIgniter and CakePHP, creating eCommerce applications have become an easy task. Examples of eCommerce applications that are created in PHP include AgoraCart, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Magento, etc.

    Web Pages and Web-Based Applications

    An effective web page needs to have certain features, such as highly active user interface, customization, easy integration with database systems, the capability to perform online transactions, etc. As stated by PHP experts who provide assignment writing service, PHP offers the perfect solution to achieve these traits through its three-tiered architecture. PHP takes credit for over 244 million websites that are built using this programming language.

    Create Flash

    By using open source library like Ming, SWF format movies can be created with numerous Flash features, such as morphs, text, gradients, animations, bitmaps (png and jpeg), actions, etc. Also, PHP is used to create and incorporate elements, such as email form and login form into dynamic web pages.

    Data Representation

    It is used by eCommerce websites, client-side desktop applications, and various apps where data is presented graphically to make it more concise. Our academic writers who give help with PHP assignments in the UK further explain that through Image_Graph tool, PHP enables to include scatter-dot plots, graphs, charts, and other graphical presentations.

    Web Content Management Systems

    PHP not only supports databases, such as Oracle, MySQL, and MS Access, but also interacts with others services through protocols which include NNTP, LDAP, IMAP, COM, HTTP, POP3, and SNMP. Thus, it helps in creating web Content Management Systems (CMS), some of them are WordPress along with its plugins, user-facing part of Facebook, Silverstripe, Joomla, Digg, Moodle, Drupal, etc.

    Image Processing and Graphic Design

    Along with managing text content, PHP also manipulates data by integrating with image processing libraries, such as ImageMagick, Imagine, and GD library. This allows the user to rotate, create thumbnail pictures, crop, resize, add watermark, and generate output images in multiple formats, such as wbmp, jpeg, xmp, gif, png.

    GUI-Based Applications

    Although PHP is widely used by web-based applications as a scripting language, it is also employed to create apps based on the desktop graphical user interface (GUI).

    To excel in this field, you would need to master the techniques in which it used in different sectors which requires a lot of time on your behalf. So, it's time to keep your writing woes at bay and buy PHP assignment from the geniuses of this language and devote your time to learning the practical applications of PHP.

    Hire the Most Trusted Writing Service Providers for Your PHP Assignments

    Making money by offering help to students with their academic papers has never been our aim, nor we want to indulge in a competition of proving us better than our peers. Our primary objective is to assist college-goers who are struggling with their PHP assignments. That is why we always try to come up with exclusive and beneficial policies so that students can buy PHP assignments conveniently. Take a look at reasons that make us the preferred assignment help providers across the UK:

    Customized service

    Every student has a different demand in terms of word count, format, citation style, etc., and to serve the needs of each of them, we offer customized PHP assignment writing service. Now, you have to mention your specifications and wait for a document that is prepared just according to your preference.

    Subject-oriented experts

    While recruiting our writers, we make sure that each of them has the highest degree credentials in their respective fields. Only after ascertaining their knowledge and expertise of subject, we hire them to provide help to college-goers with their PHP assignments.

    Strict privacy policy

    Privacy infringement and cyber theft are quite common when you avail any sort of online service. But with us, rest assured that no third party will know your personal details.

    Easy to reach service

    Our official website is easy to navigate, and our team is convenient to reach. You can connect with us by sending an email, giving us a phone call, or talking to us live. We have also launched a mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

    Timely delivery

    Late submission can directly influence your grades, and to save you from such adverse scenario, we guarantee you that you will receive your order before the stipulated time. You will have enough time on your hand to review your paper thoroughly.

    Competitive prices

    Not all college students have the luxury to spend extravagantly for seeking assignment help. That is why, we charge nominal price from our customers so that they don't have to pay through the nose. We also offer seasonal discounts and deals to make our writing services more affordable.

    Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are some additional benefits too that we offer:

    • All our assignments are prepared from scratch and to assure you of the originality that we maintain in every academic paper, we attach a free Plagiarism report with every order.
    • Our team of proofreaders and editors serves its best to make your document free from any technical error or grammatical mistake.
    • If you feel the need of any modifications or changes in your paper, then feel free to ask us for the same without paying an extra penny.
    • Our customer support team is waiting to help you with all their might even at the wee hours of the day. So, do not hesitate to contact them if and when you come across any issue with your HR assignment.
    • If you are not satisfied with our PHP assignment help and service, which is unlikely to happen, then you can ask for a refund. You just have to provide us with a legit reason for the same.

    By now, you must have realized where to look for the online help for your PHP assignments. Students from the UK cities, such as London, Bristol, Liverpool, Luton, Bournemouth, Canterbury, Northern Ireland, Sheffield, England, Chelmsford, etc., can connect with to seek assistance. So hurry!

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