Human Resource Management on Hilton Hotel


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Human resource management plays a crucial role in the organisation function which mainly focuses on recruitment and selection process and developing the employees so that they prove to be useful for the company (Armstrong, 2001). In this report analysis of the Hilton Hotel has been done to cover various areas to understand the human resource management. It covers role and purpose of human resource management of Hilton Hotel. Along with this the study includes how the employment laws affect the management of industry. Moreover, it also discusses the contribution of training and development activities performed in the Company. Also, the comparison has to be done of the selection process of two different service industries.



The role and purpose of human resource management are recruitment and selection of personnel and give them proper training and development to achieve overall goals and objectives of organisation. Human resource management of Hilton Hotel play a vital role in selecting the workforce at different levels which helps in building a strong working environment (Claydon and Beardwell, 2010). The purpose of human resource management of hotel is to do recruitment of employees with proper skills and knowledge. The hotel will gain best performance if all the organisational goals and objectives are achieved. HR of the industry needs to motivate people through rewards and evaluate or judge the performance of employees. The business has to offer various compensation benefits to attract the employees like holiday packages, bonus and awards which will make them work hard and achieve targets.

The department of hotel should do the planning of future organisational goals. Hilton has to always try to achieve the goals by moving in the right direction and works effectively. Hotel has to plan the setting of each and every day objectives of all the activities in the organisation and to ensure that work has been done in correct way. Management should plan for current as well as future to know the working of company (Lamond and Zheng, 2010). It is very crucial for hotel to forecast the need of human resource in future which will help them in making plan for selecting employees. Hilton has to make a strong recruitment process and through that every individual should pass. In recruitment process conducting preliminary interviews, selection, training and development is done which make the employees develop their skill and knowledge.

HR has to perform important function of making contracts of employment with employees to make them understand the roles and duties they have to perform in Hotel. Management should keep a close eye on the functioning of every employee of hotel to know that if any employee is not efficient then he needs to be terminated. HR has to focus on the unfair practices and dissatisfaction among employees which will affect the working conditions of Hilton hotel (Hoobler and Johnson, 2004). Training and development is a very important function of human resource which needs to train and develop the skills of work force to make them work effectively. The relationship between HR and employees of Hotel should well manage and they should have no conflicts among them. The hotel has to make proper budgets to make allocation of all needs and continuously monitor it which helps in achieving aims and targets of industry.


Human resource planning is a continuous process which means that planning of employees should be done to maintain the demand and supply of workforce and has to make a balance between projected shortages or surpluses (Bratton and Gold, 2000). Steps of assessing the human resource plan which the Hilton hotel has made to meet the demand and supply of manpower.

Assessing human resources- It means to assess or analyse the internal strengths and weakness of the organisation. Hilton hotel focus on the assessment of present human resource with them and focus on the forecasting need of business.

Demand forecasting- The HR focuses on the forecasting demand to meet the future needs of hotel efficiently. Basically it is done to meet the future human requirements to achieve the overall goals of Hilton (Rutherford, 2002). The need of human resource in future can be analysed by enterprise with the current human resource condition and the analysis of demand in future.

Supply forecasting- It is another assessment of human resources to estimate the supply in future of workforce. It has to be analysed by hotel to plan for the sources of supply from within or outside the organisation. It can be done through internal source from hotel like promoting, transfer and external or from outside the entity includes recruiting or selecting fresh candidate in hotel to perform the job and achieve goals.

Matching demand and supply- According to this step of planning process HR of hotel has to be in such a situation to meet the demand and supply in an equal position so to meet the shortage and surpluses in industry (Longenecker and Fink, 2013). If the management of Hilton found shortage it requires hiring more people. In accordance with it however if it found surpluses of manpower it needs to decrease the level of employees. Hence, the hotel is making proper process to match the demand and supply of human resource.

Internal and external factors influencing human resource planning- Both the internal and external factors of business needs to be analysed which directly affects the human resource planning. External factors include PESTEL analysis of hotel to know or assess the current level of human resource in the organisation. These factors directly influence the HR planning and it affects it (Torrington Hall and Taylor, 2008). Internal factors involve objectives, structure of organisation and available resources of hotel to know the strengths and weaknesses and also opportunities and threats of business. However, these factors influence the planning of human resources in Hilton hotel.



Employee relations mean a relation between employee and the company. It includes the management of workforce and giving them proper training to achieve the goals and objectives of business. Here, the hotel should understand the needs of their employees to make them feel comfortable in the working environment (Grote, 2007). Hilton has to possess better work structure and culture in the organisation which will help the employees to better perform their duties. Collective bargaining explains that at the time employment employer offers to employees like working conditions, holidays, health related benefits which will help in motivating the employees to work better for hotel. Negotiation takes place between both employee and employer so that they meet at certain conclusion on a particular terms or conditions of employment.

The working culture of hotel should be very important to build a effective employee-employer relationship. This relation will effectively benefit the organisation in achieving goals and objectives. There has to be no conflicts arise in understanding the rules and norms of enterprise. Employees need to be always motivated to give better performance and give satisfaction to its employer (Saini and Khan, 2000). In case of any misconduct by employee proper warning should be given or make him aware about the working condition of hotel. Consultation meeting should be conducted by the hotel to know the inputs or problems of employees and try to solve it so that workers can work effectively. There should be no issues between the relation of employee and employer which will affect the working of business. Employees of hotel should not make unions and demand for unnecessary benefits which will create hindrance in the smooth working of business.

The employer should give proper chance of employee to participate in give his suggestions in the meeting which can help the hotel in increasing its turnover. This type of suggestions will be respected by the business which helps the organisation in making effective decisions to help in achieving objectives. Hilton hotel management has to involve its employees in the decision making process which helps it in making decisions to improve the quality. The conflict management involves learning from mistakes and helps in improving the performance of organisation. The conflict has to manage properly to develop the positive outcomes (Teare, 2010). It will empower the employees to take strong decisions in order to achieve outcomes. Grievance procedures is to be solved by the employer through informal discussion but if it is not solved the complaints has to be given in proper written form to resolve it. It has to be solved within the hotel only and should not go outside. Disciplinary procedures should be properly informed by the employer which explains that employee needs improvement and proper chance is given to improve.


Employment laws means that the relationship between the employees, employers and government which makes the law and regulations that the workers should not get affected in any organisation. There are various employments legislation laws available which affects the management of human resources in hotel (Wang, 2005). In this particularly the rights and duties should be protected of the employees and they should not get affected by the employer. Employment Relations Act means that to maintain the relation between employee and employers. The management of human resources in Hilton hotel affects in the way that mutual understanding or relation between both the staff and hotel is not efficient. Employment Rights Act affects the management of HR in providing proper rights to most of employees by giving unfair dismissal. It all affects the management of human resources by leaving the jobs by employees. 

Equal opportunities state that management should give equal chance of performing the duties so to judge the level of employees and it will give possibility to hotel to get better employee. Hilton hotel does not get affected by giving equal opportunities to their employees in showing best performance. Employment legislation is contracts of employment which includes termination and it affects the management of Hilton hotel by losing the employees in the form of terminating them from job. In order to this it can also happen that if the employee is not satisfied with the job he will give resignation and which will affect the human resource management of hotel (Panagiotakopoulos, 2013). If any employee is sick or suffering from bad health then the hotel can consider it and give retirement to employee. It will help management to hire new employees who can work effectively. Maternity and paternity rights relates to giving holidays to employees if they want to take maternal leave it will affect the management of human resources by giving holidays to the staff and their regular work or duty will get affected by it. Hotel management has to meet this need by employing other worker in that job. Dismissal will affect the management of human resources in hotel by losing the employees and wasting the time and money in hiring new employees.



Job description means analysis or evaluation of the particular job by the employee of the hotel to know his duties and responsibilities that has to be performed. If the person has applied for the post of manager in the hotel he has to possess effective skills and knowledge to perform the task and roles of it in a proper and efficient manner. Each and every individual entail different skill according to their job specification (Kotler and et al., 2010). It is necessary for the employee who has been recruited for the particular job to meet the organisational goals effectively by proper analysing it. So that it helps in achieving the overall targets of hotel which are required to meet by the manger level. Job analysis refers to know the job in detail that what work has to perform by the manager in the hotel. What all roles and responsibilities of the person and what quality should be imbibed in him to complete the job effectively.

Manager need to analyse his job successfully so that he will be able to complete his task in proper time and also successfully. Job design refers to design the job according to the specific job and also need to provide rewards to improve the quality of job and reduce the problems of employees (Price, 2007). The manager is able to fulfil the needs of organisational to achieve the results of better performance by hotel. Hilton hotel requires manager of that level whose experience leads the business to another level and which helps it in developing and becoming a growing concern. Person specifications refer to match the right person to the right job. It means that Hilton has to recruit that person for the particular job of manager who possesses same quality, ability and skills to accomplish the criteria of the job.

The selected candidate should specify the knowledge of the job, experience, preference and educational qualification for the job so that it results in matching the suitable profile for the job (Knowles, 2001). Advertising can be done through various ways to select the appropriate candidate and which will help in achieving the overall goals and objectives of hotel. The new selection methods of recruiting of manager can be done advertising in hotel magazines, newspapers or internet so that the hotel can get best suited employee for the job.

Job Description- Responsible in managing the staff

Job Qualification- MBA (Human Resource)

Job Experience- 3-4 years


Selection process refers to selecting the right person from the number of applicants. It means choosing the best person and offers him the job and eliminates other unqualified employees (Boella and Turner, 2013). Selection process in Hilton hotel differs from selection process in the same business in Ritz Carlton. They both differ in the selection procedures of their candidates so to have better employee selection methods. Hilton follows selection process of candidates which includes:

Preliminary Interview: The purpose of taking preliminary interviews to judge the un potential or unqualified candidates and eliminates them (Tesone and Pizam, 2008). It means that hotel management reads the applications and removes the misfit’s applications which help in getting better people for the job

Selection Tests: The candidate who passes the preliminary interview round are invited for the next round of selection tests. The Hilton conducts various tests like ability, knowledge and personality test to judge the candidate that he is able to perform task.

Reference and Background check: The information given by candidate should be properly checked by the enterprise so that they don’t recruit wrong candidate in the job (Corbridge and Pilbeam, 2010). It is just a formality which is conducted by hotel and it does not affect the recruitment process.

Selection Decision: As soon as all the information is gathered by employer selection decision has to be made. It is the final decision to select the applicant after they passed the preliminary interview and all tests. The hotel now makes the selection decision which will be responsible for the performance of the employee.

Physical Examination: After the selection decision has been done the candidate is required to pass a physical examination so that he is found by the organisation to be physically fit.

Job Offer: It is given to those candidates who have passed all the previous hurdles so that they are given a letter of appointment.

The barriers to effective selection can be that the hotel is not able to get suitable candidate for the particular job they are offering. The person applied does not have proper skills or required qualifications to meet the needs of hotel (Baum, 2006). The Ritz Carlton differs in selection process from its other same industry in the way that it also selects its employees on the basis of online interviews or telephonic interviews for those who are applying from another country. But Hilton hotel does not uses this method of selection process.



Training and development is an continuous process in the organisation. It train people and develop their skills and learning so that they can improve themselves and sustain in the industry. Effective training helps the candidate to improve it and develop the managerial qualities in it to lead the organisation (Boella and Turner, 2005). The training programme includes orientation programme which helps the new employees to learn the working environment of the hotel. Every business conducts induction programmes which includes various activities to know each other in the industry and side by side also provides training to the selected individuals. The training plays a vital role in the development of person and there is need to give proper training to their employees who will help in achieving overall goals and objectives of business.

Different types of training and development methods are available to train the employees are Lecture methods through which employees are trained verbally. The hotel should conduct various management games to develop the thinking and new ways to achieve the aims. Role playing is the suitable method which will help the people to know various roles and responsibilities performed by various persons and can help to understand things easily (Armstrong, 2001). Conferences or meeting should be conducted by the hotel to know the problems and give best solution to it. The appraisal given to employees helps in easy achieving of goal and the set targets. Employees are given benefits like rewards and recognition which improves their performance. Benefits of training and development help the employees to meet the organisational goals and objectives. It helps them in increasing skills and knowledge which require performance of individuals.

The training and development will help improving the employees to judge their capabilities and abilities so that their performance can be measured. The appraisals will help employees achieving the targets and improving themselves so that organisation can be developed accordingly.


Human resource management plays an important role in the organisation which helps it in managing all the resources required in the business. It can be concluded from the report that training and development can help in achieving organisation set goals and targets. It helps in understanding the employee laws and relations so that to know it affects the Hilton hotel in which ways. The role and functions of human resource management which includes recruitment process to understand the HRM of hotel. It helps in understanding the recruitment and selection process for a particular job and discusses various selection methods to select the employee. Various methods involved in training and development have been analysed which helps in developing the skills of employees.


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