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Human resource management consists of set of activities that are performed for organising, controlling and managing the personnels working within the organisation. HR department mainly focuses on formulating the long term plan as well as work related policies for providing a guidelines to employees. Hilton Hotel is an international brand which provide accommodation and other related services. Company maintain a range of hotel and resorts through out the world by targetting both business and leisure travellers. This report contains a detail analysis of role or purpose of HRM and planning related to managing a balance between demand and supply of employees. Further it describes about current state of employment relation and way in which employment law affects the management of human resource. It also includes job description and personal specification along with the comparison between selection process of two organisations. At last it describe about the impact of training and development to the effective operations.


1.1 Role and Purpose of Human Resource Management

Human resource management is defined as a systematic approach that support in managing the organisational activities and personnel working in it for achieving the competitive advantage in workplace. HRM focuses on developing and managing programs in order to increasing the effectiveness of organisation.

Purpose:- Main purpose of Human resource department is to position right candidate with required skills and capabilities at right place. Apart from this it is also responsible for managing healthy relations with employees by fulfilling their needs.

Importance:- Human resource activities plays an essential role in hospitality industry as here employees working within hotel have a direct communication with customers. Hence, the employees present the face of brand. Therefore, it is very essential for Hilton hotel to effectively manage employees so that they will be able enhance the brand image of Hilton in front of customers.

  • HR activities is important for ensuring the quality of performance and positive result from the efforts made by employees.
  • HR department is very essential for managing the coordination between the different departments present in Hilton for accomplishing the pre-specified objectives.
  • It is also responsible for creating a high skilled workforce that support in enhancing the quality of services.


  • Recruitment:-Human resource department is responsible for searching and hiring the high skilled and qualified candidates for a vacant position in a timely and cost effective manner.

Exp:- HR manager of Hilton is responsible for the recruiting the high skilled employees at right position within the organisation. So that they will be able to maintain its market image and achieve competitive edge over competitors by providing high quality services to customers.

  • Compensation:- It refers to the salary and other monetary benefit passed by HR manager to its employees in exchange of work performed by them.

Exp:- HR manager of Hilton hotel is responsible for ensuring that employees must get their compensation or benefit on timely manner. This support in keeping employees satisfied with their job and a happy worker is more productivity.

  • Employee Relation Management:- Main role of human resource management is to maintain a healthy relation with employees working in different departments by fulfilling their needs on time.

Exp:- As Hilton hotel consists of large number of departments within it, so it is very essential for HR department to maintain a coordination between these departments so that work can be performed in a timely manner. For maintaining a coordination among department for which HR manager organise various activities for its employees like orientation for maintain healthy relation with them.

  • Training & Development:- HR manager is also responsible for arranging training program for the employees working within the organisation in order to improve their quality of performance.

Exp:- HR manager of Hilton hotel analysis the performance of employees working for determining their weaknesses that are required to be improve. Then organise training programs for sharpening up their skills by teaching them several ways through which employees can overcome their weaknesses.

1.2 Human Resource Plan Based on a Demand and Supply Analysis

Human resource planning is defined as a strategy which is formulated for ensuring that staffing of qualified and competent employees must be done in an effective manner that support Hilton hotel in accomplishing their objectives. Hilton is an international brand which provide quality services to its customers by maintaining a high skilled and competent workforce. One of its branch is in Wales, which is mostly visited by large number of tourists. The requirement for accommodation and other related services are generally higher and this demand get increase in peak seasons like summer or winter vacations, new year etc. So, it is very essential for HR manager of Hilton hotel to formulate an effective human resource plan for ensuring that demand of recruiting staff can be match up with its supply. Following are steps that are involve in human resource planning:

Assessing the Human Resource:- Under this step HR manager of Hilton hotel analysis the employees currently working within the organisation. This support HR manger to determine the effectiveness of work performed by them and that the work load can be manage by the existing staff members.

Forecasting of Demand:- After performing an internal assessment of employees, HR manager of Hilton has determined that for working within the peak season of summer vacation they require 3 more staff members for front office desk. Apart from this 8 employees are required for managing IT department.

Forecasting of Supply:- Once the demand has been forecasted next step is to analyse the different sources through which Hilton can get the supply of required employees. Brand uses sources like recruitment agencies, online sources and campus placement for screening and selection the right candidates for vacant position.

Matching the Demand and Supply:- Under this step HR manager of Hilton compare the demand of required candidate with the number of applicants that can be selected for vacant position. After analysing the sources like recruitment agencies, campus placement and online sources, HR manager of Hilton came to know that it can hire 4 employees for IT department and 2 front desk employees from recruitment agency. By comparing this supply with demand it has been determined that it still require to place 4 employees for IT unit and 1 employees for front desk.

Action Plan:- For overcoming this gap between demand and supply of employees HR manager is required to make an action plan or strategies for ensuing supply must be equal with demand. For this HR manager can further place advertisements over various media or websites to attract more applicants.


2.1 Assess the Current State of Employment Relation

An organisation consists of large number of employees which contribute toward the accomplishment of organisational goals by completing their task in an effective manner. Hence, employees are consider as an asset of the company, so it is the key responsibilities of HR manager of Hilton hotel is to maintain a healthy and long term relation with employees. As it help in encouraging employees, enhancing their morale and productivity. This relation can be establishing by maintaining a continuous interaction with employees which also support in identifying the issues that may affect the performance. Apart from this there are certain laws that are followed by Hilton hotel for maintaining an effective relation with employees by informing each and every aspect related to their job. Following are the laws followed by Hilton:-

Health & Safety Act:- This Act state that employer must provide such an environment where they can work safely without any fear of getting harm or injured. This law will help employees in feeling secure over workplace which further support in improving their performance. Hilton take up the responsibility of its employees and compensate over situation when they get harmed or injured while performing their job in Hotel premises. This help in enhancing the confidence level of employees over management which in turn will improve the employee-employer relation.

Equal Remuneration Act:- This law state that employees must be equally remunerated and their are not discriminated on the ground of gender. As per these two employees working over the same position whether male or female must have equal pay scale or remuneration. By complying with law Hilton will be able to maintain a healthy and fair relation with employees by keeping them satisfied with their job.

Anti Discriminatory Act:- As per this law employees working within the organisation must not be discriminated on the bases of their age, gender, ability. A worker within the organisation must be treated equally and provide equal opportunity. By providing equal opportunity to employees, Hilton hotel will be able to keep its customers motivated toward the work. This help in creating an environment of coordination and mutual trust which further support HR manager to maintain a healthy relation with employees.

2.2 Impact of Employment Law in Management of Human Resource

Employment law encompasses all the areas of administrative regulation related to the employer-employees relations which is managed by employees entities, government and trade union. These laws have an huge impact over the way in which an organisation mange its human resource as it directly affect the policies and working strategies that are formulated by HR manager for assigning the work to its employees. Because the employment law fixed up certain criteria under for employees to work in term of working hour, compensations, leave etc. These laws also influence the decision making process of HR department.

So it is very essential for the HR manager of Hilton to consider these laws before formulating any strategy related to working condition of employees. This will help in keeping them away from any legal compliance related to exploitation of employees which may affect the brand image of Hilton in marketplace. By complying with these laws, Hilton will be able to maintain a legal relation with employees working within it which also develop a culture of trust and coordination. Therefore, HR manager of Hilton Hotel should remain updated with the all the changes that are anticipated in employment related laws and regulation for keep on updating their policies as per the changes in external environment. Following are the changes that are assumed in law :

Employment Act:- There are several changes that are made in this law in past few years, as per the Anti Discriminatory Act 1991 an employee must not be discriminated on the basis of their disability, gender etc. But with the increasing employment exploitation the government has taken up an action to improve the law in order to protect the rights of employees in working environment. As per the current law of Equality Act 2010, employees should not be discriminated on the basis of their age and must be provided with equal opportunity. These changes support employees to a large extend by providing an fair and positive working environment to work.


3.1 Job Description and Personal Specification of HR Manager in Marriott Hotel







 Graduate in commerce

Diploma in communication.

Relevant Experience

Must have a 2 year experience ion same field.

Must have a training certificate of at least 3 months from any recognised and reputed hotel.

Skills And Competencies

  • Must have effective influencing ability and communication skills (both verbal & written)
  • Must know how to mange the information of customers.
  • Should know how to manage conflicts that may arises from customers. 
  • Presentation skills
  • IT skills
  • Communication skills

Job Description

Job Details

Post: Receptionist


Job Summary

The hotel receptionist is responsible for providing an positive, friendly and welcoming services to all the people who visit the hotel for providing better customer experience. The main purpose of receptionist is respond to guests' request and ensure that staffs are present for handling customers and help a general manager to manage the room booking services effectively.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Know how to deal with guest requests for ensuring their comfort and pleasant stay.
  • Responsible for providing all the information related to the services offered by Hotel.
  • Responsible for preparing the accurate and efficient accounts and guest billing process.
  • To be responsible for ensuring the hotel reception must be clean and tidy all the time.
  • Must know to manage conflicts of customers regarding the operations.
  • To provide all the information related to check-in and checkout of clients through emails, filling and switch boards.

3.2 Comparison Between Selection Process of Two Businesses in Service Industry

Recruitment and Selection is consider as one of the most important responsibility of a Human resource manager. Because the main function of HR department is to ensure that each department of an organisation must be consists of high skilled and competent workforce so that their operations can be performed in an efficient manner. This further support toward in leading the overall contribution of various departments toward the accomplishment of organisational objective.

Operations performed in hospitality industry are mainly focuses toward providing satisfactory services to its customers by having direct interaction with them. So in order to perform these operations effectively it is very essential for HR manager of Hilton hotel to hire high skilled and competent employees. Hilton follows a systematic and long procedure for hiring employees in which a candidate has to pass a number of test for getting job. This is the main reason behind the worldwide success of Hilton. Following are steps that are followed by Hilton in its selection process:

  • HR department of Hilton keep on assessing the employee requirement within each department and their skill requirements.
  • After analysing this, next step is to preparing a job specification or description and then advertisements are placed over recruitment sites and official website of Hilton from where interested candidates send their CV.
  • After collecting all the applications screening of CV is done on the basis of required skills and qualification, from which candidates are selected and called for interviews.
  • Then interview is arranged for selected candidate to analyse there psychology and ability to handle the different situations. Selected candidates then send for various test like group discussion, aptitude, physical test etc.
  • After clearing all these stages or test, background of selected candidates is verified for determining their behaviour and performance from their past experience. After these informations get verified they are assigned with offer letter.

On the other hand, Marriott international is one of the well known multinational hotel and biggest competitor of Hilton. This hotel is also known for its effective culture as well as competent workforce that support them in providing satisfactory services to its customers. Following are the steps which Marriott hotel follows for selecting candidates:

  • The selection process of Marriott Hotel starts from placing an advertisement in newspaper, social sites etc. with the help of external recruiters. Here the interested candidates place their CV and other information as per the job requirement.
  • These documents are analysis to select the candidates that have required academical qualification and experience for vacant job, after which selected applicants are called for interviews.
  • Once the candidates have cleared the interview round they are send for other psychological test such as brain storming and written aptitude test.
  • The individuals who clear all the test are then placed over job after verifying the information provided by them.


4.1 Contribution of Training & Development Activities in Performing Operations Effectively

The human resource department refers to the formal system of organisation for the maintenance of personnel working within the organisation. So, it is the responsibility of HR manager to ensure that a co-operative and well managed working environment must be provided to its employees for keeping them satisfied with their job. As a happy and satisfied employees are more productive. Apart from this HR manager perform several other operations which support company in keeping its customers happy and also support in enhancing the performance of employees. It includes performance appraisal, incentives, training and many more out of which Training & development activities plays an essential role in improving the performance of employees. Hilton Hotel arrange training programs for its employees on regular basis for developing their skills on the basis of current changes that are anticipated in the external environment on regular basis. Following points explains about the contribution of training & development program in effective performance:

  • Increasing productivity:- HR manager of Hilton hotel conduct survey on regular basis for improvising its current process on the basis of changes in the external environment. This helps them in enhancing the employee's knowledge regarding the external changes which help them in performing operations in effective manner.
  • Enhancing employees morale:- By organising training on regular basis, Hilton will be able to improve the performance of its employees by sharpening up their skills. Because training programs act as an opportunity for employees through which they can overcome their weaknesses. This will support them in achieving their targets in an effective manner which result in appraisal in term of promotion or other benefits.
  • Maximizing profitability:- Training programs focuses on removing the weaknesses the employees have in their working criteria. So by eliminating these weaknesses and chances of error, Hilton will be able to enhance its level of performance which in turn will maximize the profitability.


From the above given information it has been concluded that human resource department is one of the most crucial part of an organisation which contribute toward the management of personnel. Apart from this HR manager is also responsible for the maintaining an effective relation with different departments working within the organisation that support in aligning the performance of each unit toward the accomplishment of organisational goals. Training & development programs also support in managing the people as well as their performance by teaching them about the ways of improving performance.


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