A Quick Guide on How to Write an Explanatory Essay 

03 Jan 2024 557
How to Write an Explanatory Essay | Assignment Desk

Are you asked to write an explanatory essay by your professor? Curating an excellent submission can be challenging, and you may face several issues. But do not worry, as experts at the assignment desk are always available for your assistance! Yes, in this blog, these professionals have offered a quick guide to writing the perfect explanatory essay. So, dive ahead and start learning.

What Is an Explanatory Essay and Its Types?

The explanatory essay, commonly known as the expository essay, is a type of academic document that explains or provides an opinion on a topic descriptively. So, it holds a detailed explanation from varied perspectives. Moving further, let us have a look at its types.

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Know the 5 Types of Explanatory Essays

In this section, the experts of our academic writing service will explain the different types of expository essays.

1. Definition Essays

As the name suggests, a definition essay is a self-explanatory write-up that holds a descriptive explanation of a phrase or term. Not only this, but it also explains what the intended meaning of the words is in varied contexts.

2. Classification Essays

In a classification essay, the student performs thorough research and analysis and classifies topics, ideas, and themes into different categories. So, you need to sort out the information into their best-fitting groups as per their characteristics.

3. Process Essays

The process essay is a step-by-step explanation of how to do something. It also offers a description of how something works. This write-up is similar to a cooking manual. So, yes, it can include a set of instructions, warnings, and ingredients or tools.

4. Compare and Contrast Essays

A compare-and-contrast essay focuses on two or more topics. It examines these ideas simultaneously and explains their similarities, differences, or both. Here, an in-depth knowledge of every topic is vital.

5. Cause and Effect Essays

The cause-and-effect essay analyses single or multiple ideas. After this, it explains how something happened and what its impacts were. For instance, if your topic is World War I, here you will need to explain why it happened and its aftereffects.

We hope that you have understood what an explanatory essay is and its different types. Now, it's time to move ahead! In the next section of this blog, you will learn how to create an essay plan, research, draft, and proofread your expository submission.

How to Write an Explanatory Essay?

To write an explanatory essay, all you need to do is follow five simple steps. So, read ahead as we unravel the process!
how to write an explanatory essay

1. Conducting Research

Students seek essay writing help because they cannot find accurate data on their topic. Follow the pointers below to make research easy.

  • Engaging Topic:

The first thing you need to do is select a unique and interesting topic for your readers. So, browse different themes, and before making the final selection, make sure the idea is relevant and trending.

  • Credible Sources:

While researching, one thing students should keep in mind is to collect information from valid sources. If you are collecting data from unreliable references, there are high chance that it is incorrect.

  • Facts and Insights:

To make your essay intriguing, you need to collect interesting facts, findings, and insights. So, search your essay topic on the internet, in books and articles, and collect engaging information.

2. Crafting the Introduction

After researching, the next step to writing an expository essay is writing the introduction. So, follow the pointers below to start the first paragraph.

  • Strong Opening:

If you want to engage your readers in your essay, then you must begin with a strong hook sentence. It can be anything like a fact, an anecdote, or a question, but it should be catchy.

  • Background Information:

After the opening sentence, you need to define the topic and offer sufficient context. Providing background information will assist in building a base in the reader's mind.

  • Thesis Statement:

Every essay has a thesis statement that is the central issue of the entire document. So, before you begin the main body, state this primary argument in one to two sentences.

3. Drafting the Main Body

Students prefer to pay for essays as they cannot craft a descriptive main body. But by following the pointers below, they will draft these paragraphs like pros.

  • Descriptive Explanation:

The first thing you need to remember is to offer a descriptive explanation for every idea, definition, or fact you introduce. Make sure that your readers understand everything and use simple language.

  • Offer Analysis:

You need to provide supporting evidence in the main body paragraphs. But this is not it. You should interpret and provide a thorough analysis of all your strong evidence.

  • Smooth Transitions:

An explanatory essay can include multiple ideas. So, to connect them and to make sure that the reader follows your trail of thoughts, you need to use transition phrases and words.

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4. Framing the Conclusion

The last section of an explanatory essay is the conclusion. So, follow the pointers below and create a memorable ending.

  • Emphasis Thesis:

The first thing in the conclusion is the thesis. Here, you not only need to emphasise it but also restate it for the readers. Do not just repeat the statement word-for-word. Instead, be creative and mould the thesis.

  • Provide a Summary:

After restating the thesis, you need to provide a summary of the entire essay. Highlight your key pointers and evidence and give a quick overview to your readers.

  • Closing Statement:

Just like you start the essay with a strong opening, you have to end the write-up with a closing sentence. It will assist you in leaving a solid and long-lasting impression on the readers.

5. Reviewing the Document

The last step in your “How to write an explanatory essay?” journey is proofreading the entire content. So, let us have a look at the editing pointers given by experts.

  • Edit Grammar:

The first step of proofreading is to check for grammatical mistakes. So, resolve all the spelling mistakes, misplaced homophones, passive and active voices, and other similar issues.

  • Review Format:

The next thing you need to do is check the format of the entire document. Review the layout and outline of each section. See if there is proper connectivity between the lines and paragraphs.

  • Check Relevancy:

Last but not least, you need to check relevancy. All information described in the expository essay should be 100% accurate and sourced from a credible source. So, remove any traces of irrelevancy.

In five easy steps, you can write the perfect explanatory essay on any topic. So, perform accurate research using credible evidence, craft a hooking introduction, a descriptive body, and a memorable conclusion. After this, proofread the essay and submit it. Still, if you face any issues, then have a look at the next section and learn how our experts can assist you.

How Can We Help You with Your Explanatory Essay?

Assignment Desk is a leading academic platform providing services from essay to assignment help online. Our team is based in the UK and includes excellent researchers, writers, and proofreaders. They can assist you with your explanatory essay in any step, like topic selection, researching, formatting, drafting, editing, proofreading, and referencing. So, if you face any issues with your expository essay, contact our experts at any time and seek assistance.

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