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Hotel industry is that which serves the services in effective manner so that they can satisfy the maximum number of customers and can make them existing consumers for longer period. Room division is considered as main criteria which needs to undertaken by hospitality industry is great manner (Li and et al., 2014). It is being also included as crucial part of firm and it can also help in consumer satisfaction with trust and faith towards company. The Report is based on room division operation management in thus respect of Hillside Hotel. It has been seen that large hotels do keep trained and skilled employees at front desk officers just because the way front desk communicate shows level of hotel responsibleness and their working too. Assignment is that which will include the different services provided by room division, although having impact of contemporary management issues which needs to have an effective and business performance too with accommodation services functions. Apart from such, techniques to maximise and measure rooms revenue.


1.1 Accommodation and Front office service for various organization.

Front office organization:

Front office is that which is also known as Reception, even though customer registration and helping in luggage is that generally help in having promotion of better services to guest in many more criteria too. Basically, it can be said as this department is such which has direct communication with the customer and generally has the responsibility to handle task with time and orders, also manage messages in right criteria that needs to provide on time too (Cook and et. al., 2014). Even though they are the public face of hotel, primarily it is greeting of hotel client. Generally, it can be considered as assistance to guest during their stay, it also complete their accommodation, with their food and beverage with account and it also receive payment from the different guest too.


It is being considered as main and crucial part of operation management in the hospitality industry in great way. Although interest and preferences is that which considered as base of the housekeeping operations in right context too. Basically, large organization like hillside hotels are having some standard and the protocol as well which do provide having quality and having well organized aspect of housekeeping with various customers. Moreover, it is such which does help in encasing the sales graph of product and services as well with satisfaction of client. Generally, Accommodation is also considered being essential part of generating revenues and hotels too.

There are different kind of accommodation is also there by the hospitality industry and some of those are as:

  • Holiday Homes
  • Guest House
  • Farm stays etc.

For different organization:

Hillside Hotels.

Whitbread Hotel.

·       They have a great team of front house desk and also provide better accommodation too.

·       They have 300 room and considered as 5 star property as well even though they maintain in great way. ]

·       Hillside Hotel is such which mainly considers the client of business class, who has standard of living and maintain the things in right context.

·       They have trained and skilled employees at front desk but not having coordination with each creates mess.

·       They have many rooms and space is very much and also considered as 5 star property too but not as much Hillside Hotel.

·       They involve every kind of client and try to satisfy them so that they can make them existing customer.


1.2 Roles and responsibilities of accommodation and services staff.

            Generally, in hotel industry services in better manner is considered as the main aspect for successful of enterprise (Horovitz and Webb, 2015). Some of the roles and responsibilities of accommodation and services staff as:

  • It is required that hotel should prepare and clean the room on daily basis for the client. As because Hillside Hotel is such who mainly focus on the business class client and they have some standard which they do maintain class too. So they provide clean and tidy rooms to customer.
  • Even though room cleaners also fulfil the requirement of various guest rooms. They do clean everything side of rooms, so that they can make there clients satisfied in perfect and effective way too.
  • Generally, vacuum racks has to be cleaned for the business client as mainly they have focused on them.


Some of the responsibilities of front desk officers as:

  • Front desk officers should greet every client in perfect way as they judge services criteria of hotel on their communication basis.
  • They are also responsible for making and discussing about plans and the price structure of accommodation for the room facilities in great manner as well. Even though officers of the front desk are those who are first person who meet up with the client and provide every information about hotel and facilities and manipulate them to become existing customer with here effective services in great manner.
  • Moreover, they have to take calls, manages the work in better way and thus they have to make clerical information with their record booking etc. front desk officer have many responsibility which needs to be fulfilled by officers in correct way. Customer generally have an habit of judging the hotel environment by meeting up with people on reception and they need to represent Hillside Hotel in effective way.

Basically, roles and responsibilities is that which needs to be fulfilled on time to time basis and even in proper way too (Byrnes, 2014). The Hillside Hotel is mainly focus on the business traveller as because they maintain their standard and of Hotel too as this helps in increasing the goodwill of Hillside. It is such which also make them to earn higher profit and income as well.


Basically, accommodation and room division is such which needs to be in that way where the customer can be satisfied and such thing can result into becoming existing customer for longer period of time in great manner. The hillside hotel do maintain there working criteria in better way and the people who is working at reception do have many roles and responsibility that needs to be successfully interpreted by staff of hotel.

1.3 Legal and Statutory requirement in room division operations.

            Mainly the legal and statutory aspect is required in every kind of field but in hotel industry too some acts are has to be included in great way, few of the main legal and statutory requirement a:

            Health and Safety Act (1974): It is that which consider the safety issues of employees while working in industry and welfare of person too. Therefore, it also include the controlling and keeping various use of preventing the improper acquisition, and use of danger substances. Moreover, protect from the risk and unhealthy environment in industry (Fahimnia, Sarkis and Davarzani, 2015). Even though this act in hotel industry help employees to work with safety and even provide every kind of facility to people so that nothing can harm them.

            Data Protection Act (1998): Normally, whether the data is personal or professional it is required to maintain and secure their information in right context too. Generally, rules and regulation is that which needs to be followed by the hotel industry and needs to retain various information of employees too. Data protection help to keep their records with them only and can use in future prospect as well.

            Fire regulation Act (1971): It is that act which needs to be formed and has to maintain the safety features and resources as well which does help in having an prevention of the fire accident of the different cases too (Pohl, 2014). Even though the organization is required to follow some rules and regulation Act 1971.

1.4 Evaluate the services with rooms division in hospitality industry.

In earlier times, objectives of business was like to ensure the demand of people and it being there when they were outside home too. Even though, in today's scenario hospitality enterprise which do offer the legal and having possible for the entity of client. Moreover, there are some arrangement with low expenditure which take services for company with having an best and gorgeous services and resources from firm like Hillside Hotel of UK. Although Hotel particularly focus on the business client and also provide better food facilities, even scope of the entertainment and sporting too. Moreover they have an advanced technology through which client demand can be somewhere met (Nakatani and et. al., 2015). Therefore, they do provide health care services with beauty to various client of Hillside Hotel as well. Particularly, different facilities of guest can be beneficiary for hotel.