55 High-Scoring & Creative Topics for Essays to Brighten Your Future

28 Jan 2023 735
List of Creative Topics for Essay Suggested by Experts

Essays are brief pieces of writing that typically highlight the causes and effects, issues and solutions, and categorisation and comparison of any topic. Argumentative, narrative, descriptive, dialectical, process, economic, and other types of essays are just a few examples.

Students are given essay writing assignments to help them refine their analytical and creative writing abilities. Numerous colleges and schools also hold competitions where students must write on creative topics for essays. A common question among students is, "What should I do to win this competition?”

Simple! Read a lot. If you ask anyone for advice on writing a creative essay, all they will give you is this. Your knowledge of the topic will grow due to regular reading, and you'll stay current on new developments. It will also aid in your vocabulary development, logical sentence construction, grammatical error reduction, and idea generation. Essays are not an academic task that every student likes to do. It can become better by choosing creative essay topics for college. Let’s make it interesting by understanding the qualities an essay topic should have and how it should be different from other themes and ideas that separate it. Here we have listed some factors that make a topic creative with writing an essay.

What Do You Understand by the Term “Creative Topics”?

A creative essay topic is one that you can address in-depth and thoughtfully within the confines of your assignment. A manageable topic typically contains two or three concepts.

Both Wide and Narrow Enough

  • Two to three key concepts are necessary to understand the subject.
  • A search returns a manageable number of outcomes that are simple to arrange into a logical paper.

There Is Research on it

  • Others have already studied the subject.
  • The topic has had enough time to pass for research to be published.
  • It's an academic subject that would pique their interest.

Matches the Parameters And Specifications of Your Assignment

  • Find out how many resources are required.
  • Inspect your topic to see if it covers the topics listed in your assignment.

If you choose a topic for an essay with these qualities, then you can take it as very creative. All you need now is to start writing the essay right away. In the coming section of this blog, you will get a chance to learn about what a creative essay should consist of. So if you need clarification about how to write a creative essay, here is the answer.

How to Write an Award-Winning Creative Essay?

Don't worry, though. Here are a few creative writing methods and pointers to get you started on producing top-notch essays for your college or even for writing contests. But everything starts with a topic for an essay. If you still need to figure out the topic, read the above section and make a smart choice. And, if you are clear with that part of the job, then continue reading to write a creative essay: 

Form an Outline of Your Idea

Once you have decided on topics for essays, create a background strategy and outline to carry it out. Know who your target market is at all times. By doing this, you'll easily determine what to write about. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when formulating an essay's main idea:

  • Note down your thoughts
  • Be aware of your argument or query
  • Gather information to back up your response

Use Vocabulary and Tone as per the Audience

Many students believe that using complex words will make their essays stand out. However, they should be aware that they will need more than simply using new words to raise the calibre of their essay. Additionally, you should write your essay in a way that will impress the intended audience. To improve your writing, you must expand your vocabulary and learn how to use it even for your creative topics for essay. Here are a some tips to improve your vocabulary:-

  • Get new vocabulary every day
  • Understand how to use and define the word
  • New words to be noted
  • Play with words
  • Use new words as practically as possible

Tell What, Why, and How

You should think about the what, why, and how of the creative essay topics when working on a creative writing essay assignment.

  • What - Your writing will consist of questions, analyses, conclusions, and arguments.
  • Why - The purpose or main justification for writing an essay on any subject of your choosing
  • How - How do you plan to gather information, respond to inquiries, and accomplish the goal you've set for yourself

Focus on Objective

It has been observed that most students need help to keep their attention on the essay's goal. It is a typical explanation for why so many students find it difficult to write creative topics on essay. Here are some pointers for your help:

  • Make a list of the ideas you need to concentrate on
  • List the issues and defences that surround it
  • Answer the question and support your claims
  • Don't add extraneous information to make your essay longer

Explain Wherever Required

It frequently happens that you write technical statements. Please clarify the quotes and write them in straightforward language. You should also explain them, like when you write an essay on a specific novel, poet, or technical concepts like law or taxation.

Give Examples, Images, Pictures

An essay is a written piece in which students can provide examples to back up their arguments and include various graphics to improve their presentation. But remember that these illustrations, photos, or images need to relate to the essay's main idea.

Maintain Continuity

The ability to maintain continuity in your essay is the most crucial thing to keep in mind when writing any creative essay topics for college. Here are some tips to help you keep the information flowing smoothly: -

  • Create an organised essay structure
  • Take breaks and monitor the data flow
  • Consider different connectivity options
  • Make yourself a critic

Avoid Silly Errors

Students frequently write an essay and turn it into their professors. They are unaware that simply writing essays won't make them stand out from the competition. You should proofread your essay at least once before submitting it to ensure it is perfect.

You can find common errors like grammatical, spelling, and syntax by proofreading your work. Once you've read the essay through, you'll have the chance to fix these mistakes to turn in a perfect assignment to your professor.

Cite the Sources

You must cite the sources from which you gathered the information for the essay after it has been written. When you write an essay on your own for a competition, you are not required to cite anything, but you can do so if you want to acknowledge the author of any quotes you used.

The given creative writing techniques will help you to write an excellent essay. You can use these tips and tricks even when writing a creative essay. But, for that, you will also have to develop reading creative topics for essay, which our expert can help you with. In the next section of this blog, we have planned an expertly suggested list of creatives topic for you from 5 different types of essays.

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55 Sample Topics for Creative Essay Writing

The subject of your essay depends entirely on the type of essay you write. Every student should be familiar with the different essay types, which can be divided into 5 major categories; persuasive, argumentative, narrative, discursive, and reflective. We have organised a list of several different types of creative topics for essay listed into categories to aid you in getting started.

Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essays are very similar to argumentative essays. However, the author hopes to persuade the readers of their viewpoint on it. Creative essay topics would produce better essays because they keep students' attention. Here are some suggestions for good persuasive essay topics:

  1. In the US, gambling ought to be outlawed.
  2. Should abortion be outlawed globally?
  3. Is using animals in a circus acceptable?
  4. Like students, teachers should pass a professional exam
  5. Less work should be assigned to students in schools
  6. Islamist nations should legalise alcohol consumption
  7. High schools should be required to offer sex education
  8. In colleges and schools, energy drinks ought to be prohibited
  9. Adopting parents with mental impairments shouldn't be permitted
  10. The number of business opportunities has significantly increased thanks to social media
  11. Are social media profiles of candidates something employers should look through?

Argumentative Essay Topics

An argumentative essay thoroughly researches a subject, formulates an argument, and then supports that argument with evidence. Here are some solid argumentative essay topics to assist you in creating an effective essay.

  1. Certain kinds of animal experimentation and other forms of research ought to be prohibited
  2. Are people born with the skill to be a politician, or do they learn it?
  3. It should be possible for students to choose the high school curriculum
  4. Does technology contribute to people feeling more alone?
  5. Will there ever be a time when no new technological developments take place?
  6. Do trouble-making behaviours among teenagers stem from boredom?
  7. Parents who have failed their children should be disciplined
  8. Why should certain languages be recognised as official in the US?
  9. Should all women have access to family planning and birth control?
  10. Owners of social media platforms ought to keep an eye on and delete any comments that contain hatred
  11. Should the government take additional steps to increase accessibility for the physically challenged?

Narrative Essay Topics

Your objective in a narrative essay is to share a personal experience through storytelling. This type of imaginative writing depends on how compelling and compelling the theme is. The article topics for students provided here have been carefully chosen and will aid them in writing strong essays. The list below includes some examples and suggestions for narrative essay topics.

  1. How much of the person you are today is a result of your teachers?
  2. A Circumstance that helped you realise your parents weren't always correct
  3. How has technology affected your hobbies and daily life?
  4. A time when an unpopular person pleasantly surprised you
  5. State your experience on how someone’s appearances could be deceiving
  6. A time when you had a new perspective on either one or both of your parents.
  7. The most embarrassing circumstance you have ever encountered
  8. The passing of a close friend or relative who had an impact on you
  9. A time when you began to feel like you were growing up
  10. A time when you gained new knowledge that affected you in some way
  11. The time you first met someone who would forever change your life

English Discursive Essay Topics

Examples of higher-level English discursive essay topics are provided below. They will assist you in completing the essay quickly. Get the advice of our expert writer if you still need help understanding the idea or selecting the right one for your essay. They will assist you in completing the essay quickly. Therefore, let's consult with experts.

  1. Teenage female eating disorders are a serious issue that shouldn't be disregarded.
  2. Motivation theories are very effective in education
  3. Students' health is greatly influenced by their sense of self-worth
  4. When it comes to domestic violence, kids and teenagers shouldn't be silent
  5. For healthy family interaction, you must narrow the generational divide
  6. Drug tests should be administered to high school athletes
  7. College exam cheating should be severely punished because it is demoralising
  8. The benefits of active listening are essential for performing well at work
  9. Each student should assess their peers' time management skills
  10. Since lack of sleep affects college students' academic performance, sleep is essential
  11. Due to the negative effects alcohol has on adolescent health, parents should monitor their children's alcohol consumption

Reflective Essay Topics

By selecting reflective essay topics, you can reveal a lot about yourself by discussing your hobbies and travels. Following are some ideas for hobby and activity-related topics:

  1. Which do you prefer, the optimist or the pessimist?
  2. What kind of relationship do you have with a family member?
  3. Share your knowledge of the weddings you have attended
  4. The worst thing anyone in your family or circle of friends has ever said to you
  5. List the ten characteristics of people that, in your opinion, are most important
  6. Describe the biggest argument you've ever had with a sibling, either older or younger
  7. Share your thoughts on the most recent movie and television show you watched
  8. A book that made a bigger impression on you and improved your life
  9. What is the best way to think about your best and worst days?
  10. When you first made friends, they were your best friends
  11. Ameaningful discussion with loved ones, friends, or a special someone

The list above contains suggestions for advanced creative topics for essay. If you still need help grasping the concept or choosing the best one for your essay, seek the advice of our expert writer. They will help you finish the essay as quickly as possible. They can help you pick the best title for any essay and make it creative and unique. So whenever you doubt, choose an essay writing service to come to your rescue.

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